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In this article, you will find a review of the Best Wheelbarrows for Concrete. The most distinguishing features of different Wheelbarrows for Concrete are represented in this review to help you to make a good choice.

Wheelbarrows for Concrete – Best Choice

 4,9 Rating

WORX Aerocart 8-in-1 Wheelbarrow

  • Size: 42 x 12 x 18 inches.
  • Have a Configuration for Every type of Job.
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WORX Aerocart 8-in-1 Wheelbarrow for Concrete

Yard cart that instantly converts between 8 different uses, including the lightweight wheelbarrow, yard cart, bag holder, dolly, extended dolly, cylinder carrier, rock/plant mover & trailer tote. The Turbo Lift design makes 200 lbs. wheelbarrow load feel like 17 lbs. Durable, flat-free tires never need inflating and ensure the yard cart produces a smooth ride no matter your load.


  • Wheelbarrow Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Wheelbarrow Volume Capacity: ~3 ft.
  • Dolly Load Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Cart Weight: 41 lbs.

Wheelbarrows for Concrete - Review

Wheelbarrow for Concrete TOP 5

  1. Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart with Steel Frame
  2. Best Choice Products Dual-Wheel Home Utility Yard Wheelbarrow
  3. SuperHandy Electric Powered Wheelbarrow
  4. Jackson Wheelbarrow
  5. Polar Trailer Utility Wheelbarrow

Wheelbarrows for Concrete Top Choices

Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart with Steel Frame

Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Poly Garden Dump Cart with Steel Frame Review
  • Pneumatic Tires 13-inch.
  • Pulls up to 600-pounds.

 4,7 Rating

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Gorilla Carts for Concrete

Innovative steel frame design that allows for quick and easy assembly. A patented quick-release dumping system allows unloading with ease. The durable, sturdy poly tub is easy to clean and won’t rust. Balanced 4-wheel stability makes it able to tackle heavy landscaping projects or garden projects. 10-inch pneumatic tires to tackle any terrain. 600 lb hauling capacity, perfect for the casual gardener or the lawn professional.

  • MAX Load: 600 lbs.
  • Bed Dimensions: 36″ x 20″.
  • Bore Size: 5/8″.
  • Bed Material: Maintenance-Free Poly.
  • Frame Material: Powder-Coated Steel.

Best Choice Products Dual-Wheel Home Utility Yard Wheelbarrow

Best Choice Products Dual-Wheel Home Utility Yard Wheelbarrow
  • Overall dimensions: 36″(L) x 25″(W) x 20″(H);
  • Weight Capacity: 330 lbs.

 4,7 Rating

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Wheelbarrow Garden Cart for Concrete

This garden set is equipped with a sturdy and durable steel frame that will support a heavyweight load of up to 265 pounds.  Wheelbarrow allows you to fill your bag with a countless amount of tools and feel safe detaching the bag to comfortably sit while working in your garden.
  • Overall Dimensions: 36″(L) x 25″(W) x 20″(H).
  • Barrel: 6.5″-10″(Depth).
  • Barrel Interior: 5 cu. ft.
  • Handle: 19.75″(L) x 16.75″(W) x 28″(H) from ground.
  • Handle Pole: 1″.
  • Handle Padding: 27″(L) x 1.75″ x .25″(Thick).
  • Wheels: 13.25″x 2.5″(Thick).
  • Weight: 26 lbs.

SuperHandy Electric Powered Wheelbarrow

SuperHandy Electric Powered Wheelbarrow review
  • Material: Alloy Steel.
  • Working Load Capacity of 330 lbs.

 4,8 Rating

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SuperHandy All-Electric Wheelbarrow

All Electric Wheelbarrow is designed w/ a durable Steel Powdered Coated Body & has a powerful 24 Volt Brushless Motor, w/ speeds up to 0-5 km/h. super handy was designed with the mindset that you need a product that can perform with excellence, at your desire, but also with the convenience of use & ready anytime when on the go.

  • Max 12° Upward Slope.
  • All-Terrain 13″ inch Pneumatic Wheels.
  • Inflation Pressure: 30/31PSI.
  • Forward speed: 3.1MPH.
  • Reverse speed: 2.2MPH.
  • Electric 24V Brushless motor system.
  • Batteries: 12V (7Ah) Rechargeable Deep Cycle Non-Spillable Sealed Lead Acid Batteries.

Jackson Wheelbarrow

Jackson M6T22 M6T22KB Wheelbarrow Review
  • Heavy-duty steel tray
  • 6-Cubic foot capacity.

 4,7 Rating

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Jackson wheelbarrow for Concrete

Jackson wheelbarrow is the professionals’ choice for superior quality, value, and performance. Heavy-duty steel trays, professional-grade steel undercarriage, and strong hardwood handles add up to the toughest, most dependable wheelbarrows on the jobsite.
  • Length: 58.75 in.
  • Width: 25.5 in.
  • Height: 27 in.
  • 16-Inch tubed tire.
  • 60-Inch heavy-duty wood handles.

Polar Trailer Utility Wheelbarrow

Polar Trailer Utility Wheelbarrow Review
  • Load capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Body Dimensions: 52″ x 29″ x 13″.

 4,7 Rating

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The Polar Trailer Utility Cart for Concrete

The durable high-impact polyethylene tub won’t rust or crack after years of use. Rated to 400 pounds and 10 cubic feet in volume – perfect for hauling most everything from yard debris to camping gear. Overall Dimensions: 65″ X 29″ X 29″. Easy to assemble.
  • Load capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Load size: 10 cubic feet.
  • Weight: 49 lbs, High-impact polyethylene tub.
  • Overall Dimensions: 65″ X 29″ X 29″.
  • Body Dimensions: 52″ x 29″ x 13″.
  • Two 20″ spoked wheels with solid rubber tires.
  • Perfect for hauling most everything from yard to camping gear.

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Which wheelbarrow is the right one?

Which wheelbarrow fits best depends on the work to be done with it. Someone who wants to transport large amounts of green waste will need a different wheelbarrow than someone who needs to move construction debris or soil.

When choosing a wheelbarrow, you should pay particular attention to three points:

  • Capacity: a large wheelbarrow with a capacity of well over 2 cubic feet is best suited for light, but voluminous transport material such as green waste and leaves. For stones, rubble, gravel, or soil, wheelbarrows with a capacity of up to 1 cubic foot are sufficient, otherwise, the barrow will be too heavy.
  • Stability and load capacity: If you want to use the wheelbarrow for heavy loads, you should pay particular attention to a high load capacity. A high-quality and sturdily manufactured wheelbarrow should be able to carry a weight of up to 550 pounds.
  • Shape: Wheelbarrows are available with rectangular tubs or with troughs that become wider at the top. If you have to push loads through narrow places (for example garden gates), you should measure beforehand and pay attention to the suitable maximum width of the wheelbarrow. The shape also influences how easily loads can be tipped.

Different wheelbarrows are therefore suitable depending on the area of application. For those who want to transport less and usually only lighter material, a light, small and handy wheelbarrow is sufficient. For large quantities of light material (green cuttings, leaves, manure), easy-to-handle wheelbarrows with a large filling volume are suitable.

If you transport heavy stones, soil, gravel, sand, or other heavy material at least occasionally, you should choose a wheelbarrow that is not quite as large but is very sturdily made and has good tires.

Mobility and handling of the wheelbarrow

To make working with the wheelbarrow enjoyable, easy handling and maneuverability of the wheelbarrow are important factors that should be considered before making a purchase decision. The following points contribute to this:

best 2 wheel wheelbarrow

Solid rubber wheel or pneumatic wheel?

Opinions differ on this question. In general, it can be said that neither option is better or worse per se. After all, both have advantages and disadvantages:

  • Solid rubber tires are very durable. They are insensitive to damage and wear. However, the springy properties are lower and the tires are more sluggish on some surfaces. If you have to push the wheelbarrow a lot over bumpy floors and uneven surfaces, you will feel this more clearly with solid rubber tires than with pneumatic tires.
  • Pneumatic tires of high-quality wheelbarrows are manufactured today in such a way that they are much less sensitive to damage than in the past. But pointed objects can still cause a flat tire.

In addition, the tires can lose air over time and then have to be inflated again. In return, the pneumatic wheel has better suspension characteristics.

If the tires are inflated to the optimum pressure, they run more easily and with less friction over a wide variety of surfaces than any solid rubber tire. Nevertheless, they adhere well to the ground, even in wet conditions.

One or two wheels?

For most wheelbarrows, a single wheel is ideal. This makes the wheelbarrow more maneuverable and easier to maneuver. Two wheels, on the other hand, give more stability.

If you have trouble balancing with 1-wheel wheelbarrows, you can go for 2-wheel wheelbarrows. Two wheels are therefore well suited for physically weaker people, who can then better manage longer distances, even with large loads. However, they are less suitable for zigzagging courses.

Handles and supports

Those who use the wheelbarrow frequently and for long periods of time should pay attention to ergonomic handles. Poorly finished handles or protruding seams can otherwise quickly lead to blisters.

Supports should be fitted so that they are not in the way when pushing or pulling the wheelbarrow (sufficient legroom). They should allow the wheelbarrow to be parked easily and safely, even when fully loaded. Some wheelbarrows have separate support on the wheel, which makes it easier to tip the wheelbarrow.

Durability and weather resistance

A wheelbarrow is exposed to high loads in the garden and should of course last as long as possible. When buying, one should pay particular attention to two factors:

Rust protection

A wheelbarrow is often used in the rain or to transport wet loads. Sometimes it may also stand outside for a long time. Therefore, rust protection is necessary.

Metal parts are often galvanized. The linkage of many wheelbarrows has a powder coating that protects against corrosion. Buyers are best here to pay attention to customer reviews, which include information about the longer-term rust-free. The screw connections in particular can be prone to rust.


The heavier the loads being transported, the more important it is to have a sturdy finish. The following points are important, and are best researched in product reviews:

  • Is the wheel sturdily attached?
  • Is the trough made of high quality and the metal is not too thin? Some wheelbarrows also have a reinforced trough bottom.
  • Is the linkage (chassis) sturdy?
  • Can the wheelbarrow (if delivered in several parts) be assembled well and safely?

wheelbarrow tires

How to choose Wheelbarrow for Concrete

Two main types of Wheelbarrow

  • Construction. Massive, designed to move loads weighing up to 500 lbs, including mortars, bricks, and concrete;
  • Garden carts. Load capacity they are usually up to 200 lbs, intended for work on sites.
    So the first criterion for choosing a cart – is load capacity. If you plan to build on the site and will move heavy loads – choose a construction, heavier and more reliable. If you need a cart just for household needs – take a garden.

The second important criterion for choosing a wheelbarrow for cement is the number of wheels

There are three varieties:

  • Single wheelbarrows. Their main advantage is maneuverability. If on your site are narrow and winding paths, the cart with one wheel is a good choice. But it will not be easy to carry goods on it soft soil, the wheel will load on the ground. It is also harder to keep balance with such a loaded wheelbarrow;
  • Two-wheeled. They are also quite maneuverable, they better distribute the load on the soil, so it’s more convenient to use them in beds, where there is no dense road. However, the distance between the two wheels of a wheelbarrow should match the width of your tracks;
  • Four-wheeled cars. The most reliable, but somewhat clumsy in operation. Four-wheeled carts are most often used to transport massive loads, they are able to move solid weights.

Tip: Try a cart with one, two or four wheels in a store. Think about which option will be the most convenient for you.

Wheelbarrow Garden Cart Price

Wheelbarrow under $100:

  • Best Choice Products Dual-Wheel Home Utility Yard Wheelbarrow Garden Cart.

Wheelbarrow under $200:

  • Worx Aerocart 8-in-1 Wheelbarrow;
  • Jackson Steel Wheelbarrow;
  • Gorilla Carts Garden Wheelbarrow.

Wheelbarrow under $700:

  • SuperHandy Electric Wheelbarrow.

Best Brands of Wheelbarrow for Concrete

  • SuperHandy
  • Worx
  • Jackson
  • Gorilla Carts
  • Best Choice Products
  • Polar Trailer

Wheelbarrows - Selecting, Using & Safety - Video

FAQ - Wheelbarrows for Concrete

❓ How much concrete can you put in a wheelbarrow?

Single wheeled wheelbarrow shall have 12 wheelbarrows in a yard of concrete. Concrete weight 150 pounds per cubic foot. A wheelbarrow is maneuverable with about 300 pounds max so 2 cubic feet or 13.5 wheel barrows to a cubic yard.

❓ Will the wheelbarrow’s tire become quickly deflated?

Yes, the wheelbarrow’s tire tends to become easily deflated. Thus, you need to inflate it regularly.

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