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For complex jobs, it’s important to have the necessary tools at the ready. With the multitude of tools that a craftsman needs in everyday life, it is easy to lose track of them. The risk of constantly running back and forth looking for your tools is very high.

With a tool bag, you can manage quite a few tasks more easily as a craftsman. Tool bags make it easy to store everything you need and take it with you wherever you go.

We show you in our tool bag comparison what you should consider when buying tool bags everything.

The most important in a nutshell

  • Tool bags keep things tidy and are both a transport and storage solution
  • Important purchase criteria would be the size, the material, carrying comfort, the carrying capacity, and the number of compartments that a tool bag has to offer.
  • Tool bags are available in different price ranges and differ in shape, size, and quality.

Tool Bag - The Best Choice

WORKPRO Wide Mouth Tool Bag with

 4,9 Rating

WORKPRO 16-inch Wide Mouth Tool Bag with


  • 600D polyester fabric and will stand the test of time.
  • Water-proof molded base.
  • Multi-pockets and large interior space.
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Premium Materials & Construction- This tool bag is made from 600D polyester fabric which provides unmatched durability and reliability. The double fabric with fine stitching of the entire tool body makes the bag extremely tough and long-lasting. No need to worry about your tool bag getting damaged or breaking while in use. 8 sturdy pockets inside, 13 exterior pockets, and 8 belts for versatile storage of wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, and accessories.

Tool Organizer Bag

The term tool bag means a bag in which certain craft utensils are placed. The bag can be a belt bag or even a shoulder bag. Likewise, there are simply tool bags that serve only for storage. Depending on the application, the tool bags are divided into different sections. Likewise, the interior of the tool bags is divided differently.

While one tool bag can hold many screwdrivers and special tools, there are smaller models that only have enough space for the tools that are currently needed. A tool bag is therefore a bag in which you can neatly store utensils and which are directly at hand when needed.

A tool bag is suitable for many professional fields. Craftsmen benefit from the tool bag in that they always have all the tools at hand. Craftsmen such as painters or roofers can choose a tool bag with a belt attachment. Even for hairdressers, the tool bag is best suited, because the bag can accommodate the many scissors and combs.

Features to consider

Tool bags are usually made of fabric or leather. How resilient a tool bag is, you can usually already tell by the quality. A good tool bag must also be able to store sharp objects without damaging the bag. This requires special materials that are resilient and durable. A label tells you what material the tool bag is made of.

Positive features :

  • The tool is always on the man
  • No more constant searching
  • Neat storage of the tool
  • Can be used for all kinds of work
  • Easy handling

Negative features:

  • Physical discomfort can occur if the bag is loaded too much

Buyer’s guide for the tool bag

This review and guide provide information on the best tool bag you can find.

There are quite a few manufacturers of a tool bag on the market, and the prices vary greatly. From a pure price point of view, the type of tool bag can be priced from $30 to $60.

The best tool bag for the money

Best Tool Bags review

Tool bags in comparison

All our reviews are based exclusively on expert judgments or practical experience with most of the tool bag we have tested. We strive to make our guide as independent and as detailed as possible.

Best Durable Tool Bag


DEWALT DG5543 16 in. 33 Pocket Tool Bag
  • 33 tool pockets.
  • Abrasion-resistant rubber feet.
  • Heavy-duty poly-fabric construction.

 4,8 Rating

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Easy tool access

DEWALT’s open design easy access tool carrier has 33 tool pockets and sleeves, a zippered main compartment, padded handles, and abrasion-resistant rubber feet. This tool bag is heavy-duty poly fabric construction to stand up to any job.

Best tool bag for a mobile mechanic

Carhartt Trade Series Tool Bag

Carhartt Trade Series Tool Bag
  • Sturdy poly with rain defender.
  • The internal metal frame.
  • Rugged comfort-grip haul handles.

 4,8 Rating

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Durable Tool Bag

Durable Tool Bag with a large, zippered main compartment, 6 exterior pockets, 15 interior pockets, and loops. The internal metal frame allows for easy access and prevents the bag from collapsing on itself. Removable, adjustable, padded shoulder strap plus rugged haul handles, YKK zippers, metal hardware, and triple needle stitch construction.

Best Waterproof Tool Bag

Pnochoo Bag for Tool Organizer & Storage

Pnochoo Waterproof Tool Bag
  • Made of 600D polyester waterproof fabric.
  • Have bottom baffle to provide extra support.
  • It has 25 pockets and a large internal space.

 4,9 Rating

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Large capacity design

The tool bag is made of waterproof bottom cloth, which is waterproof and puncture-resistant. The internal and external pockets are good. Very suitable for handheld tools, impact drills, and other small and medium-sized items. Compared with most other tool bags, our tool bags are more practical, more durable, and more reasonable in design, creating a practical tool bag suitable for customer experience.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Tool Bag

The most important criterion when buying a tool bag is the material and its resilience. For the most part, tool bags are made of either leather or fabric. Pointed tools could easily damage the bag if the material is not of good quality. Therefore, pay attention to the material when buying. Experience also indicates how many kilograms a bag can carry.

For a good overview, you should also keep an eye on the interior of the tool bag. Special compartments for screwdrivers, pliers, or sockets ensure a certain order.

5 good reasons for a tool bag:

  • A tool bag contains a lot of tools for various activities.
  • For assembly work, a tool bag is optimal.
  • Little space for a lot of tools.
  • Tool bags are available for hanging around, as a large bag, or for storage.
  • Neat storage options are also at the workplace.

Anyone who wants to buy a tool bag should first consider whether it should be equipped or unloaded. With the equipped variant, the tool should be checked for quality. Who wants to buy an empty bag for the tool, should pay attention to the processing of the bags. High-quality materials such as leather or textile are optimal for a tool bag. Plastic or plastic is rather unsuitable for a tool bag.


On the market, there is a variety of tool bags, which differ especially in size. Because some professions need a larger tool bag than others.

Therefore, you should pay attention to the size and volume in your purchase decision needs. While a do-it-yourselfer needs simple tools, an electrician, for example, needs enough space for his specialized tools such as a multimeter or soldering iron.


Depending on the area of use, you should pay attention to the material from which the tool bag is made. On a construction site, you’d rather use sturdy, impact-resistant, durable, and water-repellent material. If you need a tool bag for industrial use, oil, grease, chemical-resistant materials are advantageous.

tool organizer bag


If you are a mechanic on the road a lot or if your place of work changes again and again, then carrying comfort is a decisive factor for the purchase decision. Here, too, the intended use and mode of transport must be taken into account.

There are tool bags with wheels that allow you to cover long distances on foot if you have heavy tools with you. In addition to a comfortable carrying handle, a shoulder strap is another point that not every tool bag has.

Product weight and carrying capacity

The weight of a tool bag as well as the maximum carrying capacity are always specified and are a factor in the purchase decision. An accumulation of tools should not be underestimated in terms of weight, and therefore the maximum carrying capacity of the tool bag should always be kept in mind.


In addition to the size and material, the shape of the tool bag is another important point to consider. Depending on the area of use and personal preference, the shape can be selected:

  • Bag shape.
  • Basket shape.
  • Folder form.
  • Belt bag.
  • Suitcase form.
  • Folding bag.
  • Roll bag.
  • Drawer bag.

Tool Bags Price:

Bags for Tools Under $30:

  • Pnochoo Waterproof Tool Bags
  • WORKPRO Wide Mouth Tool Bag

Bags for Tools Under $40:

  • DEWALT Tool Bag

Bags for Tools Under $60:

  • Carhartt Trade Series Tool Bag


To avoid getting lost in a chaos of tools, tool bags are just the thing. Through simple handling, you can organize your tools individually in a storage solution and quickly access them. In addition, the change between locations is no longer a challenge. Many tool bags are suitable for outdoor use, so that outdoor use is no problem at all.

FAQs- Bag for Tools

✅ For whom is a tool bag suitable?

For anyone who has tools at home and wants to have a certain degree of order. In addition, such tool bags are suitable for specific craftsmen professions such as industrial mechanics, plumbers, fitters, electricians, automotive mechanics, carpenters and many more.

✅ What material should tool bags be made of?

A tool bag should be made of a durable, water-repellent material to withstand certain stresses and strains of a craftsman’s everyday use. And depending on the use, you should make sure that the tool bag is suitable for your needs. Common tool bags are made of – leather, plastic, nylon fabric, polyester fabric. Furthermore, the unit of measurement denier (600D polyester fabric) is usually specified for tool bags. The unit denier defines the fineness of the yarn and thus the tear strength of the material.

✅ What else should you look for in a tool bag?

Depending on the area of use, you should make sure that the tool bag is waterproof so that it can also be used safely in rainy weather or humid environments. In addition, the processing of the carrying handles is another point. Here you should make sure that the construction is appropriately sturdy so that the seams do not tear directly with heavy weights

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