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When we buy a new shower faucet, we want it not only to look beautiful in the bathroom interior but also to be functional, reliable, and easy to use. Despite the fact that today there is a huge range of such products at the market of sanitary ware, it is sometimes very difficult to find the ideal variant. And having bought the first one, you can be quickly disappointed. For example, the inconvenient water control can make taking a shower real torture. To prevent this from happening to you, remember a few simple tips.

The design of the shower mixer

A standard shower faucet, in addition to the spout and controls, has a shower mode switch, a hose with a shower head and a holder. All these elements can be included in a complete set of one model (as a rule, at domestic manufacturers) or are purchased and installed separately (at European manufacturers). The latter option in the interior looks more aesthetic: the regulators are mounted in the wall, and the shower head is attached above.

Connected parts are connected by pipes hidden in the wall (this is the so-called “invisible” system). Some shower faucets can be equipped with additional functionality, such as a soap dish.

Compared to bathtub or basin mixers, shower faucets have a much shorter spout, and some models do not have one at all. Some products have two valves (or levers) to adjust the temperature and water pressure, while others have one. The lever control is considered the most convenient because it is not necessary to apply much effort and twist the handwheels. It is enough to turn the lever in the desired direction with a slight movement of the hand.

Everything is clear with external characteristics: looking at the shower faucet, you can determine whether it is suitable for you or not. But its inner workings are not immediately obvious. So you need to know what parameters you should use when making your choice.

Choosing a stop mechanism for a shower faucet

As you know, the shut-off mechanism is responsible for regulating the flow of water: supply, stopping, and changing its intensity. Accordingly, it also affects the management of the temperature of the liquid at the outlet. And it depends on what kind of cartridge is installed in the shower faucet. There are several types:

  • With rubber seals – such a mechanism is equipped with inexpensive two-valve models. Unfortunately, the rubber gaskets wear out quickly, which causes leaks. But they are easy to replace.
  • With ceramic plates – a more reliable, but at the same time expensive, option. The plates fit tightly together, so there is no chance of a leaky faucet. Quality locking mechanisms can withstand several hundred thousand operating cycles.
  • Ball-type (joystick) – usually installed in shower faucets with lever control. Inside is a ball with small holes, which mixes hot and cold water. The holes are only 4 mm, so it prevents solid particles from getting inside the device and clogging.
  • A thermostatic element – has a special button mechanism that allows you to fix the desired water temperature. If there will be pressure fluctuations in the water supply, it will not affect the outgoing flow in any way. If you need to change the settings, it is enough to remove the device from the fuse and set the temperature again. This shower faucet will keep you safe from getting burned during water procedures.

Pay attention to the showerhead

And now let’s talk about what directly affects comfort. The showerhead (also called a hand shower) can be made of plastic or metal. Metal products are considered more reliable, as they are resistant to shocks and impacts of cleaning agents. But plastic shower heads covered with chrome can lose their original appearance due to the aggressive impact of detergents: scratches and abrasions appear on the surface.

Particular attention should be paid to the surface of the showerhead. If it is metal, then there is a probability of accumulation of limescale in the holes for the water outlet, which will cause clogging. But if regular cleaning is carried out, this can be avoided. In addition, such shower faucets have a low price. More expensive products have a rubberized overlay with flexible silicone inserts, through which the jets of water pass. This prevents clogging and, in addition, such material is much easier to clean: it is enough to run a cloth over the surface. You can be sure that the flow of water will be even after many years of use.

We have told you about the main factors to consider when buying a shower faucet, and the final decision is up to you. We hope that you will take advantage of our advice and be sure to make the right choice.


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