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Thatch Rake

Every gardener knows that the middle of autumn is a good time to clean the lawn from the moss that formed and accumulated during the autumn rains. In a word, aeration is a good time to clean the lawn. There are different type of rakes can help to solve this problem. But the most useful rake for this job is the thatch rake.
In order to make your lawn attractive and beautiful, you need to get rid of some problems, namely:

  • to loosen up the soil that has settled down;
  • to get rid of moss, dead vegetation;
  • ensure unhindered penetration of moisture and nutrients into the soil.

To solve these problems in the complex will help such an operation as aeration.

What is a Thatch Rake?

What do rake-aerators look like?


The shape of the product is not much different from that of a normal garden rake. Their main difference is the stamped tines, which are made of high quality steel.
The shape of the teeth:

  • sickle-shaped shape;
  • the lower part of the teeth is pointy;
  • the teeth have a galvanic coating;
  • working width of the teeth, usually 350 millimeters.

Using these lawn rakes, you can easily get rid of dead vegetation and moss in a small area. The depth of penetration of the tines into the soil will depend on your efforts.

As a rule, the depth varies from 1 to 3 centimeters. Do not forget that the deeper the aeration, the more moisture, oxygen and nutrients will penetrate into the soil.

Thatch Rake for lawn

When is it best to aerate the lawn?


You can use aerating rakes on your lawn several times a year. However, there may be situations where the aeration process needs to be carried out much more often:

  • a very dry summer and insufficient moisture penetrates the roots of the vegetation;
  • a lot of rain – excess moisture can cause damage to the roots of vegetation, so aeration is necessary to dry the lawn;
  • frequent walking on the lawn helps to soften the grass and the formation of dense crust that prevents air from penetrating the soil – aeration is an easy solution to this problem.

Aerators for processing large areas (electric and petrol)


These tools are quite expensive, so you should take responsibility for their choice. When choosing a tool, you should pay attention to the following features:

  • Engine power. If the area of the lawn is large, we choose an aerator with high engine power. Such machines have an increased motor resource, which allows the engine to work longer than usual.
  • The width of the working surface. The wider the working surface of the aerator, the larger the area it can treat in one pass.
  • The body of the machine. Plastic is lightweight, but the metal is much more durable.
  • Grass collection tank. You will need it if the lawn area is large.
  • Types of knives. Aerators have long metal spokes, which pierce the soil cover. Scarifies have special knives that remove swollen grass and weeds.

For large areas of lawn it is recommended to use electric or gasoline lawn aerators. Some models are multifunctional and equipped with additional nozzle kits, so they are available for scarifying and aeration.

Such universal machines have several functions:

  • Making punctures (aeration) or cuts (scarification) in the soil.
  • Remove any residue of grass.
  • Collect remote herbal stems in a special container.
  • Loosen the soil with the additional nozzle.

The electric aerator is convenient if the length of the cord allows you to cultivate the entire area of the lawn.

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