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In ancient times, people used plant fibers and animal tendons to make throwing implements. The development of chemistry led to the appearance of new elastic materials and turned the slingshot into a very recreational tool and an effective weapon for hunting.

But over time, one component of the slingshot wears out – the rubber band, which periodically needs to be replaced with a new one.

The rubber band for the slingshot is an important component and we will talk about it in more detail in this article.

Design and principle of the slingshot

Any slingshot consists of three basic parts:

  • A Y-shaped or “pistol-shaped” handle. It is made of wood, metal, alloys, plastic.
  • Stretch tubes or harnesses.
  • Cradle for projectile placement. Made of medium-stiff leather, should be small and have a hole to center the projectile.

The principle of the slingshot is to transfer to the projectile the accumulated energy of the rods when they are compressed.

The rods are the most important part of the slingshot.

    1. The main criterion for selection is retraction – the maximum rate of contraction of the drawstring at its minimum thickness.
    2. The most effective material is latex.
    3. It should be taken into account that latex quickly degrades under the influence of direct sunlight, so it is advisable to use materials with a date of manufacture not more than two years.
    4. The selection of material, length, and thickness of rods is experimental and depends on anthropometric features of a shooter, design of attachment points, as well as weight and size of thrown projectiles.
    5. Calculation of the power of the slingshot and the shooting range is carried out at maximum tension.

All rod materials are divided into groups based on the shape of the cross-section.

Variety of slingshot materials


These are latex tubes of various diameters and cross-sections. They can be:

1. With a cylindrical cross-section. Their advantage is the possibility to fold them several times, which will increase the power of the weapon.
2. With cone section. Such tubes have the best retraction in this group.
Widely used in both mass-produced and homemade slingshots.


Significantly superior to the tubular ones in terms of retraction parameters, but also have disadvantages:

Latex is sensitive to cuts and tears in the edge of the tape and is demanding on the way of fixation on the handle.
2. They are not mass-produced, so they are made on their own.

Fitness bands are used as a source of material, the best of which in terms of retraction has a high cost.

Multicore Threads

Consists of a bundle of rubber strands. The power is adjusted by the number of strands. Other things being equal, multicore pulling shows better retraction performance than tubular pulling. The disadvantages are the difficulty of repair in case of a partial break and the selection of yarns with the same tensile strength characteristics.

Surgical tubing for slingshot - The Best Choice

SUCOHANS Latex Rubber Tubing

 4,9 Rating

SUCOHANS Latex Rubber Tubing


  • Outside Dia. 3/8″.
  • Inside Dia. 1/4″.
  • Wall Thickness 1/16″.
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High-quality natural rubber latex tubing has powerful functions and could be used in many fields such as medical instruments, sports equipment, fishing replacements, lab rubber latex tubing, hospital transfusion hemostatic belt, pipe various laboratory instruments, toys and experimental instrument, slingshot catapult elastic parts rocket outdoor hunting.

Tubular Slingshot Band – Video

Choosing surgical tubing for slingshot

Buyer’s guide for surgical tubing for slingshot

This review and guide provide information on the best surgical tubing for slingshot you can find.

There are quite a few manufacturers of surgical tubing for slingshot on the market, and the prices vary greatly. From a pure price point of view, the type of surgical tubing for slingshot can be priced from $8 to $149.

Surgical tubing for slingshot for the money

best surgical tubing for slingshot

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All our reviews are based exclusively on expert judgments or practical experience with most of the surgical tubing for slingshot we have tested. We strive to make our guide as independent and as detailed as possible.

Surgical tubings for slingshot in comparison

 Kent Elastomer Latex Rubber Tubing

Kent Elastomer Amber Latex Rubber Tubing
  • Outside Dia. 3/8″.
  • Inside Dia. 1/4″.
  • Thickness 1/16″.

 4,8 Rating

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Quality latex rubber tubing

Dip manufactured natural rubber tubing has elastic qualities superior to extruded tubing or tubing made from other synthetic elastomers. One of the consequences of dip manufacturing is that the tubing is sold in random lengths by the manufacturer.

Primeline Industries Rubber Tubing

Primeline Industries Rubber Tubing
  • Outside Dia. 5/8″.
  • Inside Dia. 1/8″.
  • Wall Thickness 1/4″.

 4,9 Rating

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Quality natural rubber latex tubing

Primeline uses the dip method of tubing manufacture. Dip manufactured natural rubber tubing has elastic qualities superior to extruded tubing or tubing made from other synthetic elastomers.

TOPRADE Latex Rubber Tubing Slingshot

TOPRADE Latex Rubber Tubing Slingshot
  • Outer diameter – 6mm / 0.24 inch.
  • Inner diameter – 3mm / 0.12 inch.
  • Made of high-quality natural latex.

 4,8 Rating

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Wide Application

Natural latex, that has good elasticity, non-toxic, wear-resistant, very durable, and strong, can be used for a long time. And it rebound quickly, can meet your need for a quick shot. It is not only for slingshot making but also can be used for sports competition, healthcare, and laboratories, athletics, fitness exercise, medical treatment, etc.

Features of the installation surgical tubing for slingshot

Any knot or bend in the rod reduces its strength. Therefore, it is advisable to mount them indirectly, with parts that reduce the bend angle and the number of knots. Of equal importance is the way the ties are attached to the cotter.

The basic principle is that the tourniquet should not be twisted or stretched at the attachment points.

Fasten them in several ways:

  1. Hinge: fold the tie rod and bind the bend. It is advisable to use a rubber band for tying. The easiest option.
  2. With a clamp: the pull is held by metal plates, tightened with bolts or a lock. The most durable, but a short-lived method.
  3.  Expansion sleeve. Used for tubular. Average in reliability and wear and tear.
  4.  Hinge in the hinge. Attached to leather hinges at the ends of the horns. The most gentle method of installation.
  5. Internal strut. The tubular or flat rope is led through the point of attachment and fixed with a ball of larger diameter (tubular) or a turn around the extension (flat). Provides good fastening strength and acceptable wear.
best surgical tubing for slingshot review

Depending on the length of the tubular slingshot, the price can vary from:

From $9.99 to $12.99

TOPRADE Latex Rubber Tubing Slingshot Catapult

From $11.99 to $29.99

  • SUCOHANS Latex Rubber Tubing

From $7.99 to $44.99

  • Kent Elastomer Latex Rubber Tubing

From $15.95 to 148.99

  • Primeline Industries Rubber Tubing
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