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Lawn Mower Sharpener

The lawn is supposed to be mowed, but the cut succeeds only irregularly, and the track must be driven off several times before all grasses are shortened. The reason? A dulled lawnmower blade.

In addition to the mower’s rotational speed, the sharpness of the lawnmower blade is especially important for cutting the lawn efficiently, thoroughly, and cleanly.

The lawnmower blade can be resharpened by a professional – but you can also do it yourself if you follow a few tips. We’ll show you how it’s done.

Sharpener for Lawn Mower Blade - Best Choice

Smith’s Lawn Mower Blade Essentials Sharpener

 4,9 Rating

Smith's Lawn Mower Blade Essentials Sharpener


  • Replaceable carbide blade
  • Durable head for easier sharpening
  • Large safety guard
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It is the perfect tool to use for keeping your mower blades in prime condition. This simple and easy-to-use sharpener uses a preset carbide blade to quickly put a smooth, sharp edge on your mower blade in just minutes. It has a durable plastic head, oversized handle, and a large finger guard for safe and secure sharpening at all times. It also comes with a wire-bristled cleaning brush that stores conveniently in the product handle.

Best sharpeners for the lawn mower blade

Best Sharpeners for Lawn Mower Blade Buying Advice:

This review and guide provide information on the Sharpeners for Lawn Mower Blades you can find.

There are quite a few manufacturers of Sharpeners for Lawn Mower Blade in the market, and the prices vary greatly. From a pure price point of view, the type of  Sharpeners for Lawn Mower Blade can be priced from $20 to $150.

Best Sharpeners for Lawn Mower Blade

Sharpening lawn mower blades

All our reviews are based only on expert judgment or practical experience with most of the sharpeners for lawn mower blade we consider. We strive to ensure that our leadership is independent and as detailed as possible.

Sharpeners for Lawn Mower Blade Review

SHARPAL All-in-1 Knife Garden Tool Multi-Sharpener for Lawn Mower Blade

SHARPAL All-in-1 Knife Garden Tool Multi-Sharpener for Lawn Mower Blade
  • 5 sharpening parts.
  • The most versatile sharpener on the market.
  • Never wears out for safe & comfortable use.

 4,8 Rating

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The most versatile sharpener in the market to sharpen and hone both single and double-beveled blades including a knife, mower blade, pruner, loppers, hedge shears, axe, machete, hatchet, scissors, edged tool, etc. As blades vary from different angles, shapes, single or double bevel, etc., to fulfill the best sharpening performance for each blade / tool edge, this item is constructed of 5 sharpening parts including 3 different slots of preset optimal sharpening angle, one specially designed tungsten carbide bar, and one ceramic bar.

Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition

Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition
  • Motor- 120Vac/1. 5 amps.
  • Variable speed motor.
  • Flexible abrasive belts.

 4,8 Rating

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The sharpening guide is fully adjustable in 1° increment from 15° to 30°, so you can sharpen any knife to the angle you desire to best meet your needs. The variable speed control (1200 SFM to 2800 SFM) provides you with the optimal belt speed for the task at hand. The 3/4″ x 12″ flexible engineered abrasive belts from Norton sharpen not just straight bladed knives, but also curved knives, tanto blades, filet knives, serrated knives, and virtually any other shape of knife blade.

SHARPAL Dual-Grit Multi-Purpose Diamond Sharpening Stone Sharpener for Lawn Mower Blade

SHARPAL Dual-Grit Multi-Purpose Diamond Sharpening Stone Sharpener for Lawn Mower Blade
  • Up to 5 times faster sharpening.
  • Multifunctional sharpener.
  • Dual grit.

 4,8 Rating

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Dual-Grit Diamond Tool Sharpener is ideal for restoring and honing all sorts of axes, hatchets, mower blades, machetes, shovels, hoes, and other tools edge. Industrial monocrystalline diamond is electroplated in nickel onto a steel base. Coarse 220 grit for quick sharpening dull and damaged blade or reset a new edge; extra fine 600 grit for honing. The service life is much longer than that of water stone.

American Lawn Mower Reel Lawn Mower Hand Sharpener

American Lawn Mower Reel Lawn Mower Hand Sharpener
  • Specially designed for reel lawnmowers.
  • Hand reel lawn mower sharpener.
  • Compatible with all American Lawn Mower, Great States, Earthwise, and Scotts reel mowers.

 4,8 Rating

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American Lawn Mower SK-2 Reel Mower Sharpener keeps your push mower blades in the best shape. This saves you time and effort when mowing your lawn because the sharp blades can easily trim grasses and weeds in one go. Maintaining your lawnmower blades doesn’t have to be difficult. You can do it at home easily and safely with this lawn mower sharpening kit.

Guide to sharpening lawn mower blades

The blade of a lawnmower is a long, sharp blade that is attached to the lower side of the lawnmower. This blade rotates at a high speed and cuts the grass. Lawnmower blades are usually made of stainless steel or another sturdy, durable metal. Due to mowing, the blades become dull after a while. Then they can be either replaced or sharpened.
The lawnmower blade is an important part of the lawnmower that requires regular maintenance. However, it is often overlooked because it is hidden at the bottom of the mower.
Before you decide to have the lawnmower blade sharpened or sharpen it yourself, you should learn why the lawnmower blade is so important and what to look for when sharpening it.

Why does the lawnmower blade need to be sharpened?

The lawnmower blade should be sharpened so that the lawnmower works ideally. Because the efficiency of a lawnmower depends on two factors – the speed and sharpness of its blade.

Only when the lawnmower blade is sharp can the lawn be cut thoroughly and evenly. Most lawnmower blades can be sharpened without much effort. Regular sharpening will prolong the life and also the quality of your device.

How often should the lawnmower blade be sharpened?

How often the blade needs to be sharpened depends on many factors.

These include:

  • Quality of the blade
  • Size and condition of the mowed lawn
  • Frequency of mowing
  • Storage conditions and care of the lawnmower

Better quality lawnmowers have blades that rarely need resharpening. Even if the lawn is only mowed with average frequency, the blade will slowly wear out.

Generally, the lawnmower blade should be resharpened when it is noticed that the cutting quality of the mower has deteriorated. It is advised to sharpen lawn mower blades annually, preferably at the beginning of the warm season.

When should the lawnmower blade be sharpened?

The lawnmower blade should be sharpened as soon as you notice that the mowing quality has deteriorated. Among other things, you can recognize this by an irregular cut and that some blades of grass remain standing.

It also makes sense to sharpen the blade of older lawn mowers before the mowing season. This way, you will be well-prepared for mowing the lawn.

Which lawn mower blades can be sharpened?

In principle, all lawn mower blades can be sharpened. However, sharpening should not be done independently if the manufacturer expressly warns against it.

Lawnmower blades are blades made of steel that can be ground and thus sharpened just like any other blade. Depending on what shape they have, they are easier or more difficult to sharpen. Nevertheless, the blade to be sharpened is usually clearly identifiable.

If you are unsure of the best way to sharpen your lawnmower blade, you can contact a professional or the manufacturer. There are also numerous instructions on the Internet for various mower blade models.

What tools do I need to sharpen the lawnmower blade?

To sharpen the lawnmower blade, you will need a hand file or wet grinder. Other tools will also help you.

  • Hand file or wet grinder
  • Vise
  • Ring wrench
  • rag, cloth for cleaning
  • Wire brush
  • Protective gloves
  • Safety goggles

What do I need to keep in mind when sharpening my lawnmower?

Sharpening a lawnmower is not a difficult task, but there are a few things you should keep in mind. On the one hand, it is important to remove and install the blades correctly and to sharpen them. On the other hand, you should follow a few safety precautions in order not to injure yourself.

You should take the following safety precautions:

  • Disconnect power, remove the gasoline spark plug connector, and remove the battery.
  • The machine should not be able to start under any circumstances!
  • Place the gasoline mower on its side so that no gasoline leaks out.
  • Wear protective gloves and goggles
  • When grinding, securely fasten the dismantled blade, e.g. with a clamp or vice.

And to ensure that sharpening is done properly, and your lawnmower is perfectly serviceable again, you should observe the following:

  • Clean the lawnmower blade with a cloth before sharpening.
  • Grind the blade only on one side (upper side)
  • Be sure to observe the specified grinding angle
  • Do not remove too much
  • Balance the mower blade to prevent the mower from wobbling
  • Tighten mower blade securely during installation

Sharpening the lawnmower blade: this is how it is done

If you want to sharpen the blade of your lawn mower, you should follow a few tips. We explain the steps involved in sharpening the lawn mower blade and what to look out for. We’ll go over what’s important to prepare and what safety measures you should take. We’ll also show you how to properly remove, clean, sharpen and balance the mower blade.

The preparation

If you’ve set out to sharpen the mower blade on your own, the first step is to prepare it. You should prepare a safe working surface, for example, a large table, and have all the necessary tools ready. Be sure to put on protective gloves and goggles. It is also helpful to have the instruction manual for your machine ready. This will explain how to properly remove the blade bar.

After that, you should make sure that the lawn mower can’t start. This is incredibly important because if the blade starts to rotate, you could be seriously injured.

Removing the lawnmower blade

Now you can carefully remove the blade, following the instructions. It is usually located on the bottom of the device and can be removed without much difficulty.

If there are washers, you should remember the order and put them safely aside. After grinding, they should be reinstalled in the same way.

After that, you should fix the knife bar in a vice. This makes it easier to clean and sharpen the knife, makes work safer, and also ensures better results.

You should clamp the knife bar horizontally and so that the knife wings point upwards, and the cutting surfaces are visible.

Cleaning the lawnmower blade

Before you start sharpening, the lawnmower blade should be cleaned. Due to the use of the grass, grass stains, as well as soil residues on the blade bar, are not uncommon. You can simply wipe off this dirt with a cloth. If necessary, you can moisten it a little or use a gentle detergent. Depending on the age and quality of the product, the mower blade may also be affected by moisture. Rust stains can be removed with a wire brush.

Grinding and balancing lawn mower blades

When the lawnmower blade is roughly cleaned, you can start grinding. It is best to use a hand file for grinding. This gives inexperienced beginners more control over the sharpening process. It also prevents too much material from being removed. An electric alternative is a wet grinder. The use of an angle grinder is not recommended because it can remove too much material, is more difficult to guide, and the heat can damage the soft steel.

Once you have prepared the grinding tool, you can start. You should proceed as follows when grinding.

  • Grind only the top of the cutting surface
  • Be sure to keep the original angle when grinding
  • Grind first with a coarse file, then with a finer one
  • Grind both blades evenly, do not remove too much material.
  • Balancing (rebalancing) the knife is an important step that should not be forgotten. Because if the blade is not balanced, the lawn mower will start to “egg”, the lawn cut will be irregular, and also the crankshaft bearing can be damaged.

You can determine if the blade is properly balanced by placing it at a small elevation in the center. If the blade has a hole in the middle, you can also balance it on a screwdriver or similar.

If the mower blade is properly balanced, the weight will be evenly distributed and the blade will not lean to one side.

If this is not the case, the blade should be reground so that both sides are balanced.

Reinstalling the lawnmower blade

Once you have completed the grinding work and the lawnmower blade is sharp and balanced again, you can reinstall it in the lawnmower. The lawnmower blade should be installed according to the instructions. The lawnmower blade should be installed with the unsharpened surface facing down and the blades facing up. If washers or other components were removed during disassembly, they must of course be reinstalled in the correct order. You can also now reconnect removed batteries, spark plugs, and other power sources.

Sharpenings lawn mower blades Price:

Under $20

  • Smith’s Lawn Mower Blade Essentials Sharpener
  • SHARPAL All-in-1 Knife Garden Tool Multi-Sharpener for Lawn Mower Blade
  • SHARPAL Dual-Grit Multi-Purpose Diamond Sharpening Stone Sharpener for Lawn Mower Blade

Under $30

  • American Lawn Mower Reel Lawn Mower Hand Sharpener

Under $150

  • Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition

Tips and Tricks for the Work Sharp Original Knife and Tool Sharpener - Video

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