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Why do you need a roof rake?

A roof covered with snowdrifts, which under the influence of different temperatures then melt, then freeze, loses its original characteristics and comes into disrepair noticeably faster than the warranty period.The greatest danger is an unexpected snowfall from the roof, which can hurt the owners or their guests.

Also, a snow slide descended from the roof can damage or destroy adjacent structures, such as: a fence, shed, etc.

To avoid the above described troubles caring owners clean not only the yard from the snow, but also the roof of your home.

In winter, the pitched roof is quite dangerous to climb, so snow drifts from the roof is best removed standing on the ground, for this purpose developed a special type of rake for snow removal from the roof.


Parts of Snow Rakes


Standard rake for snow removal from the roof consists of two main elements:

Telescopic handle

Represents the multistage rod consisting of 4 elements on a telescope principle (one in another). Each element increases the length of the entire tool, as a result of this functionality allows you to remove snow from the roofs of different heights.


Special grip on the edge of the telescopic handle.

Scrubbing shovel

A spade or scraper is a direct component that scrapes snow mass from the roof.

Some blades are made with ribs of stiffness, which allows you to work with large amounts of snow, remove ice crust and even work with ice.

Advanced rakes for snow removal from the roof have a slightly different design:


Handle of tubes

Length-adjustable rod by means of additional tubes superstructure.

Rolling fabric

Snow mass slide down on the fabric.


Small wheels are present only on some types of rake for snow removal, they are designed to facilitate physical labor. Spinning wheels reduce friction force, so less effort is required to push/pull the tool on the roof.

how to remove snow from the roof



  • Scraper for snow removal from the roof must be light enough, so it uses the most lightweight materials.
  • The telescopic handle is made of various aluminum alloys.
  • Telescopic handle, as a rule, make rubberized.
  • Rubber material does not slip out of the hands, and keeps them warm.
  • The scraper blade can be made of aluminum, plate or wood.
  • Wheels are made of plastic.
  • The fabric of the engine is made of moisture and frost resistant material.
  • All materials scrapers for snow removal from the roof are designed for use at temperatures up to minus thirty degrees Celsius.

How to choose a snow rake?


First, you should pay attention to the height of the house from which the snow is to be removed.

If the height of the building initially exceeds the length of the rake for snow removal, then the further choice becomes senseless.

The next criterion for selection will be the material of the roof.

Fragile, delicate coating requires a suitable relationship to itself for snow removal from such a roof should use a tool made of special plastic or wood, also suitable option with a rubber lining.

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