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In this article, you will find a review of the best lake rake. The most distinguishing features of lake rake are represented in this review to help you to make a good choice.

When a natural balance is missing, it often makes sense to clean the garden pond. However, precautionary action prevents many problems from arising in the first place.

There are many reasons for poor water quality – for example:

  • Humus or leaves cause pollution.
  • The selection, number, or feeding of fish is not ideal.
  • There are too few plants in the pond, which leads to a lack of oxygen.

What does “clean garden pond” actually mean?

Every body of water silts up over time. In principle, a garden pond is nothing different from a real lake, only “small”. This means that the same biological processes that take place in a large body of water in nature also take place in principle in the small world of a garden pond.

However, in an extreme time-lapse and under general conditions that are defined by the fact that an artificial pond has no natural inflow and outflow. It does not matter whether it is a small pond shell or a large pond. These systems are completely sealed from below, only rainwater can enter from above.

So every garden pond is a biological system, defined as an equilibrium at a given time under given conditions.

Even a tilted pond is a biotope in a given system state. From this perspective, any pond cleaning represents a massive artificial intervention in a natural process.

Thus, the life span of artificially created ponds is inherently short and finite. In the case of a small pond, it is hardly more than 10 years, unless counteracted by artificial measures such as filters or pond nets to prevent the entry of leaves. But even then, algae, cloudy water, or stinky pond soil can eventually get out of hand.

Pond Rake – Best Choice

Extreme Max Lake Rake

 4,9 Rating

Extreme Max Screening Lake Rake

  • Commonly used to remove floating weeds, leaves, twigs, and debris from beaches and shorelines, but also works great for grooming beaches and most landscaping applications.
  • 66” handle attached through wrap-around bracing for stability and durability.
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Extra Large Aquatic Weed Rake For Lakes & Ponds

The Extreme Max Screening Rake is a multipurpose, sturdy and stable rake for many lawn and beach-care needs. The head is held with wrap-around bracing to ensure durability to hold up while pushing and pulling the rake. The unconventional tooth design allows you to take with you what you want but leave the rest behind, trapping sticks and rocks, but leaving the sand and grass behind. Simply flip the rake over to find an extended grading edge, perfect for leveling and smoothing sandy areas.

Algae in the pond: How to combat unwanted algae

If red or green algae form in your pond, you should not only intervene to get your pond visually respectable again. But fighting algae is often not that easy.

The most important in a nutshell:

  • Excessive growth of algae has several causes. Among them are solar radiation, heat, and an excess of nutrients. Especially phosphate.
  • To counteract algae, you can also reduce solar radiation or provide movement in the water.

Is it possible to remove algae from the pond?

When algae multiply explosively, they often overgrow the entire pond. It is important for the balance of the pond to contain algae growth. If your pond is infested with algae that float on the surface, you can fish them off.

To do this, use a lake rake and remove the algae. Make sure that you also fish off the algae that grow close to plants. Repeat this process every few days, as the plants can multiply again quickly. This tactic is effective, but it is very time-consuming. Also, it does not fight the cause, only the effect.

When and how to clean a pond?

In pond care, regular preventive measures are clearly preferable. Many pond plants and aquatic plants are characterized by strong growth. Here you can thin out regularly by pond rake, so that the garden pond plants (algae) do not grow too quickly.

You can prevent leaves from entering the pond by covering nets or by scouring the pond. Through proper planting or pond technology, you can maintain the water quality for a long time.

The actual pond cleaning, i.e. complete removal of mud and plants as well as cleaning of the pond liner or pond basin, can only be the last resort and is biologically almost equivalent to a new installation. The best time is early fall when frogs, newt & co have not yet burrowed for hibernation.

Lake Weed Rakes - Review

How to choose lake rake

Pond Rakes - TOP 5

  1. Aquatic Lake & Pond Weed Cutter and RAKE with Big Long Teeth.
  2. Jenlis Weed Raker, Weed & Grass Removal Tool for Lakes, Ponds & Beaches.
  3. Outdoor Water Solutions Heavy Duty Lake and Beach Rake.
  4. Sand Beach Pond River Zebra Mussel and Lake Rake.
  5. ShoreTech Ultralite 36″ Lake Weed Rake.

Aquatic Rakes & Razer - Top Choice

Jenlis Weed Razer ST - Aquatic Weed Cutter

Jenlis Weed Razer ST - Aquatic Weed Cutter
  • Remove Aquatic Vegetation
  • Cut At The Base Of Pond Weeds

 4,8 Rating

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Aquatic Weed Cutter for Lakes, Ponds & Beaches

To clear your lakeshore and beach, simply throw it into your lake or pond and reel back in. Weighing less than eight pounds, the Weed Razer is light enough, so it can be thrown easily, but heavy enough to sink to the bottom of your lake or pond.

With the unique v-shaped lake weed cutter head with razor-sharp blades that are designed to be the most efficient and effective pond tool made to cut or shear almost any type of rooted aquatic vegetation; such as watermilfoil, lily pads, and pond weeds. construction for durability and long lifetime.

Jenlis Weed Raker

Jenlis Weed Raker review
  • Effective in both shallow and deep water, pull excess weeds, grasses and debris toward the shoreline for cleanup.
  • Rake head is 37 inches wide and 8 inches tall; with four sections extend handle up to 11 feet.

 4,7 Rating

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Weed Raker Pond & Lake Rake

The Weed Raker removes debris and free-floating weeds like water hyacinth, bladderwort, salvinia, water lettuce, and others. It also clears away debris from the lake or pond bed. To clear floating material on the water’s surface, simply fill the hollow rake head with floating material. Fill it with heavy material like gravel to reach weeds, debris and organic matter on the bottom or your lake or pond.

Outdoor Water Solutions Heavy Duty Lake and Beach Rake

Outdoor Water Solutions PSP0212 Heavy Duty Lake and Beach Rake review
  • Includes: 11′ 2-piece powder-coated aluminum handle, 36″ aluminum head, detachable polyethylene float and 50′ of rope.
  • It also works as a high quality landscaping rake, excellent for dressing beach sand and shore edges.

 4,7 Rating

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Outdoor Water Solutions Heavy Duty Lake Rake

The Outdoor Water Solutions Lake & Beach Rake is a great tool for removing algae, muck, leaves, sticks and other items from your pond or lake. This 36 in. wide aluminum rake comes with an 11 ft. two piece rustproof, powder coated handle, detachable float and a 50 ft. length of polypropylene rope. Great for skimming floating aquatic vegetation and algae from the water. You can also shorten the handle and remove the float, giving you a high-quality landscaping rake, excellent for dressing beach sand and shore edges.

Sand Beach Pond River Zebra Mussel and Lake Rake

Sand Beach Pond River Zebra Mussel and Lake Rake review
  • Good for sand, beach, pond, river and lake shores.
  • Rake head is 16 inches wide x 65 inches long and weighs ~ 5 lbs.

 4,7 Rating

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Shoreline Industries Pond River Zebra Mussel and Lake Rake

The sand, beach, pond, river, and lake rake was created after years of hands on research and development. It is a must for any shoreline property owner. It could be called the screwdriver in the shoreline toolbox. It is made in Wisconsin with the highest quality materials. Laser cut to avoid any sharp edges or burs. It will pick up all debris from the bottom with ease: weeds, zebra mussels, leaves, glass, treasures, stones, rocks, bottle caps, fishing lures, dead fish, algae, etc. It will make your shoreline safer for the grand kids, pets, and more enjoyable for the whole family.

ShoreTech Ultralite 36" Lake Weed Rake

ShoreTech Ultralite 24 Lake Weed Rake review
  • Equipped with twenty 4″ long, round aluminum tines.
  • Available in 7-, 11-, and 15-foot lengths.

 4,7 Rating

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ShoreTech Ultralite 36″ Pond Weed Rake

The all aluminum UltraLite 36″ Pond Rake makes weed and debris removal a breeze! Weighing in from 7 lbs down to a mere 4 lbs the UltraLite 36″ Lake Rake allows for fatigue-free removal of unwanted aquatic vegetation. This rake features a Quick Release handle allowing easy breakdown for transportation and storage, no tools are required. Includes a Rope Kit for tossing and retrieving and a Float Kit for skimming surface debris.

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How to clear the pond?

The question of how to clean the lake is relevant to all property owners who have such a pond of natural or artificial origin on the site. The cleanliness of the lake is negatively affected by many factors, most of which are provoked by the man himself. The water is polluted by the products of the pond inhabitants, algae breeding, or garbage brought by the wind. In the absence of proper care, the shore is overgrown by weeds and reeds. This situation may lead to the fact that in just a few years, the once clean and picturesque lake will turn into a swamp with snakes and mosquitoes.

How to clear the pond of algae

Blue-green algae species can be removed by several methods:

  • mechanical;
  • by limiting their growth factors (light, high temperature, excess organic and oxygen);
  • chemical.

Also, to clean the pond from green, a more effective cleaning method can be used, based on the biochemical decomposition of organic elements to carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and methane to deprive blue-green algae of substrates for reproduction. For this purpose, a complex of specially selected anaerobic and aerobic bacteria is used.

Mechanical methods

The most conservative way to clean water in the pond is mechanical cleaning, performed with relatively simple devices. Mechanical cleaning is suitable for maintaining cleanliness as one of the activities of the complex.

Manual cleaning

The manual method of cleaning the pond from propagating algae is the least effective, so it should be considered only as a preventive measure. Periodic cleaning of the pond water in the manual mode can ensure not elimination, but prevention of the problem.

Chemical methods

A good alternative to mechanical methods of cleaning lakes and ponds is the regular use of passive reagents for cleaning, which have a positive effect on the composition and quality of water. Most of the chemicals are harmless to ponds, growing herbs and floating fish in them, and when the correct volume of the cleaning agent is backfilled in the pond, algae and frock growth are stopped. The reagents are used not only for cleaning, but also to maintain the level of acidity, and acidity affects the reproduction of fish and flowering of useful algae.

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