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Permeable paving systems are flexible so that water can pass through them on its way to the soil beneath. They can be just as durable as old-fashioned concrete pavers. Having one of these can keep your driveway from being flooded, and it can also save you from having to put up concrete for days.

How does Permeable Gravel Pavers Work?

Permeable pavers work differently from other types of pavers, so you must understand how they work if you need one immediately. They are composed of open cells filled with grass or gravel, which allows fluids like water to enter their surfaces, and become dormant under the rock base until they are absorbed by the earth again. Often, compacted gravel, concrete, or asphalt paving systems will collect rainwater, resulting in a pond or leakage.

A permeable paver has a spongy surface that naturally mimics the way soil reacts to rainfall. Flow rates of water drain completely depend on the type of permeable system being used.

Therefore, finding the best permeable pavers can be very difficult; so difficult that if you screw up, you will watch your driveway crumble. Therefore, we have made my top picks to make your selection easier. Below we list the best products we have on the market and what you should be looking for while choosing them.

Permeable Paver – Best Choice

 4,9 Rating

TRUEGRID PRO Plus Permeable Pavers

  • Handle over 1,000,000 pounds of compression strength per square foot.
  • All-weather.
  • Fill with grass or gravel.
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Permeable Gravel Pavers For Parking Lots & Driveway

Create a smooth driving area with this grass grid paver. Composed out of durable plastic material this paver offers a solid platform to withhold heavy vehicles or bikes. Permeable slots help prevent flooding, puddles, mud, and snow for a mess free and smooth driveway and parking space. Easy to set up and remove, this paver makes driveways look more clean and driving and parking more practical.

TrueGrid - Permeable Paver Systems - Video Review

Permeable Pavers - Review

how to use permeable pavers

Permeable Pavers for Driveway - TOP 4

  1. Techno Earth Permeable Paver for Access Roads, Driveways
  2. Yard Saver Drive-On Lawn Grid
  3. Zigzag Permeable Ground Grid or Grass Parking Lots, Driveways
  4. Geocell BaseCore Ground Grid Ground Stabilizer

Permeable Paver - Top Choice

Techno Earth Permeable Paver for Access Roads, Driveways

Techno Earth ( 1.9 Depth Permeable Grass Pavers for Your Grass Parking Lots, Access Roads, driveways
  • Strong permeable pavers are structured with 19.7 in. x 19.7 in.x 1.9 in. height.
  • Applicable to residential and commercial areas.

 4,8 Rating

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Techno Earth Grass Pavers for Driveway

Prevent soil erosion, vehicles sinking and vastly improve drainage, all whilst having little visual impact compared to blacktop. Environment friendly, permeable, and will not dry out grass or cause flooding. High strength and durability with the maximum compression capacity of 200 tons/sqm. Perfect weather resistance can be used under – 40 to 90 Celcius.

Yard Saver Drive-On Lawn Grid

Yard Saver Drive-On Lawn Grid
  • Pack of 5 in Box.
  • Made in the USA – durable heavyweight molded plastic.

 4,7 Rating

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Drive-On Lawn Grid

The Yard Saver Drive-On Lawn Grid is an eco- friendly solution that allows you to protect your grass in high-traffic areas. Within hours, you can create additional parking space for trailers, boats & vehicles without the installation expense of concrete or black top.

Zigzag Permeable Ground Grid or Grass Parking Lots, Driveways

Zigzag Permeable Ground Grid and Grass Pavers review
  • Size: 20 in. × 20 in. × 1.8 in. Pack of 8 pieces. Cover 22 sf.
  • Eco-friendly car park solution with natural drainage.

 4,7 Rating

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Zigzag Grass Grid is an Interlocking porous Paving System

Features & Advantages:

  • Prevents gravel migration and soil erosion.
  • Anti-Slip surface reinforcement with natural drainage.
  • Expands and contracts with the weather.
  • Allows grass to grow through and disguise the grids.
  • Provides improved water dispersion.
  • No expensive equipment needed.
  • Suitable for 44 tonnes vehicles.
  • Can be easily cut to size.
  • Quick and easy installation: 3900 ft² per hour (depending upon ground preparation).
  • Eco-friendly car park solution with natural drainage.

Geocell BaseCore Ground Grid Ground Stabilizer

Geocell BaseCore Ground Grid Ground Stabilizer review
  • Paver size: 8.4′ x 27.4′ x 2″.
  • Great for light-duty traffic areas and foot traffic.

 4,7 Rating

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Geocell BaseCore Ground Grid Ground Stabilizer

The Geocell greatly reduces erosion from weather and heavy or repetitive traffic. The perforation pattern through each cell and weld allows water to drain freely without washing out the material. The textured surface provides additional material retention. It is ideal for use in the construction of slopes and embankments prone to eroding, as well as driveways, roads, parking lots, horse paddocks and animal containment areas, trails and much more.

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How to choose permeable pavers?

Permeable pavers for the driveway are formed from heavy-duty cells, combined into modules. Individual elements of the system are connected by means of latching locks.

Functional values of the structure:

  • Strengthening the soil layer and preventing soil erosion;
  • Providing an even surface for the access road;
  • Preventing roadside damage.

The areas of use of the structure are diverse: playgrounds for children, garden paths and gardens, parking lots, and access roads.

Grid shape is selected depending on the application. Rhomboid- and honeycomb structures are considered standard and used mainly for pedestrian zones. Such gratings are designed for operation under load conditions up to 200t/sq.m.

Advantages of Lawn Grilles:

  • ease of transportation;
  • ease of installation (it is possible to assemble the lawn both manually and automatically);
  • excellent frost resistance;
  • environmental friendliness (as a rule, the main raw material is recycled polyethylene of high strength without harmful additives).

How to install Permeable Pavers?

The permeable pavers are installed out on the ground surface and fixed with anchors. The modular system has a volumetric structure, and the most popular forms of cells are rhombuses and “bee honeycomb”.

Advantages of Permeable Pavers

  • possibility to cover any irregular shape (cells can be easily divided into parts);
  • installation availability – no special equipment is required;
  • material resistance to ultraviolet;
  • simple and durable connection of modules with each other;
  • seasonal variations in temperature do not affect the performance properties;
  • the material does not contain any harmful impurities and is not toxic.

It is not recommended to use plastic modules on surfaces with complex soils, as it can reduce the life of the grating at high mechanical loads.

permeable paver installation

Tips for Use of Permeable Paver

  1. Never use homemade or improvised tools when installing. Many people may think that tile-laying professionals use too many outside tools that will be completely unnecessary after the work is done. This is true only in part. Indeed, many tools are created only for laying tiles, but the use of special hammers and other tools for paving is a pressing need. If you refuse to use such tools, paving tiles can simply give a crack and increase your installation costs.
  2. Always take a tile with a stockpile. The fact is that during the paving process there will definitely be losses, somewhere the tiles will have to be cut to fit the size. This is especially true for non-standard design projects, so always keep a reserve of tiles at hand.
  3. When cutting tiles, use a grinder. But always remember that you can avoid creating a lot of dust by simply making a cut and knocking down the rest of the tile with a special hammer.
  4. Always lay tiles with the specifics of the use in mind. For example, when laying a simple walkway, it is best to put tiles on a specially prepared cushion of a mixture of sand and gravel. If you lay tiles near the garage, it is best to prepare a concrete base for the tiles.


Permeable Pavers Installation Guide - Video

FAQs - Permeable Pavers for Driveway

❓ Do permeable pavers work?

Permeable pavers are not exactly permeable. In fact, rainwater or runoff does not filter through the pavers to the specially prepared gravel and soil beneath. Instead, when you lay out a system of permeable pavers, they have gaps between them that allow water to pass through to the various layers underneath.

❓ Why is Permeable pavement important?

Permeable pavements help reestablish a more natural hydrologic balance and reduce runoff volume by trapping and slowly releasing precipitation into the ground instead of allowing it to flow into storm drains and out to receiving waters as effluent.

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