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With an outdoor push sweeper, you can optimally clean large areas and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

An outdoor push sweepers is suitable for a variety of purposes. Most models can be used to remove dust, gravel, twigs and other dry debris from the floor, and some units can also remove wet leaves, dirt and similar debris.

In addition, some models of outdoor push sweepers can be used as snow blowers where the layer of snow is not too high.

What can a sweeper?

With the help of a sweeper, you can optimally clean large areas. But what can a sweeper do in detail? Basically, a sweeper is suitable for various purposes. Most models can be used to remove dust, gravel, twigs, and other dry dirt from the ground.

Some devices can equally remove wet leaves, mud, and similar dirt. In addition, some sweepers can be used for snow: you can use a snow sweeper to clear the ground of snow that is not too high. Sweepers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Possible areas of use include:

  • Private roads.
  • Yard and garage entrances.
  • Parking lots.
  • Sidewalks.

What Are The Types Of Outdoor Push Sweepers?

Before buying an outdoor push sweeper, it makes sense to learn more about the different types. There are manual outdoor push sweepers, petrol and battery-powered outdoor push sweepers available on the market.

There are several types of outdoor push sweepers:

Outdoor push sweepers

Manual outdoor push sweepers are manually operated to clean the roadway. It works without electricity and without fuel. Instead, you have to push the manual sweeper across the floor. Thus, a certain amount of force is required to operate such a device. Even so, an outdoor push sweeper is usually easy to operate without electricity or fuel.

The power of outdoor push sweepers is usually less than that of battery-powered and gasoline-powered sweepers. Because of this, such a device is usually not suitable for more persistent dirt, such as snow and wet leaves.

Instead, you can optimally use a manual outdoor push sweeper to remove dry dirt from the floor. If the outdoor push sweepers are operated manually, it is especially suitable for flat surfaces. You can ideally use a manual outdoor push sweeper for cleaning patios, garage entrances, and sidewalks, for example.

Gasoline outdoor push sweepers

A gasoline outdoor push sweeper is a motorized sweeper. As the name implies, such an outdoor push sweeper runs on gasoline. Accordingly, to use such a device, you need fuel. A petrol engine outdoor push sweeper has a particularly high capacity. This makes it possible to clean large areas with such a device.

Much gasoline outdoor push sweepers have a capacity of 86111ft² or more per hour. Therefore, the gasoline outdoor push sweepers are very suitable for professional use. Most models can pick up snow and wet leaves in addition to dry dirt. A gasoline outdoor push sweeper is often equipped with one or more forward and reverses gears.

Many gasoline-powered outdoor push sweepers are available with a snowblower. This means that you can partially use a gasoline-powered outdoor push sweeper as a snow removal device. However, gasoline-powered outdoor push sweepers are very heavy and significantly more expensive than manual sweepers.

Battery-powered outdoor push sweepers

A battery-powered outdoor push sweeper is an electric outdoor push sweeper that has a battery and runs on it. A battery-powered outdoor push sweeper is often more powerful than a manual outdoor push sweeper and less powerful than a gasoline-powered outdoor push sweeper. Usually, stubborn dirt can be removed with a cordless outdoor push sweeper. However, such a device is usually not designed for snow removal.

In addition, the operating time of such a machine is limited because of the battery. Operating time is often between 40 and 90 minutes. Once the battery runs out, you need to recharge it.

Depending on the size of the surface you are cleaning, you may have to interrupt your cleaning job to recharge the battery. This is why battery-powered outdoor push sweepers are not ideal for areas that are too large. Instead, a battery-powered outdoor push sweeper is designed specifically for private use.

The Best Outdoor Push Sweeper

Karcher S 4 Twin Push Sweeper

 4,9 Rating

karcher s 4 twin push sweeper


  • Sweeps up to 26,000 sq ft/hour.
  • Weighs 22 pounds.
  • Two-stage height adjustment.
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Powerful roller brush, 2 side brushes, and a sweeping width of 27inc in total, it effortlessly sweeps areas of up to 7874ft per hour. The machine transports the waste directly into the 5.3US gal lqd waste hopper. The long bristles of the side brushes ensure thorough cleanliness right to the edge. The infinitely variable push handle can be optimally adapted to the height of the respective user.

How does Karcher Commercial Manual Sweeper work?

How To Choose Outdoor Push Sweepers?

Buyer’s guide for the outdoor push sweepers

This review and guide provide information on some best outdoor push sweepers you can find.

There are quite a few manufacturers of outdoor push sweepers on the market, and the prices vary greatly. From a pure price point of view, the type of outdoor push sweepers can be priced from $166 to $1950.

The Best Outdoor Push Sweepers For The Money

Outdoor Push Sweepers For Cleaning Driveways

All our reviews are based exclusively on expert judgments or practical experience with most of the outdoor push sweepers we have tested. We strive to make our guide as independent and as detailed as possible.

Outdoor Push Sweepers In Comparison

Karcher Commercial Manual Sweeper

Karcher Commercial Manual Sweeper
  • With Dust Control.
  • Up to 2.800 sqm.
  • Lightweight and easily maneuverable.

 4,8 Rating

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Compact storage

Almost dust-free sweeping due to controlled air duct and fine dust filter. The main roller brushes easily adjustable in six positions and driven by a robust metal pinion drive. Drive via both wheels ensures equally well cleaning results in left-hand and right-hand bends. Continuously variable side brush adjustment. The Push handle can be adjusted in three positions to suit the operator and can be folded completely flat for space-saving storage. Easy to transport due to lightweight design. Push sweeper for simple and breezing cleaning of outdoor areas.

Ryobi 18V ONE+ Cordless Debris Sweeper

Ryobi 18V ONE+ Cordless Debris Sweeper
  • Two large (53 cm/21”) spinning brushes.
  • Quickly sweeps up large and small debris.
  • 17L capacity collector.

 4,9 Rating

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Easy control

Ryobi debris sweeper will have your workshop, garage, decking, garden, or any hard floor surface clear of debris in no time at all. No need to arduously use a broom to sweep up wood chippings and then bend over to pick them up or clog your vacuum cleaner, as the debris sweeper can devour virtually anything in its path quickly and effortlessly. The rotating brushes effectively clean along walls and edges, and the transparent tub shows how much debris has been swept. There is a conveniently located foot-actuated power switch and rear-height adjustment knob for use on various terrain levels.

Haaga Profi-line Battery Powered Triple Brush Sweeper

Haaga Profi-line Battery Powered Triple Brush Sweeper
  • 38-inches width.
  • 13.2-gallon debris container.
  • Sweeps fine, coarse dirt, wet and dry leaves.

 4,8 Rating

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Work efficiency

Haaga is a highly efficient, battery-powered, easy to operate, 38-inches width, triple brush system sweeper. The two front brushes rotate in opposite directions grabbing the debris directly in front of the sweeper while the brush roller on the bottom picks up all the fine particles, all the debris is then deposited into the large easy to empty 13.2-gallon container. With all three brushes being battery driven for up to 90 minutes sweeping into corners is far easier as the brushes are rotating even when the sweeper is not moving forward.

What should you look for when buying the outdoor push sweeper?

Sweepers are available in a variety of designs. To choose the best sweeper, various criteria should be evaluated when buying one.

When buying should pay attention to the following:

  • Prefabricated container

Dirt is collected in a prefabricated container. Consequently, its size is crucial. The larger it is, the shorter the cleaning process and the larger areas you can clean without interruption. A prefabricated container of 7.9US gal lqd to 13US gal lqd is recommended for many purposes. Sometimes even a larger container makes sense.

For some purposes, a container of less than 7.9US gal lqd is sufficient. This is especially true for small areas.

  • Sweeping width

The outdoor push sweeper width is often referred to as the working width. It is usually between 22inc and 39inc.

A typical street broom has a outdoor push sweeper width of 12inc to 16inc. The recommended sweeping width depends on the surface being cleaned. Often a width of 22inc to 28inc is sufficient.

If you want to clean larger areas, sweeping width of up to 31in may be helpful. But it should also not be too big, because this makes it much more difficult to use. If you want to clean narrow sidewalks and/or similar areas, a smaller sweeping width can be an advantage.

  • Area performance

Area performance indicates how much area you can clean with a sweeper in an hour. If you want to clean the area around your house with an outdoor push sweeper, a capacity of 16146ft² to 32292ft² per hour is usually sufficient.

If you want to use a sweeper in the professional sector, it can be helpful to increase the area capacity from 26910ft² to 86111ft² per hour, as made possible by gasoline sweepers.

Outdoor push sweepers sometimes have even larger coverage areas (up to 107639ft² per hour). Self-propelled outdoor push sweepers can treat areas from 161459ft² per hour or more.

The coverage area of a outdoor push sweepers broom is 1507ft² to 1615ft² per hour.

  • Weight

Handheld outdoor push sweepers are the lightest, with some weighing less than 22lb. The low weight is especially handy if you have to carry the sweeper often.

Cordless outdoor push sweepers are a little heavier because of the battery. Gasoline outdoor push sweepers are especially heavy. For many models, it ranges from 154lb to 220lb.

  • Push handle

It is important that the push handle is adjustable. In this case, you can adjust the height of the bracket. This way you will protect your back when working with the machine.

It would also be handy if the push handle could be folded down so that you can place the unit in a space-saving manner.

  • Snowblower

Gasoline-powered outdoor push sweepers often come equipped with a snowblower. This allows you to turn the outdoor push sweepers into a snow shovel. Therefore, an outdoor push sweeper with a snowblower can also be used in deep snow.

7 tips for floor cleaning with the sweeper

If you want to clean roadways, terraces, courtyard entrances, and/or other surfaces with a sweeper, you should pay attention to various aspects. In the following, we explain seven tips that can make it easier for you to use a sweeper and ensure greater safety:

  1. Depending on how powerful the sweeper is, you should make a few preparations before the cleaning process. In some cases, it is advisable to pre-treat stubborn dirt and loosen it up, for example. In some cases, it is advisable to remove large debris in advance, which would hinder the cleaning process with the sweeper.
  2. If you use a less powerful sweeper, it is usually not intended for wet contamination. Therefore, when using such a sweeper, make sure that the area to be cleaned is dry. This is because low-powered sweepers have a hard time picking up wet dirt.
  3. Look around before you start the sweeper. The area should be clean. When starting, it is possible for debris, such as small rocks, to become a ricochet and injure someone or damage surrounding objects. Especially if you use a sweeper with a higher power, you should make sure that the surrounding area is free of dirt.
  4. It is recommended not to make too many turns with the sweeper. In particular, a sharp turn can ensure that the machine does not pick up the dirt. It is best to drive long and straight lines. If you have to turn around, you should take a big curve.
  5. If there are leaves and/or other debris on the front brushes, you should only do brush cleaning provided the brushes stop rotating and come to a complete stop.
  6. It is best to wear safety glasses while cleaning. These will protect your eyes from swirling debris as well as ricochets. If you do not wear safety glasses, the dirt may get into your eyes and damage the cornea.
  7. When using a hand sweeper, pay attention to the speed. This should be neither too high nor too low. If the speed is too low, the brushes will rotate too slowly, preventing the machine from picking up dirt. If you move too fast, the dirt will be swirled up and also not be picked up by the machine.

Outdoor Push Sweepers Price:


Under 200$

  • Karcher S 4 Twin Push Sweeper

Under 900$

  • Shop-Vac Industrial Push Sweep

Under 2000$

  • Karcher Commercial Manual Sweeper
  • Haaga Profi-line Battery Powered Triple Brush Sweeper


Cleaning your garden or the yard of your house from fallen leaves and debris with a conventional rake is a very time-consuming and labor-intensive job. Modern outdoor sweepers for cleaning the driveway will help to cope with this task in the shortest possible time, and after the initial investment, they become very cost-effective. Plus, they are easy enough to operate.

Some outdoor roadway sweepers initially come with a large trash collection tank. The larger the tank for trash, the less you will need to release later, so you need to keep this in mind if you have a fairly large area.

Outdoor driveway sweepers are great for picking up grass clippings, branches, dirt, and small debris from sidewalks, outdoor driveways, as well as picking up sawdust and debris from garages and workshops.

FAQs- Outdoor Push Sweepers For Cleaning Driveways

✅ For which floors are outdoor push sweepers suitable?

Most outdoor push sweepers are especially suitable for dry and level surfaces. If you want to clean wet and/or uneven surfaces, you should look for a quality model with high performance. These models are mainly designed to remove wet leaves and snow. In some cases, you can use the more powerful and high-quality models as outdoor push sweepers to clean cobblestone driveways and other uneven surfaces.

✅ How do you clean outdoor push sweepers?

Sometimes you need to clean outdoor push sweepers to clean your driveway. Occasionally, for example, you need to clean the roller brushes and side brushes. To do this, remove the side brush and soak it in a warm water bath. After that, you can easily remove the dirt.

Alternatively, you can clean the rollers and brushes under a strong stream of water. You can remove coarse dirt by hand beforehand. You should also empty the collection container regularly. It is best to rinse it with a small amount of water from time to time.

✅ Can outdoor push sweepers be used to clean driveways indoors?

Yes, of course. But you probably don’t want to use outdoor push sweepers to clean driveways on most residential floors, such as hardwood or carpet. That’s because the bristles are stiff enough to be designed for tougher sweeping jobs.

Outdoor push sweepers are mainly used to clean large areas outdoors, such as garages, driveways, sidewalks, patios, pool decks, asphalt areas, basketball courts.

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