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Lawn Care Tips

A well-kept lawn is the pride of every gardener. Regular lawn mowing is also part of proper lawn care. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when mowing the lawn, and small mistakes can have big consequences. Mowing the lawn “like the pros” is not complicated. We tell you what is important when mowing the lawn and what you should pay attention to. This is how your lawn will become and remain healthy, dense, and green.

Lawn care is important to keep the lawn in optimal condition. Proper lawn care includes regular mowing, fertilizing, watering, weed removal and dethatching of the lawn.

Proper lawn care keeps the lawn green, healthy, uniform, and visually appealing. It also prevents weeds that could otherwise crowd out the grass and overgrow the lawn.

In order to mow the lawn successfully, you should be informed about the best way to mow the lawn. There are a number of things to consider before you start mowing.
In the following, we would like to inform you about everything concerning lawn mowing. You will not only learn when and how the lawn should be mowed but also what methods there are and what you should definitely keep in mind when mowing the lawn.

Why does the lawn need to be mowed?

Mowing the lawn is a key part of lawn care. In addition, there may be certain lawn care regulations from the local municipality that require you to mow your lawn on a regular basis.

Here’s how mowing your lawn benefits you and your lawn:

  • The lawn becomes denser
  • Weeds are prevented
  • The lawn looks uniform and well-groomed
  • Lawn can be better used as a subsoil

While lawn mowing is considered laborious and time-consuming, it should still be done regularly. Especially if you want your lawn to look nice and green, you can’t avoid mowing the lawn.

Lawn mowing should be an integral part of garden maintenance.

Mowing the lawn tips

ABCs of lawn mowing

When should I mow the lawn?

The ideal time to mow the lawn is in the afternoon. The blades of grass should not be wet and should have been set up so that the cut is even.

The lawn should not be mowed when it is raining or very hot.

Rain makes the ground soft, so the lawnmower presses harder into the ground. Not only will the lawn be cut unevenly, but the lawnmower can be damaged. In the heat, lawn mowing should be avoided, because short grass is less able to withstand the sun and dryness. In the heat, it is better not to cut the grass too short. In addition to providing good growth conditions for grasses, irrigation also contributes to optimal quality for the game.

How often should I mow the lawn?

The lawn should be mowed regularly. However, too frequent mowing harms the lawn because the grasses cannot recover between cutting.
Also, the frequency of mowing depends on the type of lawn. An ornamental lawn will be mowed more often than a herbaceous lawn. Here is a brief overview of this:

Type Frequency
Ornamental lawn 2 times per week
Utility lawn 1 time per week
Shade lawn 1 time per week
Herbaceous turf 6 to 10 times per year

Mowing the lawn hurts the grass. The plants should be allowed to recover between mowing.

What can I use to mow the lawn?

There is a wide variety of equipment and tools that can be used to mow lawns. Whether you choose an electric lawn mower or mow the lawn by hand is up to you. Recently, however, there are many electric and battery-powered devices that make mowing the lawn easier. Even programmable robotic mowers can be purchased that cut the lawn all by themselves.

We would like to present the most typical devices for mowing the lawn below:


The lawnmower is the classic device used for cutting the lawn. Also, several types of the lawnmower have developed and there is a wide range of products on the market. In addition to the classic electric-powered lawn mower, there are also cordless lawn mowers or gasoline-powered lawnmowers. Reel mowers are also a popular type of lawnmower, which provides particularly precise results.

Best 4-Wheel Drive – Self Propelled Lawn Mowers

All of these lawnmowers are guided or driven over the grass. The lawn is shortened by rotating lawnmower blades. You should pay attention to the quality of the blades. The speed of the blade movement can also determine the effectiveness of the mower.

Robot mower

The robotic mower is a modern lawnmower that independently walks the lawn and cuts the grass. These devices are pre-programmed to the correct cutting height, area, and also mowing strips. Robotic mowers have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, not all devices can be used on all lawns.

Furthermore, the robots cannot judge how short the grass should be. Also, foreign objects such as branches on the lawn can interfere with the robotic mower. Nevertheless, a robotic mower is a helpful device in the garden, as it does not need to be operated all the time itself. Ideally, the robot will do the mowing work by itself, which can save a lot of time and energy.

By hand

Should you want to mow the lawn by hand, and not reach for a heavy lawnmower, there are a number of options for this as well. In addition to manual scythes or shears, there are also electric devices that are guided by hand and can shorten the lawn. These include lawn trimmers or electric scythes. These devices or tools should fit well in the hand and not be too heavy to make the job easier. They can be controlled more selectively, but the cut is often more irregular.

Mulching mower

A special type of lawn mower that is becoming increasingly popular is the mulching mower.

Best Mulching Mower

While most lawn mowers collect grass clippings in a container or bag, the mulching mower scatters the grass clippings onto the lawn. There, they serve as a source of nutrients and are an ideal fertilizer supplement. Mulch mowers come in a wide variety of forms. Similar to the classic lawnmower, they can be equipped with a battery, and mulching robots can also be found.

What is the right cutting height for the lawn?

Theoretically, you can determine the right cutting height for the lawn yourself. In general, however, the best height is about 1.5 to 2″.
Nevertheless, there are cases when a different cutting height for a lawn is appropriate. A utility lawn should have a different height than an ornamental lawn.

Type Cutting height
ornamental lawn 0.5 to 1″
Utility lawn  1 to 1.5″
Shade lawn 1.5 to 2″
Herbaceous lawn 2 to 4″

So, the lawn should not be cut too short so that the lawn grass is not harmed. Also, the lawn should not be damaged so that the grass can grow back. Also, since grass relies on the grass blade to photosynthesize, the entire grass blade should never be removed.

At a height of 1.5 to 2″, the grass leaves cast enough shade to prevent weeds from germinating.

In what weather should I mow the lawn?

The lawn should not be mowed during and shortly after the rain. The water should seep into the ground and the soil should be dry.
If the ground is too soft, the tracks of the lawnmower will sink into the wet ground and push deeper into the wetness. The lawn takes longer to recover and the blades of grass stand up a lot slower. In addition, moisture can damage the lawnmower. Lawnmowers can warp or be affected by moisture.

Before you mow the lawn, you should wait for suitable weather. Make sure the lawn is not parched and the soil is not too wet.

What do I need to keep in mind when mowing the lawn?

In order to successfully mow the lawn, there are some tips you should follow. We have summarized them below:

  • Remove twigs and fallen leaves from the lawn.
  • Maintain a uniform cutting height
  • Leave at least one-third of the blade length
  • Follow the mowing line
  • Do not mow when it is raining or the ground is wet
  • Mow less often in hot weather
  • Reuse grass clippings

What are the regulations for mowing the lawn?

There can be different regulations for mowing the lawn. It is best to find out what the local regulations are.
If your employer or tenant has specific rules about lawn mowing, you must follow them. When using lawnmowers or other noisy equipment to mow the lawn, they can only be used within the permitted hours.

Mowing the lawn: how to do it right

Now that you’re well informed on everything about lawns and mowing lawns, we’d like to give you a few tips on how to mow the lawn the right way.

To keep your lawn looking beautiful, green, and healthy, there are a few tips you should follow when it comes to practical lawn mowing. We’ll tell you at what time you should mow the lawn, what the one-third rule says, and what you should do with the grass clippings.

Timing and preparation

If the lawn is to be mowed, the right time is important. This will not only make the cut successful but also allow the grass to recover well. The weather, as already mentioned, should not be rainy or too hot. The best time for mowing is the afternoon, however, the grass can be mowed at other times, provided that the grass has straightened up and does not get too wet.

Determine and set the cutting height

Depending on what type of lawn it is, the cutting height is set differently. In an earlier section, we already discussed the cutting heights of different types of lawns. The ideal cutting height for lawns is about 1.5 to 2″. Of course, your individual ideas also play a role, and you can cut the lawn as short as you like. Once you have determined the cutting height, you can adjust it on the mower. Also, follow the one-third rule so as not to cut too much grass off your lawn.

The One-Third Rule

The one-third rule is a guide for gardeners to determine the ideal height of cut for the lawn. Also, the frequency of mowing is affected by this rule.

The one-third rule states that regardless of the current height of the lawn and the targeted cutting height, only one-third of the blade of grass can be cut each time it is mowed.

In practical application, this means that a lawn that should be cut to 1.5″ should only be mowed when the grass is 2.4″ high. Also, if the lawn is 4″ tall, only a third (in this case about 1.2″) should be cut off each time it is mowed. So, to bring this lawn to 4cm height, it should be mowed in several steps, removing about a third at a time.

Observe mowing paths

The lawn should not be mowed in a crisscross pattern, but in paths that always remain the same. This not only gives you an overview of which areas you have already mowed but also makes the cut more even and faster.

Depending on the shape and surface condition of your lawn, different patterns will be suitable for you. The lawn does not necessarily have to be mowed in straight lines, there are also other mowing patterns. You should determine the right mowing pattern for your lawn. It is impossible to say in general which pattern is the right one for you. Of course, you can try several mowing patterns to find out which one works best for you.

Reuse grass clippings

Some mowers collect grass clippings, while others leave them on the lawn. However, the clippings, should they be on the lawn, should be removed.

Grass clippings can be reused in the following ways:

  • Compost
  • Mulch
  • Fertilizer supplement

The grass clippings can be composted. It is rich in nutrients and can create valuable compost with other plant residues. Grass clippings can also serve as a mulch cover. It can add nutrients and prevent weeds. Complementary to fertilizer, grass clippings can work on the lawn. The nutrients are returned to the soil, which has a positive effect on the grass.

Fertilizing and reseeding

In the last step, you should fertilize and resee the lawn if necessary. The added nutrients will help the lawn recover more quickly, and the new seeds will germinate faster as well. Be sure to use high-quality lawn seed. Inferior lawn seeds often contain seeds of various weeds in addition to the lawn grasses, which could thrive faster in fertile soil and good conditions and crowd out the grass. When fertilizing, be sure to use an organic fertilizer that is environmentally friendly. Compost or mulch are also suitable for fertilizing the lawn.

Trivia: What else you should know about mowing lawns

Mowing the lawn after weed killer

If you have used weed killer on your lawn, you should wait to mow it. It is especially important not to mow your lawn before using the product. Weedkiller is a herbicide that works through the leaves. Thus, it is more effective if there is a larger (leaf) area that can absorb the agent.

The weed killer has no effect on the lawn grass but on most weeds. However, if the weeds are cut short, the effect of the herbicide is also reduced. Therefore, you should not mow the lawn before and after the weed killer. Wait a few days before mowing the lawn again, and even then do not cut it too short.

How to mow the lawn before and after the winter?

The lawn should be brought to the correct cutting height before the first night frost. The mowing season is from March to November, and often the last mowing of the year is too early, not too late. In the spring, the grass can be mowed as soon as it has recovered from the winter. You’ll notice this when the grass starts to rise again and gain height. However, do not mow the lawn too short in the beginning to help it grow.

How do I mow the lawn after the vacation?

When you return home after a vacation and the lawn has not been mowed for a long time, it will naturally have grown taller. However, you should refrain from cutting the lawn too short before or after you go away. Mow the lawn as you normally would. Also, be sure to maintain the lawn properly and remove weeds as soon as possible.

Mowing Tips For Beginners – Video

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