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Even though electronic mail is now outstripping conventional mail, important information is still sent by traditional means.

Whether bank information, tax assessment notices or love letters – the good old letter is far from being obsolete. Everyone needs a mailbox.

So if you don’t have a mailbox because you just finished building your house, you should get one quickly.

How to choose mailbox posts

If you usually receive a lot of mail per day, then you should buy a floor-standing mailbox that has a particularly high filling volume. If you are looking for a very sturdy model, then you should get a standing mailbox made of stainless steel. Ideally, a floor-standing mailbox comes with a nameplate. If this is not the case, then you must order this separately. If you are looking for a letterbox with a house number, you will have to order it separately from the manufacturer, as well as the nameplate.

Types of mailboxes

A big difference between different mailboxes is the location and mounting. In principle, a letterbox test winner can come from any category. Which type survives your personal mailbox test also depends on the conditions at your home.

Type of mailbox Description
Single-sided house/fence mailbox This is a simple house mailbox, which is mounted on a fence or the wall of the house. The mailbox is opened on the same side where the insertion slot is.
Two-sided house/fence mailbox This type of mailbox is also a model for wall mounting or fence mounting. However, the mail is removed from the back. If the model is permanently mounted on the house wall, the removal flap can even be opened from the inside.
Free-standing letterbox These mailboxes are not permanently mounted but are located on a stand. They can be flexibly placed where it makes sense. They are usually open on the insertion side.


If you want to buy a mailbox, questions may arise that have not even occurred to you before. After all, mailboxes are one of those everyday objects that we rarely think about in-depth.

How should you place a mailbox?

The question arises especially when a mailbox is free-standing. In the case of a wall-mounted mailbox, the placement is usually self-evident. A freestanding mailbox should be placed in such a way that both you and the letter carrier can reach it easily. It should also be protected from the weather as much as possible. In addition, you should place the mailbox so that you can see it from the house. Then it will not be so easy for unauthorized persons to tamper with

Mailbox Post - The Best Choice

Gibraltar Mailboxes Mailbox Post

 4,9 Rating

Gibraltar Mailboxes Landover Aluminum Black, Mailbox Post


  • It is constructed from durable, aluminum.
  • Supports up to 60 lbs.
  • Protects against weathering.
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The Landover post is constructed of extruded aluminum to resist rusting and provide an extended service life, and is finished in a stunning glossy black paint that will elicit many compliments. The decorative post and finial, with a wide steel crossarm, give the Landover a unique and inviting design that helps enhance any landscape. The post will accommodate a range of medium-sized, large or extra-large mailboxes. It is designed to fit over a 4×4 wood post (sold separately).

Classic All-in-One Mailbox Product Assembly Instructions – Video

Important aspects when buying mailbox posts

Buyer’s guide for the mailbox posts

This review and guide provide information on the best mailbox posts you can find.

There are quite a few manufacturers of mailbox posts on the market, and the prices vary greatly. From a pure price point of view, the type of mailbox posts can be priced from $80 to $200.

Mailbox posts for the money

mailbox posts test

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All our reviews are based exclusively on expert judgments or practical experience with most of the mailbox posts we have tested. We strive to make our guide as independent and as detailed as possible.

Mailbox posts in comparison

Polar Aurora Mailbox

Polar Aurora Mailbox
  • Material: cast aluminum and cast iron.
  • Locking the access door with 2 keys keeps mail safe.
  • Simple assemble.

 4,8 Rating

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Elegance stylish retro appearance

This mailbox combines architecture and modern-day functionality. It features a historic design, a locking door, and an adjustable mail flap. Made of heavy-duty cast aluminum in lightweight construction, this elegant and secure mailbox is made for all seasons and will not rust.

Simplay3 Dig-Free Easy Up Classic Mailbox

  • Patent-pending unique design allows above-ground installation.
  • Easy to assemble and install.
  • Heavy-duty, durable, double-wall molded construction.

 4,9 Rating

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The patent-pending dig-free easy up classic mailbox

Patent-pending unique design allows above-ground installation – no digging or below-ground post required! Just level the surface, assemble the mailbox and post combination, fill the base with sand, and set it in place. Super durable, double-wall construction is maintenance-free and will last for years. Address numbers included. Holds over 100lbs of sand.

Zippity Outdoor Products Mailbox Post

Zippity Outdoor Products Mailbox Post
  • Crafted from premium weather-resistant vinyl.
  • Virtually maintenance-free.
  • Won’t crack, warp, yellow, splinter, or rot.

 4,8 Rating

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Upscale vinyl mailbox post

Crafted from premium grade vinyl with UV inhibitors, this mailbox post is maintenance-free. The architectural caps and base moldings give special attention to detail, including a newspaper holder that is both practical and attractive. Forget digging holes and pouring concrete to install. This kit comes with a steel no-dig pipe anchor to make installation easy and clean. Simply drive the steel pipe anchor into the ground with a small sledgehammer. Mailbox sold separately.

What to look for when choosing a mailbox

The rule of thumb is simple: the more mail you receive, the larger the mailbox should be. Especially if several people live in one household, the daily amount of mail including advertising can be quite large. While mailboxes with a volume of 14 to 21 liters are sufficient for one or two people, families with more members or many newspaper subscriptions need between 35 and 70 liters. For companies, mailboxes with a volume of over 100 liters are offered.

Mailbox capacity

Mailboxes are loyal companions that defy wind and weather. They should be correspondingly robust. However, the question of material is also always a question of appearance. Stainless steel mailboxes are very popular. The material does not scratch easily and is also corrosion-resistant. Therefore, a stainless steel mailbox as a free-standing model is ideal if the box is not protected. However, those who prefer an antique mailbox will probably prefer to choose a cast iron model instead of a stainless steel freestanding mailbox. This material is also durable and weather-resistant. If you want to buy a cheap mailbox, you can resort to steel. However, if this is not galvanized, rust will quickly form. Also inexpensive, but a little more weatherproof is plastic.

Keep your letter secret

A mailbox that has what it takes to be a mailbox test winner must definitely have a lock. Otherwise, unauthorized people could steal important mail, such as letters from the bank with a tan list. In particular, a fence mailbox that hangs further away from the front door and free-standing mailbox stands must have good locks. Stiftung Warentest also points out that a mailbox lock is mandatory.

A mailbox must fit the house

Of course, appearance also plays a role. After all, the house mailbox in a way represents you and your style and taste. Fortunately, mailboxes come in all imaginable colors and shapes. A white mailbox is very plain and therefore often part of a mailbox system, but also delicate. A letterbox in anthracite, on the other hand, looks classy. But there are also colorful mailboxes, for example, in red, yellow, green, or combinations of several colors. It is best to choose a model that adapts to your house in terms of color and design.

Best Mailbox Posts review

How do I select and install a mailbox?

The main function of mailboxes is the temporary storage and collection of letters, notices, cards, postcards. Such models can be of different kinds and types.

These are models for incoming and outgoing correspondence.

  • Models designed for outgoing materials can usually be found at the post office. They are used to collect correspondence that does not require special processing during the mailing process.
  • Versions used for incoming letters and other informational literature. They can be installed either near the dwelling or according to the actual address of the subscriber. A prerequisite for this is the accessibility of the letter carrier.

According to the type of their use models are divided into subscriber cabinets and drawers.

  • The letterboxes are lockable and are used without reference to the location of the addressee.
  • Cabinets subscriber look like cells that are used by individuals. Such models are installed in apartment buildings, as well as at the delivery sites.

Design options

Postal designs can be divided according to the styles of execution.

They can be:

  • Traditional (standard)
  • American
  • English
  • Original

Although the models differ in design, size, and material, they share a common goal, which is to ensure the safety of information materials and their further delivery to recipients.

Classic posts

Classic models are hinged boxes of rectangular shape that have the most diverse design. They are made of metal. Typically such mailboxes can be seen in the former Soviet Union. They can be made of different materials. The dimensions of such models usually do not reach the format of A4.

Nowadays, classic models are originally designed and look very attractive. It is usually customary to install standard models on wickets and fences. Classic products are easy to use and easy to make.


American posts

Mailboxes, made in the American style, are oblong hemispherical box, installed on a pedestal made of metal, wood, or brick. Externally, such models resemble a travel bag. Many models have special flags that signal the arrival of correspondence. They have the same structure but differ in decorative design. To store a large magazine or newspaper, the mailman has to fold up the publications.

american-postsEnglish posts

Models in the English style are a freestanding structure, externally similar to a piggy bank. In Britain, it is customary to paint such models in red tones. Such products are similar to tables of round or rectangular shape, their height can be more than one meter. Install the structures on the ground, stepping back from the entrance to the territory of the site a few meters.

 English-postsThe best models

For an apartment or for a private residential house, certain models that are installed on the door, hang on the fence or gates will be more suitable.

Models for the entryway can be:

  • Multisectional or have a single drawer;
  • With windows that allow you to check the presence of letters;
  • Vertical or horizontal;
  • Beveled or straight bottoms.

Mailboxes for apartment buildings have many sections, the size of which depends on the number of apartments in the entrance. Such models, as a rule, are made of steel and painted with a coating resistant to negative factors.

Selection Criteria

When choosing a mailbox, you should take into account certain points. Factory classic standard models or design designs for a house or cottage must have a set of certain functions, which are taken into account when choosing.

The size and dimensions of the products. To postal correspondence was in good condition, without deformation and wrinkles, it is necessary to store it in roomy and reliable containers. It is important not only functionally, but also aesthetically. Considering that in a box for letters is thrown printed editions of different formats, the height of such products should be not less than 340 mm, with a width of 250 mm, with a depth of not less than 45 mm. Too large a box can be impractical, so you should think in advance about the volume of correspondence received. It is also important to consider the thickness of the material. Less durable are considered thin-walled tin models, which can be easily opened.

The material from which the product is made. Popular boxes are made of metal with a good quality coating, as well as models made of strong plastic.

Locks. The presence of locks on the mailboxes can provide reliable protection from vandals or theft

Price. The cost of products may vary, it varies depending on the material and design of the finished product.


As you know, American models are installed on a freestanding rack. For English drawers a monolithic design is used. For standard variants, certain installation methods are used.

These include:

Installing the product on the fence. In this case, cuts (2 pcs.) are made on the backside, and clamps are put through them, fixing them, tightening after aligning the product.

Installation of the box on a solid base. When installing the boxes on a metal or wooden gate, holes are made in the products, securing them to the surface with nuts and bolts.

Installation of the model on the wall. When mounting the box on the wall of the structure drill 2 holes in the wall and the model. Fixing is carried out with dowels or small anchors.

The place of attachment chosen takes into account the variety of designs.

Classic models is advisable on the street to hang on the fence of corrugated board, to attach to the aluminum gate or gate, set on the wall. Classic boxes are usually located on fences, gates, on the wall of the building. Variants on racks is better to install in the exit area of the yard. This will provide easy access to the products at any time. During installation, the container is often placed inside the building, leaving a slot outside for letters.

In this case, it is advisable to protect the slot with a special visor, add a rubber overlay, mark the inscription.

Beautiful examples

A beautiful mailbox is capable of decorating the entrance of an apartment building, to become a highlight of the territory of a private house, to complement the design of street constructions.

American, British designs or hinged European models are considered basic. As standard American models look like a tin bag. However, these products can be originally decorated, playing them in the form of a car, animal or miniature house.

Also noteworthy are models with interesting design solutions or original transformations. These may be products with forged elements or models made in a particular style, stylized for a particular exterior of the site.

For houses, fenced with a stone fence, more suitable models for correspondence, excerpted in the same style. To create a harmonious ensemble choose a suitable shade of color.

For the homestead, located in the countryside among a large number of trees and shrubs, more suitable model of wood, decorated in a rustic or country style.

For a private estate with a wrought iron fence, it is better to choose a version that repeats the patterns on the gate or wicket. Forged box in the form of a fish, for example, will point to the home of a fisherman, traveler or just a cook.

Complementing the private dacha plot will be an original design box, made from improvised materials.

One of the advantages of structures made of metal is the ability to apply any pattern on such a surface with acrylic paints.

Such a box with an address and house number will perform its main function, while such a product will act as a decoration.

Mailbox Posts Price:

Mailbox Posts Under $100

  • Gibraltar Mailboxes Mailbox Post
  • Simplay3 Dig-Free Easy Up

Mailbox Posts Under $200

  • Zippity Outdoor Products Classica Mailbox Post
  • Polar Aurora Mailbox
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