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Lawn Rake for garden work

A lawn rake is a type of rake which can handle a lot of tasks in gardens. They have proven their worth not only on uneven and overgrown surfaces, but also on heavy soils. They can be foldable or sliding, or mini variants can be found.

The main advantage of a lawn rake is versatility.

Nozzles for lawn rake themselves are divided into two types: from plates and wire. The difference can be understood from the name of each type. The first one is made of thin and narrow plate, and the second one uses thin wire. Models may vary depending on the gap between the teeth and the number of elements in the structure.

The Flexible lawn rake is a tool with a whole range of narrow plates. A special feature of lawn rake tools from conventional rakes is that the former effectively treat even uneven surfaces. During the production process, special plates are used that are spring-loaded and do not remain in the soil bumps. This tool is convenient to rake out fallen leaves in hard-to-reach places.

As for wire lawn rakes, they are usually made of wire with a large diameter, the bend of the tines is about 90 degrees. This arrangement of elements does not harm the plants during the processing, and also allows you to effectively cope with aeration of soil and garbage removal. Another advantage of wire models is that they are extremely convenient in the process of thinning the lawn, which is especially important before mowing.

what is it a lawn rake

There are several other popular types of lawn rake


With a compensator.This equipment was designed to prevent damage to the work items. In other words, such rakes have special reinforced plates that are characterized by a long service life. Usually, such tools are equipped with an aluminum handle covered with a unique anti-slip cloth. Spring steel is used to produce the working elements of this type.Plate lawn rake for 22 teeth. This option is considered one of the most popular types of lawn rake. Its design is equipped with a reinforcing element, which is made in the form of a frame plate. In addition, the teeth of the tool are painted and treated with a special anticorrosive composition.Transformers. This lawn rake is a functional garden tool that can be used for various purposes. This set consists of an aluminum cutter and various nozzles that greatly expand the functions of the tool. The working area is made of durable plastic, so the occurrence of corrosion is completely eliminated. The cutting length of such models can be adjusted, which greatly simplifies the process of working with the tool.


Materials of manufacture


Plate lawn rakes are made not only of plastic, but also of medium strength steel. Each of the materials has its own strengths, and the choice of a particular type of tool depends primarily on the tasks assigned to it.The main problem with plastic lawn nozzles for rake is that they break down very quickly, especially when used regularly. However, one should also take into account the fact that plastic variants are much more affordable than products made of steel. Therefore, if the site is not supposed to intensive agricultural work, and the rake is needed only for raking leaves, it is best to choose the option of plastic.If the area is too large and there are acorns and stones on it, then it is better to give preference to the metal model. It should be noted that there are also models in the market that successfully combine metal and plastic parts. They are functional and durable.
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