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In this article, you will find a review of Best Landscape Rakes. The most distinguishing features of Landscaping Rake are represented in this review to help you to make a good choice.

Landscape Rake – Best Choice

 4,9 Rating

Midwest 10036 Aluminum Landscape Rake

  • Features long, rounded teeth provide a smooth, non gouging raking action, while its striking edge is excellent for grading.
  • It has a solid aluminium plug in the head to handle connection.
  • Measures 66-inch length by 46-inch width by 4-inch height.
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Midwest 10036 Aluminum Landscape Rake, 36-Inch

The Midwest Rake features long rounded teeth that provide a smooth non-gouging raking action, with a striking edge for grading. Strong wrap-around bracing and heavy-duty double rib construction maximizes head stability of this rake, even under the heaviest professional use.

Landscaping Rake - Review

How to choose best landscape rake

Landscape Rake - TOP 4

  1. Structron 12102 (LR36) 36″ Head Landscape Rake.
  2. Fiskars Ergo Aluminum Garden Landscape Rake.
  3. Trigon Sports Double Play Landscape Rake.
  4. Midwest Rake 11048 48″ Head Screening Landscape Rake.
  5. Bully Tools 92311 16-Inch Level Head Rake with Fiber Glass Handle and 14 Steel Head Tines.

Pine Needles Remover Rake - Top Choice

Structron 12102 (LR36) 36" Head Landscape Rake, 66"

Structron 12102 (LR36) 36 Head Landscape Rake, 66 Yellow Fiberglass Handle review
  • Heavy-duty aluminum head and wrap-around bracing.
  • Made in USA.

 4,8 Rating

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Structron Head Landscape Rake, 66″ with Yellow Fiberglass Handle

Designed with special non-gouging rounded teeth, the Screening Rake is great for sifting stones, glass, and sticks as well as smoothing and leveling surfaces. Features 24″ or 36” aluminum head with large striking edge for pushing action.

  • 66″ fiberglass handle with cushion grip.
  • Replacement handle available (#SA20400).
  • Head size is 36″.

Fiskars Ergo Aluminum Garden Rake

Fiskars Ergo Aluminum Garden Rake
  • Loosen and level soil in the garden or remove dead grass from lawns with a durable aluminum garden rake featuring 14 hardened steel tines.
  • Softgrip handle and mid grip improve control and help insulate against the cold.

 4,7 Rating

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Fiskars Ergo Aluminum Garden Rake (60 Inch)

The Aluminum Garden Rake features 14 hardened steel tines that rip through tough soil and hardened dirt clods when you’re loosening soil for planting, leveling soil or doing a little light weeding. It’s also a great choice for ripping dead, brown patches of grass out of your lawn for reseeding. The strong aluminum handle provides excellent durability, while reducing weight for easy use. Plus, a teardrop-shaped shaft is enhanced with a Softgrip® handle and a mid grip for exceptional comfort and control.

Trigon Sports Double Play Rake

Trigon Sports Double Play Rake review
  • This innovative & versatile tool has two teeth designs.
  • Solid Construction.

 4,7 Rating

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Trigon Sports Double Play Rake, 36-Inch

All aluminum construction designed for institutional use. Durable & Lightweight with over-sized teeth for easy field grooming. Use one side to rake & the other side to level.

Midwest Rake 48" Head Screening Rake

Midwest Rake 11048 48 Head Screening Rake review
  • Heavy-duty aluminum head and wrap-around bracing.
  • Head size is 48″.

 4,7 Rating

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Midwest Rake 11048 48″ Head Screening Rake, 66″ Blue Aluminum Handle

Midwest Rake Screening Rake is specially designed for sifting, grading, and screening. It is an excellent tool when you need to sift or screen stones and debris from sand or fine soil. 66″ powder-coated aluminum handle with vinyl grip. Head size is 48″. Made in USA.

Bully Tools 92311 16-Inch Level Head Rake 60-inch

Bully Tools 92311 16-Inch Level Head Rake with Fiber Glass Handle and 14 Steel Head Tines, 60-Inch review
  • Extra thick 7 gauge steel.
  • 16 tine steel head.

 4,7 Rating

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14-tine Level Head Rake With Fiberglass Handle

The Bully Tools 14-Tine Level Head Rake with Fiberglass Handle is the ideal tool for digging deep into soil to remove various debris and to work a level grade with the flat edge. It is constructed from a heavy duty 7-gauge 100% Made In The USA steel, which is up to 30% more durable than foreign competitors, a handle made from high quality fiberglass and coated in a polyester veil to prevent splintering and increase strength, and a rubber grip to provide maximum comfort and to decrease hand fatigue through extended use.

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Land plot alignment

Land plot leveling is one of the important stages of land improvement.A land plot will need to be leveled in the following cases:

  • If the land plot has a lot of stumps that require rooting.
  • When a slope in one of the sides is marked.
  • If part of the site is marshy.
  • Presence of potholes and bumps, land embankments, unevenness of the canvas.
  • In the arrangement of lawns, gardens, if necessary construction.

When it is better to level the area?


Spring is the optimal time to perform alignment of the area. The temperature should be at least 0 degrees below zero (Celsius), held on it for at least one week. The period when it is important to settle your land plot, lasts until mid-autumn.

Optimum time of land arrangement:


  • Under the garden – in April.
  • Under the garden – better to prepare in September-October with the next season.
  • For construction – here will suit any season, the main thing – to be warm weather.

How to choose a landscape rake?

The choice of working tool depends on how quickly and qualitatively the work is done, the degree of fatigue, and the comfort of use. After working with one rake, you see an excellent result, almost do not feel fatigued, while the others give you calluses on your hands, and the area looks untouched, as a result, you are tired, and the work remained undone.

How do you know if a rake will be comfortable for you?

Maybe you didn’t know, but choosing the right tool height for your height is like riding a bicycle if you are given the same bicycle, but one time the seat is raised too high and the next time the seat is adjusted to your height, how will you be more comfortable to ride? That’s right if it’s the right size for your height, it’s more comfortable to use. The optimal height of the rake set vertically should reach your armpits.

The second important nuance is weight. Take the rake and see if it is heavy for you. If you are a sturdy man and the rake seems light to you, it might weigh quite a bit to a woman’s hand. The heavier the tool, the harder it is to work with.

What should the rake be made of?

A great helper for all toilers – gardeners, vegetable growers, gardeners, and farmers, they will help out at cleaning and housekeeping.

The shaft can be made of wood, metal, aluminum, plastic. The material determines the strength, weightiness of the product, and service life.

Depending on whether you choose the right type of rake or not, it will depend on whether the rake can cope with the task at hand.

Straight rake

Has smooth tines, traditionally a metal rake. A multifunctional working tool, they can pick up trash, leaves, loosen the soil, rake roots and weeds out of the beds after digging. For raking hay, dry leaves, plastic or wooden rakes of this model are suitable.

Rake with curled teeth

Similar to the previous model, but the tines are curved 180 degrees, making it the perfect tool for loosening the ground.

Aerator Rake

Based on the straight rake, the tines are sharpened and have a curve in the form of a series of small sickles. Their main task is to scrape mosses out of the lawn and furrow the ground, cutting it to a depth of up to 3 cm, thus enriching the soil with oxygen and allowing water to penetrate faster.

Lawn rakes

Rake is distinguished by the thinnest tines, which are lined up in a dense row. There is a special stop at the top that holds the collected hay or grass, not allowing it to fall over the crossbar when raking. The rake is made of plastic or metal.

Fan rake

These have thin, flat tines or round metal wires. They get their name because of their resemblance to a fan, both in shape and method of folding. They are easy to rake debris with, they easily pass between the grass. Not suitable for heavy loads.

How to use a rake?

When using a rake, remember the basic rules of safety. Make sure there’s nobody behind you. Don’t leave your rake with the tines up. It’s not for nothing that the folk wisdom warns “don’t step on the rake. If you follow the simple rules, the process of work will only be a pleasure.

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