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Rake for garden work

Landscape rake is also called beach rake, gravel or leveling.

Landscape rake material

Landscape rakes are one of the most frequently used types of rakes. The rake consists of two parts. And their material can be metal or plastic. The stronger the material, the harder it can be used on harder surfaces.


The most common types of landscape rakes


Why do you need a landscape rake?Landscape rakes, as a rule, are used to level the ground cover on a site. Or to collect stones and other superfluous objects on the plot. The best of them are strong enough to be used for a wide range of tasks and coverings.

Options for using a landscape rake:


1. Ground leveling and sorting

Now that your garden has been dug out, you must level it and remove all stones, roots, weeds and other debris. A rake is also used to level the soil and prepare it for planting.

A rake is good to use when designing access roads or lanes in your garden. Rake is well-used for leveling the soil, to improve drainage. A good strong rake can also be used to break up clods of dirt.

2. Removal of debris

Landscape rake will help to remove garbage from the site. Well clear the ground from the fallen branches, pine needles, torn out weed.

3. Distribution of mulch and compost

An excellent way to level out mulch or compost with a wide landscape rake.
Most gardeners use a lot of compost – it is their gardens and the wide rake head of this type helps to move and distribute the compost easily.

You can also use strong tines to dig out the compost into the soil and mix it all into one top layer.

4. Help you create access roads and garden paths

The strength of the metal landscape rake will cope well with the gravel or stones in the driveways to the house.

5. Clearing the coastline of debris and algae

Landscape rakes will clean the sand on the coastline from unnecessary algae and debris. A special rake head leaves a beautiful mark on the sand.


Landscape Rake Attachments for Tractor


A landscape rake for a tractor is an attachment that fits at the back of the tractor and is equipped with curved tines at the bottom. There are also lightweight types of landscape rake that can be attached to lawnmowers or small tractors.Large landscape rake tines for tractors are best for digging dirt and pulling any underlying debris to the top of the soil. The purpose of the landscape rake is to clean the ground, but the way it does this is something unique.The landscape rake digs approximately 2 inches under the soil surface, pulling up roots, reeds, stones, and other debris while allowing the soil to remain in place due to the distance between the rakes.

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