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In this article, you will find a review of Best Landscape Rakes for Tractor. The most distinguishing features of Best Landscape Rakes for Tractor are represented in this review to help you to make a good choice.

Landscape Rake for Tractor, ATV/UTV – Best Choice

 4,9 Rating

Field Tuff FTF-60PSR3PT Pine Straw Rake

  • Covers a working width of 60.
  • Designed with coiled springs for better spring action.
  • 1 Year limited manufacturer’s parts Warranty.
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Field Tuff Landscape Rake attachment for Tractor

Pine straw rake covers a working width of 60″ to help you cover a lot of ground at once. The rake contains 26, .33″ spring steel tines for optimal performance, durability, & reliability. It attaches directly to your category 1, 3 pt. Hitch for convenient use. Designed with coiled springs for better spring action. Constructed of durable steel with a powder-coat paint finish to resist corrosion, this rake is long-lasting. Quickly & effectively rake pine needles/straw, leaves, grass, & debris with the pine straw rake.

Landscape Rake for Garden Tractor - Review

Best attachments for tractor

Landscape Rake for Compact Tractors - TOP 4

  1. Titan Attachments 4 FT Landscape Rake for Compact Tractors.
  2. Kolpin 60-Inch Landscape Rake.
  3. Black Boar ATV/UTV Landscape Rake
  4. Agri-Fab 45-0366 Ground-Engaging Attachment Sleeve Hitch GT Rock Rake

Landscaping Rake for Tractor - Top Choice

Titan Attachments 4 FT Landscape Rake for Compact Tractors

Titan Attachments 6 FT Landscape Rake for Compact Tractors review
  • Perfect for clearing sites.
  • Heattreated and replaceable tines.

 4,8 Rating

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Titan Landscape Rake for Tractor

The Titan Attachments 6-foot landscaping rake is perfect for clearing rocks and debris or for seeding and general maintenance around the yard, farm, or park. This Titan Landscape Rake is an excellent gardening tool, landscaper, and grass comb. You can even use it as an arena drag if you need to smooth out a dirt surface. It’s much more efficient than traditional hand tools and leaf rakes. Additionally, the rake swivels 360-degrees, which allows for angled or reverse settings.

Kolpin 60-Inch Landscape Rake

Kolpin 60-Inch Landscape Rake review
  • 5-position angling provides more customized results.
  • 21 individual 1-5/16” hardened landscape rake tines.

 4,7 Rating

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Kolpin 60-Inch Landscape Rake – LSR60

Kolpin’s Dirtworks 60″ Landscape Rake for your ATV, UTV or SxS. This implement has 5 position angling for customized results. Used to clear trails, groom horse corrals, rake the beach or maintain your gravel driveway.

  • Heavy-duty steel, black powder coated rake.
  • Requires either the 48” or 60” Accessory Tool Bar and Kolpin® 3-point hitch (sold separately).
  • 60” total width.

Black Boar ATV/UTV Landscape Rake

MotoAlliance Impact Implements Pro Landscape Rake review
  • Tines are removable.
  • Superior range of motion without having to move pins or manually drop the hitch.

 4,7 Rating

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Black Boar ATV Landscape Rake Implement

The Black Boar Landscaping Rake is designed for clearing trails and raking debris. The super-rigid design utilizes the entire length of the rake, meaning debris won’t gather in the center or bow out the sides. Each tine is removable, so you can adjust the coarseness of the rake. Fewer tines are better for heavy debris, while using all the tines would be good for lighter debris.

  • The parallel linkage design maintains proper implement angle as it is lowered
  • Superior range of motion
  • Steel construction

Agri-Fab Tine Tow Dethatcher

Agri-fab Tine Tow Dethatcher
  • Tine length: 20-3/16″.
  • 40 in. weight tray included with the lawn dethatcher holds up to seventy pounds for deeper and improved thatch removal

 4,7 Rating

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40″ Tow Behind Lawn Dethatcher

Simple, one-step dethatcher will make the soil more accessible to air, water, and sunlight and actually help your grass get thicker and fill in the thin parts. Revive your grass with an Agri-Fab 40″ Tine Dethatcher.
  • Assembled lawn dethatcher dimension: 41 in. W x 40 in. D x 41 in. H.
  • Twenty heat-treated spring tines provide durability.

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Types of tractor rake

  • hydraulic;
  • trailers;
  • hinges.

Each of the listed models has its own design features. Thus, it is possible to select the right equipment and use it with maximum efficiency.

How to choose the right tractor rake

There are several points to consider when choosing a tractor rake.
First, suitable equipment should be selected from the traction classes, designed for mini-tractors or similar equipment. For example, if the owner uses heavy equipment, it is better to choose the wide-capacity equipment. Thus, it is possible to increase the level of efficiency.

Secondly, all models differ in design features. They are designed for a certain type of activity. If you make the right choice of model, the productivity of the work can be maximized.

It is important to consider such moments: in spite of all advantages of a certain type of equipment, its choice should be made taking into account a certain range of tasks that the equipment should perform.

Black Boar Landscaping Rake: Assembly and Installation - Video

FAQ - Landscape Rake for Tractor

❓ What are the different types of tractor rakes on the market?

Transverse tractor rake, mulching sweeper rake, dethatcher rake.

❓ What is a tractor rake used for?

Rakes can be used to remove stones, roots, debris and leaves, spread topsoil quickly and evenly, spread base material, grade, level, pulverize and mulch.

❓ What is a 3 point landscape rake used for?

Landscape Rake is ideal for grading, leveling, spreading, and removing stones from lawns. It’s designed with a 3-point hitch which fits category 1 pins.

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