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With the right laminate flooring cutter you can cut and install laminate flooring yourself in a short period of time, without connection to the power grid or noise. Even an inexperienced enthusiast can do this job.

Laminate cutters are quite convenient and easy to use, durable, and worth their money, especially if you are going to install laminate with your own hands.

The Best Cutter for Laminate Floor

EAB Tool Exchange-a-Blade Laminate Flooring Cutter

 4,9 Rating


  • For solid wood and engineered flooring up to 0.59in (5/8″).
  • Cut vinyl tile and fiber cement siding.
  • Angle gauge allows for cuts up to 45 degrees.
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Cuts laminate flooring, wood flooring, and engineered flooring up to 15 mm (5/8″), vinyl tile, pressboard siding, and fiber cement siding. Precision cuts with no splintering or chipping. Angle gauge included. Installation kit with tapping block, pull bar, spacers, and honing stone included. The quiet dust-free operation, no electricity required.

How To Work Norske Laminate Flooring and Siding Cutter?

How To Choose Laminate Floor Cutter?

Buyer’s guide for the laminate floor cutter

This review and guide provide information on some best laminate floor cutter you can find.

There are quite a few manufacturers of laminate floor cutter on the market, and the prices vary greatly. From a pure price point of view, the type of laminate floor cutter can be priced from $104 to $240.

The Best Laminate Floor Cutter For The Money

Laminate Floor Cutter

All our reviews are based exclusively on expert judgments or practical experience with most of the laminate floor cutter we have tested. We strive to make our guide as independent and as detailed as possible.

Laminate Floor Cutters in Comparison

Norske Tools Laminate Flooring and Siding Cutter

  • 13″ cutting capacity.
  • Sturdy high-quality steel and aluminum construction.
  • Extended handle for increased leverage.

 4,8 Rating

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Cutting adjustment up to 45 degrees

Clean & precise cuts with no splintering and smooth finish. Cuts a variety of materials Including HardiePlank, Cemplank, Engineered wood, laminate flooring, vinyl siding. Adjustable from 0˚ to 45˚.

Bullet Tools Siding and Laminate Flooring Cutter

  • Cut materials up to 9 inches in width.
  • Dust-free, quiet operation, no electricity.
  • No assembly required.

 4,9 Rating

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Cutting maximum material thickness

The functional design prevents airborne dust in your workspace and frees you from the hassle of electrical cords. Maximum thickness for all materials: 9/16″ (0.55in).

Roberts Multi-Floor Cutter

  • Movable guide allows 45-degree angle cuts.
  • Replaceable tungsten-steel blade.
  • Long handle.

 4,8 Rating

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Cutter for all floor coverings

Multi flooring guillotine-style cutters are manufactured to cut precise, clean-edges on all types of flooring materials. They are ideal for cutting laminate, engineered wood flooring, LVT, and WPC flooring. The large cutting table stabilizes longer planks while the long handle provides extra leverage for additional cutting power.

What Are The Types Of Laminate Cutter?

Installing laminate flooring is easy, and with the right laminate cutter, it’s even easier. There are two categories of laminate flooring cutters available: models with a squeeze blade and models with a cutter blade.

There are several types of laminate floor cutter:

  • The laminate cutter with a squeeze blade.

Cheap laminate cutters have a squeeze blade. This will cut a strip out of the panels when you push the handle down. They give a straight but completely worn cut edge. The baseboard will have to cover this up later.

  • A laminate cutter with a cutting blade.

Professional laminate cutters have a sharp blade. It cuts the laminate cleanly and in one go. The edges are very straight. Models with cutting blades are completely different: the result is very smooth edges.

With the more expensive laminate knives with cutting blades, you can set the angle to 45° with an accuracy of one degree. If you want to buy such a laminate cutter, you will have to spend more money.

With laminate or vinyl that is only 0.24in or 0.31in thick, the laminate cutter does a very good job. Otherwise, an electric saw should be used.

Do not risk cutting too thick material. The handle of the laminate cutter can break on a laminate that is 0.47in thick.


How do I assemble my laminate floor cutter?

While some laminate cutters come fully assembled, others require you to briefly apply pliers and tighten a few screws. But don’t worry: you shouldn’t have to be busy for more than a quarter of an hour.

However, it is important that you have the right tool at the ready. Having the right tools on hand to assemble your laminate cutter will make tool assembly easier. A Phillips screwdriver, socket wrench, and open-end wrench are often needed. Once the laminate cutter is assembled, there is no need to disassemble it again.

Assembly is also easy for non-professionals and takes a quarter-hour tops. You will usually need assembly tools that are not included in the kit.


What are some alternative laminate cutter tools?

Installing laminate flooring in your home is no problem if you have the right laminate flooring cutter. Good laminate flooring cutters are available for over $104.

Cutting vinyl and laminate can also be done with classic power tools. You can use a handheld mini circular saw as well as a jigsaw. However, the laminate cutter in comparison works without a lot of dust and is much quieter, so you can still work with it late at night or on Sundays.

The mini circular saw has a rotating saw blade and is relatively sturdy. Cordless models in particular are very comfortable and pleasant to use. However, only perfectly straight cuts are possible with this small circular saw.

It is also possible to cut laminate with a jigsaw. This type of all-purpose saw can be found in any home repair shop. The decisive advantage: you can cut laminate with a circular saw to create recesses for heating pipes or to adapt the material to round walls.

We recommend using a power tool for the laminate of thickness 0.39in or thicker. In addition, you can not avoid the jigsaw if you have to cut small gaps for heating pipes.

However, working with a laminate cutter is a little faster and dust-free, which is a big advantage. Take both tools with you if possible.

Laminate Floor Cutter Price:


Under 200$

  • EAB Tool Exchange-a-Blade Laminate Flooring Cutter
  • Norske Tools Laminate Flooring and Siding Cutter

Under 300$

  • Roberts Multi-Floor Cutter
  • Bullet Tools Siding and Laminate Flooring Cutter


There are many ways to cut laminate, but the best option to get precise, clean, and trouble-free cuts is to use a precision laminate cutter.

Laminate has resin and glue in it, which is why using regular blades and saws will surely damage the edges. Most laminate flooring cutters have very strong and sharp blades that can easily cut through this man-made material.

Most laminate flooring cutters can also cut other finishes besides laminate. These include materials such as vinyl flooring, LVT, PVC, WPC, VCT, LVP.

Laminate flooring cutters are hassle-free and very reliable for anyone trying to do their own flooring. They will provide crisp, even edges of the material, for trouble-free floor assembly. In addition, using a laminate flooring cutter will ensure dust-free work in our home.

FAQs- Laminate Floor Cutter

✅ Can I cut vinyl with a laminate cutter?

Yes, of course. All laminate cutters can also be used as vinyl cutters. Vinyl that is up to 0.31in thick will be handled by the laminate cutter without any problems. But if the material is thicker than 0.47in, you risk permanently breaking your tool.

✅ What is the best tool for cutting laminate?

A laminate cutter is the best tool for cutting laminate because you have a huge selection of models with different sizes and many features. They are quite convenient and easy to use, durable, and worth their money, especially if you are going to install laminate with your own hands.

✅ How do you position the laminate when cutting face up or face down?

It is necessary to cut the laminate with the face-up as a lot of laminates have a plastic coating that can peel off if you cut it in the process. To avoid this it is recommended to cut the laminate with the laminate face up.

✅ Can the laminate cutter cut other materials than laminate?

Yes, some cutters can cut materials other than laminate, such as vinyl planks, LVT, PVC, WPC, VCT, LVP.

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