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What is the Lake Rake?

The lake rake is a useful type of rakes and extremely effective tool. Rake can be used without entering the water to clear the coastal area of the pond of algae, for example, in preparation for fishing, or, with some effort, to clean the whole pond. Pond rake can easily help to remove the algae.

The Pond Rake is a multipurpose, powerful tool for cleaning and removing lake weeds.


Basically, a water rake is 40 inches wide. This width of the working surface is convenient for cleaning and removal of seaweeds, algae, leaf branches and many other tasks. The lake rake can also be used to remove floating weeds, algae and debris by removing the surface with additional removable floats.


Why do you need to remove algae from a lake?


  • Algae removal improves the microclimate of the lake.
  • Algae have deep roots and spread quickly.
  • The quicker algae are removed, the better their quantity is reduced.
  • Water weeds should be removed completely, not just cut. Many aqueous weeds multiply by fragmentation, and pruning can increase rather than reduce them.
  • Using a rake or other tool to effectively rid your body of water weeds will create a healthy, longer life for your aquatic organism.
  • Waiting until your lake or pond has fully grown can make it much more difficult to solve the problem.

What to look for when choosing a lake rake


Rake Design

Before you buy a rake, you should consider its size and design. You should choose the length of the rake depending on the size of the pond.

Rake with rope

Most lake rakes are sold with ropes for convenient use. These rakes can be used while standing in the water or on the shore. They are ideal for lakes or large ponds. A lake rake with a rope has a short handle and a long rope. By keeping the handle as short as possible, it is easier for a person to throw the rake into the water.

Roller rake

Another type of water rake for collecting algae. This rake is similar to a rotating drum, which is connected to a pole. The rake can be used as a lawn mower. The rotary movement of the rake helps to effectively clean the pond by digging out and uprooting weeds. Note that this type of rake is heavier.

Type of rake


Floating rake

This type of rake easily and quickly removes algae from the surface of the pond.

Diving rake

This type of water rake does a good job of cleaning the bottom from algae and dirt.

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