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How to destroy concrete

Concrete is a material used in the construction industry. It is not uncommon for concrete products to need to be dismantled and demolished. In fact, there are times when a structure cannot be prepared for reuse.

Artificially created material has a good resistance to mechanical impact and external factors, but also has a limited (by technical standards) service life. For this reason, it may be necessary to destroy it intentionally. You can dismantle the concrete structure yourself.

There are several ways to perform dismantling work, and we will tell you about them. It is not necessary to call a team of specialists.

Methods of the destruction of concrete

In the course of construction or repair work, it is necessary to destroy old reinforced concrete products in order to erect new structures. This is easily accomplished by blasting. Sometimes builders destroy foundations to lay a more secure foundation with concrete.

Breaking concrete is done in 2 ways:

  • mechanically;
  • chemically.

Before destroying concrete, i.e. determining the method of its dismantling, it is recommended to make sure that the violation of the integrity of the structure will not lead to other problems. For example, a load-bearing wall must not be demolished.

Tools for mechanical concrete removal:

The easy way to remove concrete

A small concrete block can be broken with a hammer or sledgehammer.

If the work area is large, a perforator can help make the job easier. The percussive and rotational motion of the tool breaks the integrity of the structure by itself, i.e., no additional effort is required from the person. All that is required is to turn the tool on and hold it in hand.

If you don’t have a hammer drill, you can make several holes in the concrete slab (unreinforced) before you break it (all over). You will need a drill and drill bit (concrete drill bit) to do this job. The holes will weaken the strength of the structure, and it can be broken.

When it is necessary to break the slab along a given trajectory, several holes should be made in it (along the line where the break should be). Wood plugs are inserted into the holes and begin to water them. As the material moistens, it will begin to expand, causing the integrity of the board to break.

Note: This method involves physical effort, so it is recommended for a small amount of disassembly work.

Using a hammer

The construction tool can be used both independently and in tandem with a sledgehammer. In the first case, the hammer is equipped with a special drill and is switched to the chipping hammer mode. In the second case, several holes are made in the concrete, which reduces the strength of the structure, making it much easier to break it with a sledgehammer.

Destruction with chemical powders

In industrial construction, a chemical agent is often used – non-explosive powder type НРС-1. The advantage of this method is considered its safety, lack of debris, and silence. To perform demolition work with the help of the reagent, several steps should be performed:

  • In the concrete, holes with a diameter of 8 cm are drilled at a distance of at least 56 cm from each other;
  • A non-explosive solution is poured into the holes.

Destruction of concrete structures in this way will take about two days. In the process of hardening, the mortar crystallizes, due to which the concrete is destroyed. At the end of the specified time, the only scrap will remain at the construction site and can be easily disposed of.

Acidic mixtures

Another method in demand in the industry is the use of acid-based solutions because, in an acidic environment, concrete breaks down and loses its performance characteristics.

A mixture based on hydrochloric acid concentrate and inhibitors is used for demolition work. This composition is due to the fact that the acid substance in its original form slowly affects the concrete. Inhibitors are needed to ensure that surfaces made of other materials are not damaged in the process of demolition.

The technique is most often used to clean the tank of a concrete mixer. To do this, an acid mixture is poured into the bowl. After the liquid evaporates, the only powder will remain in the tank, which can be swept away with an ordinary brush or broom.

Before destroying concrete with this method, you must be familiar with the safety rules and wear special clothing. Protect your eyes with goggles.

how to break the concrete floor

Destruction of reinforced concrete

Bits, drills, and diamond-tipped discs are used to break the integrity of the structure. When a large area is dismantled, the reinforced material is destroyed with expensive equipment such as a wire rope machine. It is equipped with a diamond wire, which performs the cutting. In most cases, this technique is used when it is necessary to dismantle a concrete structure that is about 1 m thick.

It is not recommended to break reinforced concrete on your own, as the high strength of the material increases the chance of injury during removal. This work should be entrusted to professionals.

Breaking out the Old Concrete Paths – Video

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