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Miter Saw Stand are a very practical invention, making it easy to cut large volumes of wood to the right size. If you have a large garden with lots of trees and the cut branches are too big to transport, you can save a lot of time by sawing wood with goats.

Great for holding boards, logs, or panels steady and at a comfortable height when sawing with a hand or mechanical saw. Are indispensable helpers when painting large and flat things such as doors, shelves, and decorative wooden cutouts.

The Best Miter Saw Stand

Metabo HPT Folding Sawhorses

 4,9 Rating


  • 1200 Pound Capacity.
  • Leading capacity at 1,200 lbs per pair.
  • Built-In Cord Hooks and Shelves.
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Heavy Duty Miter Saw Stand feature a 1200 lb capacity per pair while remaining lightweight and easy to move around the job site. The additional sawbucks are designed to support the Flat side of a 2×4 and can be used to raise or extend the work surface area to support 4′ X 8′ Sheets.

How To Assemble Dewalt Miter Saw Stand?

Buyer’s guide for the Miter Saw Stand

This review and guide provide information on some best Miter Saw Stands you can find.

There are quite a few manufacturers of Miter Saw Stands on the market, and the prices vary greatly. From a pure price point of view, the type of Miter Saw Stands can be priced from $50 to $264.

The Best Miter Saw Stands For The Money

Wood Sawhorses for Beginners

All our reviews are based exclusively on expert judgments or practical experience with most of the wood sawhorses we have tested. We strive to make our guide as independent and as detailed as possible.

Miter Saw Stands Comparison

DEWALT Miter Saw Stand

  • Lightweight aluminum construction.
  • 1000 lb capacity.
  • Compact design.

 4,8 Rating

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Easy transportation

It has a 1000-pound capacity (each) and handles the toughest jobs. Made from lightweight aluminum construction (15.4-pounds.) it allows for easy transport to and from the job site.

Bora Portamate Speedhorse Sawhorse

  • Non-sequential leg folding.
  • Working Height: 30″.
  • 1500 lbs. Weight capacity per unit.

 4,9 Rating

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Maximum stability

Sawhorses can support up to 1500 lbs each, which means a hefty 3000 lbs together. A working height of 30 inches tall puts your project within easy reach. The extra-long length of 45 inches provides maximum stability.

Rockwell JawHorse Sheetmaster Portable Workstation

  • Hold up to 48-inch sheets in one tool.
  • Standing size: 39” x 39” x 34”.
  • Folded size: 14” x 13”.

 4,8 Rating

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Powerful Miter Saw Stands

The Sheetmaster is heavy duty and supports up to 600 lbs. of weight with up to 1 ton of clamping force. It can support a full sheet of 8 x 4 plywood all by itself. It’s a 3-in-1 as it has a workbench, vice, and machine press functionality.

Selection and operation of the crosscut saw tables

A miter saw is a tool designed to cut various surfaces. Unlike a manual product, it is able to make a cut at different angles of inclination. Such a saw is actively used in the industry to work with wood and metal products, as well as for cutting heavy-duty plastic, laminate, decorative tile and other materials. It is impossible to do without its help in furniture production.

Features of the trimming saw

This tool is also used in domestic conditions. Thanks to him, you can easily cut plastic and iron pipes during plumbing installation. The attachment is used at the construction site, during locksmith work. Very often this item can also be found in the amateur workshops of the novice carpenter.

Such a design differs from the hand saw in that it is stationary, so it must have a solid base. The disadvantage is considered to be that the operator will not be able to use the tool on the weight.

How to Choose a Miter Saw Power Tool Stand

A crosscut saw is a design that is based on a collector or asynchronous motor. It is electric and the cut is made by a rotating disc. The saw is actuated by a starter motor.

Both the collector and induction motors have positives and negatives. The first version of the motor is able to rotate the cutting element at high speeds, while the second option provides ease of use and durability. The negative side of the collector motor is the need for periodic maintenance, while the asynchronous motor has a lower speed and larger dimensions.

But there is another model of motors. Such units are called semiconductor commutatorless motors. But this option has not yet gained widespread popularity at the moment.

One of the most important selection criteria is the location of the motor. It can be on the side of the cutter or behind it so that the working space is more open. This is very convenient if you need to make a cut at a certain angle.

When selecting this unit, you should pay attention to the type of tilt system. It can be either with a fixed base or with a movable system.

When buying the bed, you should pay attention to the material of which it is made. Experts recommend choosing magnesium and aluminum alloys. These are fairly light metals, so the overall weight of the structure will be much less. This will not affect the strength, but the unit can be transported without much effort.

Try to buy a saw with a swiveling top table. This will be discussed in more detail below. It is important that the tools are capable of making a cut at an angle of 40 to 60 degrees on both sides. So study the specifications carefully. You will have to pay a little extra for this feature, but it makes the sawing process a lot easier.

Another selection criterion is the maximum possible depth of cut. You can find models on the trimmer saw market with various trimmings: neon lighting, variable speed control and others. If you are going to use this device at home, it is not worth overpaying for these additions.

Before buying this device, always pay attention to its maximum power. Many things depend on it, such as the diameter of the cutter and the size of the surface that your tool will be able to work with. The smallest power required for the normal operation of the saw is 0.8 kW, and the maximum power is 1.8 kW.

The table for the mitre saw

This technique should have a strong bed. If it is used in industry, there are always stationary bases specially designed for the trimming saw. They are very large and will not be suitable for home use.

If you decide to buy a crosscut saw and install it on your balcony or in your workshop, the first thing to do is to find a solid base that won’t take up much space. There is a wide range of mitre saw bases on the market. To ensure that the purchase does not become a pointless purchase, it is necessary to be guided by the technical data of the tool.

First, you need to understand what you will be using the saw for. Models designed for cutting wooden surfaces do not have the power of those designed for working with metal sheets or products made of shock-resistant plastic. The size and weight of the device depend on the performance.

Experts recommend choosing the smallest workbenches, but they must be highly durable. The fact is that a large-sized base in the entire balcony or half of the workshop will create some discomfort during the operation of the unit.

Many manufacturers of frames provide for the possibility of changing the height of the legs, so that each operator can adjust the table to his height.

Some models of trimming saws are sold directly with the base. Such tables will fit perfectly because they are designed for a particular tool, its size, and weight. In such devices, in addition to the main table, there are also additional support stands so that the operator can comfortably work with large products.

Of course, you can buy the base for this product as a set or separately. The main thing is that they stand and the trimming saw must be compatible in weight and size.

The frame can be made even by your own hand, but the factory version will be much stronger.

The most prominent representative of the tables is the DWX725. It is prefabricated, which is very convenient for transportation in the trunk of the car. For transportation purposes, it provides an ergonomic handle. This model can withstand a weight of up to 230 kg, and in the unfolded form on it will fit even the longest workpiece. An additional table is often called a stand.

Bases for miter saws come in a variety of forms. The most primitive costs about $15, but it is quite suitable for working with plastic pipes or small wooden products. The cost of industrial models start at $300.

Trimming saw with a top table

The top layer is an additional stand, which is located above the trim saw. This addition is very convenient and greatly increases the functionality of the tool.

The most striking representatives of trimming saws with a top table are the devices of the company Makita. These models are more expensive, have a large number of positive reviews, are highly productive, reliable and dependable.

These products are multifunctional and versatile and can be used as a circular saw when you need to make a longitudinal cut of the surface. With their versatility, these devices are small-sized, comfortable to use. No great physical strength is required for operation.

In addition, these units are considered the most traumatic, so all manufacturers pay great attention to operator safety. This includes starter protection from unplanned start-ups, there is a function to jam the cutter in emergency situations. The motor is protected from any overloads. If the motor reaches the maximum of its capacity, the unit will simply shut down. The end saw with a top table is capable of cutting any surface: wood plastic or metal.

Production of such tools is engaged in the world’s popular brands: Bosch, Hitachi, Dewalt, and many others. To date, the leader in this niche is the company Makita.

What Is Miter Saw Stands?

Miter Saw Stands are a classic tool in the field of woodworking that has been known since ancient high cultures and has been indispensable for efficient and safe woodworking ever since. As one of the most important accessories of almost all known woodworking professions, trestles are one of the working foundations of woodworking, which, despite numerous innovative changes, invariably retain their original form and functionality.

saw standsWhat Are The Types Of  Miter Saw Stands?

The Miter Saw Stands are useful when you want to set up a makeshift work table almost anywhere. Place a piece of plywood or a large board on two sturdy stakes, and you can get down to business inside the house, in the backyard, or at any job site where you need work supplies on hand and not on the ground. There are different kinds of goats available.

There are several Miter Saw Stands:

  • Saw frame

The saw frame features high side posts and a much wider contact surface, making it ideal for many (smaller) branches. Good for chain saws and hand saws.

If you want to regularly cut branches of varying thicknesses, a chainsaw frame will suit you. With a chainsaw saw frame, you can cut many thin and medium-sized branches at once. The advantage of chainsaw frames is that the branches lie securely in the saw drawer and are suitable for both hand and power saws.

  • Classic gantry

Classic gantry saws consist of relatively short support legs, and the support legs intersect each other to form a crisscross pattern. The big advantage of this type of sawmill: It can be quickly folded up. It is well suited for handheld saws.

In the classic sawmill the saw box, that is, the area in which the wood to be sawn is formed by the crossed support legs.

They are just as space-saving as a tree trunk clamp because they can be folded up. Metal trestles are especially easy to transport because they fold very flat. Wood trusses are not as thin, but they are much more decorative in the garden.

  • Self-clamping post

Thanks to the self-clamping stand or clamping block, the timber is held in place by its own weight – so this model is ideal for medium- to large-sized tree trunks.
Perfect for chain saws.

If you cut down trees frequently, it’s helpful to have a clamping post in the trunk. These clamps are ideal for cutting thick trunks or branches. However, self-clamping posts are not very convenient for other sawing purposes.

What should you look for when buying Miter Saw Stands?

Working with wood and splitting it into logs, takes a lot of strength and patience. It can not only be annoying, but it can quickly drive you to your limit. Using a log splitter, the necessary work is done quickly and accurately, without too much effort. There are several important criteria for choosing the right one for yourself.

When buying should pay attention to the following:

  • Functionality

If you’re a forester often chopping wood, it’s helpful to have a bucking stand in the trunk. These wood sawhorses are ideal for sawing thick trunks or branches. However, self-clamping stands are not very convenient for other sawing purposes.

However, if you want to regularly cut branches of varying thicknesses, a saw frame is good for you. With chainsaw saw frames, you can cut many thin and medium branches at once. Chainsaw frames have the advantage that the branches lie securely in the saw’s box and are well suited for both hand and mechanical saws.

Classic wood sawhorses are as compact as a tree trunk clamp because they can be folded up. Metal trestles are especially easy to transport because they fold very flat. Wood goats are not as thin, but they are much more decorative in the garden.

  • Flexibility and weight

Flexibility is an important criterion for any goat test. Classic trestles and clamp posts usually fold easily. Not only is this practical because it sometimes gives you more storage space for your goats, but it’s also efficient when transporting tools – for example if you’re not just in your own garden, but also in the nearby woods, in a pasture, or with friends. Colleagues in the garden want to chop trees or cut firewood.

The disadvantage of a stand that is too flexible is that it should not be too light, because otherwise, the stand may tip forward when sawing. For heavy timber, we recommend a saw stand that weighs more than 22lb.

  • Load capacity and stability

Load capacity is an extremely important factor. Especially if you plan to regularly cut particularly massive branches and trunks, it is important to pay close attention to the figures given by the manufacturer.

We recommend a trestle with a load capacity of at least 220lb. If you weigh more than 331lb, be careful. Some products in our goat horse comparison even have a lifting capacity of 882lb.

Similarly, you can’t neglect the average thickness of the branches you plan to saw. If the working surface of the trestle is too small, the sawed wood will fall out of the holder again and again. The maximum distance between the top posts indicates the maximum trunk diameter that can still be comfortably sawed. If the saw box is very large, it will hold many trunks or branches of varying thickness and can be sawn at once.

  • Block between logs

Not only can you trim long tree trunks to size, but you may also want to saw an already relatively short block to size. This is a problem often encountered by those who are starting a small stove. For optimal combustion in the stove, the wood should not be too long so that it can be easily stacked in the firebox. If the stove is narrow, the wood should be correspondingly short.

However, if the stakes are too far apart, the short block will not hold up properly during sawing and will fall over. Especially to solve this problem, the holding posts of some wood sawhorses are spaced closer together than others. If a saw mark is given, the length is usually indicated. With it, you can easily see how long the shortest piece of wood might be.

  • Safe and stable

The stability of the saw’s support is an important indicator, if the base of the saw swings back and forth while cutting, working with a hand saw becomes very stressful.

On the other hand, if you are sawing with a chainsaw, it can be dangerous even if the goad is unstable. With the best chainsaws, nothing should wobble. After all, you have to work with both hands on the chainsaw, and you can’t hold on to the bracket either.

Even cheap chain saws should not sag when sawing. This also compromises stability and your safety. If it is already bent, you should step away from the model.

Miter Saw Stands Price:

Miter Saw Stands Under 50$

  • Metabo HPT Folding Sawhorses

Miter Saw Stands Under 200$

  • DEWALT Miter Saw Stand
  • Bora Portamate Speedhorse Sawhorse

Miter Saw Stands Under 300$

  • Rockwell JawHorse Sheetmaster Portable Workstation


The wood sawhorse is used in many applications. It was primarily developed for processing logs and large pieces of wood. However, this tool also offers practical applications in other areas.

The indispensable help that the wood sawhorse offers in woodworking is based on its functionality and construction. The basis is the construction of the wooden trestle. Four plinths form a stable triangle on the floor, which is laterally fixed and stabilized by longitudinal supports. At the top of the bracket is the support surface, which may be of a different design depending on the model.

Depending on the model, a single log or log is inserted into the support surface. The weight of the wood now presses on the frame and thus provides a stable and fixed position. The wood can now be sawn as needed, with the outer end of the wooden frame preferably sawn off, as this ensures the stability of the post at all times.

The timber saws are thus indispensable tools in forestry, agriculture as well as in construction.

FAQs- Miter Saw Stands

✅ Are there chainsaw mounts specifically for chainsaws?

Of the three basic types of scythes, the saw frame and the clamping stand or self-clamping unit are particularly suited for use with a chainsaw. Chainsaw aficionados will especially like models with a special chainsaw holder – you can even cut with one hand. However, it is not suitable for conventional hand saws.

The chainsaw is attached to the trestle with a special bracket and is lowered enough for cutting. The saw is particularly securely bolted to the bracket with a swivel joint. Another advantage: even very thin strips of wood can be cut in this way from trunks, branches, and blocks.

✅ What should I pay attention to when sawing firewood?

Working with timber saws should be well-practiced.

There are important points to pay attention to when sawing:

  • Always wear safety glasses when working. Also, make sure that the saw frame or trestle has stable support on the floor. The legs of the saw must not protrude freely into the air.
  • If you are using a chainsaw, the wood you are working on should be secured securely with a screw clamp or a special wooden lock. If you are using a hand saw, one hand can rest on a wooden bar for stabilization.
  • Always wear gloves. They not only protect you from possible injuries while sawing but also from unpleasantly sticky resin.
  • When sawing firewood, the ones that cut the wood from top to bottom are the best.
  • Make sure you have secure support – a light lunge will prevent you from falling for the sawn piece of wood while you’re sawing.

✅ Can I build my own wood sawhorses ?

Yes, you can. No detailed instructions are necessary to assemble a goat yourself. All you have to do is bolt six stable beams crosswise. You are free to determine the angle: the narrower it gets at the top, the narrower pieces of wood will fit later on the level of the saw.

Screw or nail the bar to all the crosses below the axis of the corresponding wood cross. Do this on the ends of the legs for greater stability, and your own goat is ready.

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