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A transport cart is ideal for transporting heavy tools from A to B in the workshop.

But transport carts are not only used in professional areas. The little helpers are also very useful for gardening, shopping or moving.

Are available in stores the most diverse models. They differ in terms of materials used, their size, and load capacity.

Move your items with ease with hand trucks

Before buying, you should therefore consider what loads you mainly want to move with the trolley. The load capacity must certainly be somewhat higher for transporting moving boxes than if you only want to transport beverage crates from time to time.

But not every transport trolley, which is offered in the trade, can be used universally. For example, an important criterion in the selection are the dimensions and shape of the loading area. In addition, before buying, you should definitely think about how the wheels of your new trolley should be so that the transport requires as little effort as possible.

So-called platform trucks are very popular because they can be used universally. On the platform can be transported both small items and items with relatively large dimensions. These platform trucks are robustly built and can often handle loads weighing up to 150 kg. Table trolleys with two loading platforms are ideal for transporting dishes and food. If the platform trolley can be folded, it can wait in a storage room for its next use without taking up much space. There is a small malus: plate trolleys are usually equipped with relatively small wheels. On smooth corridors or on the concrete floor of the garage, this is not a problem. But on uneven paths, most platform trucks quickly reach their limits.

However, it does not always have to be a large transport cart. For many purposes, small-sized transport trolleys are a practical alternative. Are you the proud owner of beautiful citrus plants or other plant beauties that are actually at home in warmer climes? Then you know the unpopular moment when the heavy tubs have to be transported back to the winter garden or warm garage in the fall because these plants do not tolerate frost. With each season, the planters get heavier, so carrying them becomes a painful feat. Convince yourself of the advantages of the flat transport rollers in the coming season! The footprint of the little helpers is perfectly adequate for large flower pots, and the low height above the ground ensures that you can effortlessly push the roller under the pot when a helper slightly tilts the plant. In this way, any ‘heavy transport’ becomes a relaxed child’s play.

Hand Truck - The Best Choice

Cosco Multi-Position Heavy Duty Folding Dolly

 4,9 Rating

Cosco Capacity Multi-Position Heavy Duty Folding Dolly


  • Durable Steel Frame with 300 lbs.
  • Multi-Position.
  • Fits in most size car trunks.
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Its multi-position design transforms the Shifter into a two-wheel upright hand truck or a four-wheel cart in seconds without the use of pins or tools. Easy to Use – Quick Conversion with no pins or tools. Fits in most size car trunks.

Cosco Multi-Position Folding Hand Truck – Video

Important aspects when buying hand trucks

Buyer’s guide for the hand truck

This review and guide provide information on the best hand truck you can find.

There are quite a few manufacturers of a hand truck on the market, and the prices vary greatly. From a pure price point of view, the type of hand truck can be priced from $70 to $200.

The best hand truck for the money

Best Hand Truck

All our reviews are based exclusively on expert judgments or practical experience with most of the hand truck we have tested. We strive to make our guide as independent and as detailed as possible.

Hand trucks in comparison

Magna Folding Hand Truck

Magna Cart Personal 150 lb Capacity Aluminum Folding Hand Truck
  • The handle extends to 39″ inches.
  • Transports up to 150 lbs of cargo.
  • Folds flat to only 2.5″ thick.

 4,8 Rating

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Easily transport

Magnacart Material Handling is ideal for home improvement, travelers, trade fair exhibitors, and anyone who needs to carry cartons or anything else. The rubber wheels allow the use of the trucks on almost any floor, whether it is stone, carpet, or linoleum. After usage, the trucks can be simply folded which makes them easy to carry or to store. Opens and closes in seconds – no assembly required.

Harper Trucks Hand Truck

Harper Trucks 700 lb Capacity Hand Truck
  • Converts in seconds from 2-wheel dolly to 4 wheel carts.
  • Three-position telescoping handle.
  • Heavy-duty 10″ pneumatic wheels.

 4,9 Rating

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Converts in seconds

Harper Trucks exclusive I-Beam Steel-Tough nylon truss is 30% lighter than steel and designed to be as strong as steel or aluminum hand trucks. Built-in stair glides for easy moving up or downstairs and curbs. Heavy-duty 10″ pneumatic All-Terrain tires and 5″ heavy-duty swivel casters for easy maneuverability. Made in the USA.

Harper Trucks Lightweight 400 lb Capacity Hand Truck

Harper Trucks Lightweight 400 lb Capacity Hand Truck
  • Converts in seconds from 2-wheel dolly to 4 wheel carts.
  • Three-position telescoping handle.
  • 8″ wheels with solid rubber tread and 3″ swivel casters.

 4,8 Rating

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 Lightweight Hand Truck

Harper Trucks exclusive I-Beam Steel-Tough glass-filled nylon plastic truss is 30% lighter than steel and designed to be as strong as steel or aluminum hand trucks. Built-in frame glides for easy moving up or downstairs and curbs. 8″ wheels with solid rubber tread and 3″ swivel casters for easy maneuverability. Made in the USA. Frame factory assembled – Requires easy assembly of wheels and base plate.

Rock-N-Roller Folding Multi-Cart

  • Instantly transforms into 8 different shapes.
  • R-Trac tires ride smoothly with excellent traction.
  • Folds small for storage.

 4,8 Rating

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1 Cart – 8 Configurations

The unique 8-in-1 design can transform easily to adjust to various load sizes, letting you move large amounts of gear in no time at all. The R-Trac tires ride smoothly with excellent traction, without the hassle of upkeep or repair of pneumatic tires, and can handle just about any terrain, including gravel, grass, or other uneven surfaces. Textured, powder-coated steel is durable and also reduces slippage during transport.

What to look for when choosing the hand truck

With so many models to choose from, it is necessary that you take a closer look at certain points before buying in order to find your desired model with the optimal features for the intended use. The following aspects are particularly important:

  • Wheels
  • Platform surface
  • Equipment
  • Load capacity
  • Deadweight


Transport trolley wheels for transport trolleys used to transport heavy loads on flat floors, TPE castors are often recommended. These are made of thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) and are characterized by low rolling resistance. This results in the smooth running of the castors even under high loads and smooth running on smooth floors. Transport carts for very heavy loads, on the other hand, usually have solid rubber tires. In order to be able to move the trolley flexibly, at least two of the wheels should be swivel castors. With four swivel castors, the trolley can even be moved flexibly in all directions. To reduce the risk of accidents, a braking system on the trolley is recommended. The light-colored material of the wheels prevents abrasion marks on sensitive floor coverings.

Platform surface

The material for the platform surface is often plywood, which is characterized by good resistance and has a high load-bearing capacity. If the platform must be waterproof, a screen printing plate or a platform made of rigid PVC are a good choice. These materials are also hardly attacked by oils, gasoline, or other chemical substances. One advantage of screen printing plates is their rough surface, which prevents the load from slipping. However, a coating on the platform also performs this task.


If the push bar can be adjusted in length, the trolley can be comfortably moved by people of different sizes. Models that can be folded can be stored to save space and often even fit in the trunk if necessary. Wooden side rails or end walls keep smaller items from falling off the platform. A surrounding protective plastic bar prevents damage to objects, walls, or doors that could result from a collision with the cart.

Load capacity

Transport carts are offered with different load capacities. As a rule, they can carry loads of 100, 150, 300, and 500 kilograms, although some suppliers also offer trolleys with load capacities between these values. For private use, transport carts with a maximum load capacity of 150 kilograms are usually sufficient. In most cases, these have the advantage that they can be folded compactly for easy storage.


If you want to transport the trolley in the car for shopping, for example, you should choose a model whose tare weight is not too high. Around eight to 10 kilograms can still be lifted into the trunk. However, trolleys weighing 20 kilograms or more are not suitable for mobile use.

How to choose the right shopping cart?

A folding two-wheeled cart is one of the most convenient ways to transport heavy loads. It is most often used at home, in warehouses, or at retail establishments.

Nowadays, there is a huge variety of designs of hand carts, so not knowing which cart to choose can be quite a challenge, especially if it is your first purchase. To do this, you need to consider all the features and qualities that a good folding cart should have.

What is the carrying capacity of a handcart?

One of the main benefits of using a hand truck is that you can easily carry heavy loads from 100 to 500 lbs with it.

When buying a folding cart, you should consider its carrying capacity. It should be at least 150 lb.

What material should the frame be made of?

The frame of such a cart should be strong – this will provide guaranteed support when lifting heavy objects.

The material is what you need to check in the first place when buying. And because the list of materials used for the production of carts is really great, it is best to buy a model, in the creation of which the main material is aluminum or steel.

Paying attention to the wheels

Also, when choosing, it is very important to consider the size and type of wheels. It is best to choose a model with rubber tires. This will ensure smooth movement when moving heavy objects, and what is important, will last longer than wheels made of other materials.

Cargo trucks come in 2 types:

  1. Two-wheeled,
  2. Four-wheeled.

They are absolutely identical. The only difference is the 4-wheel design allows it to be used both horizontally and vertically.

Ease of use

If the model is equipped with a retractable handle, it will be convenient to use it, for example, it will help you to open and close doors without problems. There are also carts with a transformable design. These models can carry a lot of weight and are just as easy to use as the regular models.

Availability of Warranty

Before you buy a folding cart, you should make sure that there is a service center, read all the warnings, terms and conditions and the duration of the warranty.


A two-wheeled folding cart is a great option for home and storage facilities. This model does not take up much space, is reliable, requires little maintenance, and is easy to use. These carts come in a variety of load capacities, ranging from 100 to 1,000 pounds.

When choosing a cart, be sure to pay attention to the recommendations described above and have a pleasant shopping experience.

Hand truck test

Hand Truck Price:

Under $100

  • Magna Folding Hand Truck
  • Cosco Multi-Position Heavy Duty Folding Dolly
  • Harper Trucks Lightweight Hand Truck
  • Rock-N-Roller Folding Multi-Cart
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