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The suction lifters are suitable for transporting, lifting and holding any material on smooth and uneven surfaces. Beams, floorboards, glass panels, which are bulky as well as heavy, can easily be moved with the suction lifters.

They stick to both smooth and rough surfaces, followed by a rotation that can be done manually or electrically. Therefore, wherever objects present particular difficulties for transport, the use of suction lifters is the ideal solution.

The Best Suction Lifter

DAMO 10″ Vacuum Suction Cup

 4,9 Rating


  • Load capacity: 265 lbs. per cup.
  • Fast attachment on smooth, nonporous flat surfaces.
  • At temperatures from 10 to 120 Fahrenheit.
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Moisture or contaminants can reduce the slip resistance of the cup. Always inspect vacuum pads before use. Clean vacuum pads and the load surface between each lift. Make sure both surfaces are dry and free of any dirt or obstruction. Make sure the plunger has enough lubrication for the pump. The check valve allows rep umping without loss of the remaining vacuum.

How to Work with Suction Lifters?

Buyer’s guide for the suction lifters

This review and guide provide information on some best suction lifters you can find.

There are quite a few manufacturers of suction lifters on the market, and the prices vary greatly. From a pure price point of view, the type of suction lifters can be priced from $23 to $97.

The Best Suction Lifters For The Money

Suction Lifters

All our reviews are based exclusively on expert judgments or practical experience with most of the suction lifters we have tested. We strive to make our guide as independent and as detailed as possible.

Suction Lifters In Comparison

IMT Heavy Duty Dual Vacuum Suction Cup

  • Maximum horizontal suction is 330lb.
  • Maximum vertical suction is 440lb.
  • Made with durable, odorless, extra strength rubber.

 4,8 Rating

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Easy to manage

It’s simple to use. Tighten and clip each of the two handles to create strong suction. Make materials handling easier and safer: Excellent for lifting and moving materials like windshield, aquarium, mirrors, doors, plastics, sheet metal, stone slabs, and appliances.

IMT 12″ Super Strong Glass Suction Cup

IMT 12_ Super Strong Glass Suction Cup
  • Fast attachment on flat, clean, smooth, nonporous surfaces.
  • Max loading capacity up to 1000lbs.
  • Red-line indicator warns users of any vacuum loss.

 4,9 Rating

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Maximum load capacity

The unique brass plunger is more durable than the plastic and aluminum one. Excellent for lifting and moving larger and heavier materials like glass, aquarium, sheet metal, stone slabs, appliances, and flat windshield of vans, coach, construction vehicles, etc.

VICHUNHO Glass Lifting Suction Cups

  • Horizontal suction: 220 Ibs.
  • Vertical suction: 176 Ibs.
  • Thin aluminum alloy.

 4,8 Rating

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Universal suction lifter

Can be used to fix gapped laminate floors as a floor gap fixer, used in the bath as a safety handrail, tile suction cup lifter, Removing and installing the car windshield, and moving heavy glass wall, aquarium. Before use, make sure that the surface of the object is flat and dry, then press the suction cup on the surface of the object, and press the black release valve to suction the object.

What Are The Types Of Suction Lifters?

Suction lifters are small tools that are used when lifting loads. Using a mechanism that has been around for thousands of years, they create negative pressure. Which helps to lift the appropriate load and transport it safely.

There are several suction lifters:

  • Rubber suction lifter

Negative pressure is created by using a suction lifter. Complete with two rubber washers. Great for normal home and garden loads and rated for up to about 265lb.

  • The suction lifter with swing arm

In the swing arm suction lifter, the rocker is reversed to create a vacuum. It often comes with a rubber washer.

  • Pump plunger lifter

Sold with a pump plunger for easier operation. Also has a rubber washer with a pump plunger.

  • Vacuum suction siphon

The vacuum siphon is designed for particularly heavy loads. The principle is comparable to a rubber suction elevator. It is very large and is usually attached to a faucet.

With a little creativity, suction lifters can be used not only for lifting and carrying loads. Using a handyman with your own hands shows that suction lifters help with joints if the joints are not set evenly.

Some of the four types have different characteristics and therefore are sometimes more and sometimes less recommended for certain applications.

What should you look for when buying suction lifters?

The applications for suction lifters are mostly flexible. Some manufacturers market their products specifically as suction lifters for concrete slabs, suction lifters for tile, suction lifters for glass, etc.

In general, the elevators are equally suitable for glass, ceramic plates, and various other materials. By considering some tricks when choosing suction lifters, you’ll be able to find a great option for yourself.

When buying should pay attention to the following:

  • Load capacity

Lifting capacity affects your freedom of action during use. If you’re looking for a tile suction lifter, you can buy a unit with a small lifting capacity. It’s definitely enough for tile.

But if it’s important for you to retain flexibility when working with concrete and other heavy materials, we recommend you buy a vacuum cleaner with a high lifting capacity. Load capacity up to 375lb at a relatively low price.

  • Material

The material from which the suction lifter is made determines the ergonomics at work and the durability of the tool. Tamper-resistant ABS plastic, aluminum, and metal are a testament to strength and durability.

If the materials are also used in the product in such a way that you can ergonomically vacuum and lift, then you benefit from working safely and steadily. During prolonged or regular work, the ergonomics and safety of the suction lifter have been perfectly tested.

  • Features

Many features are not possible with simply connected devices. During operation, the locking function on the individual units can be triggered that the suction pads could not slip through. The suction lifter pump is also equipped with a pump plunger that simplifies the suction lifter procedure.

How does the suction lifter hold up?

A suction lifter uses the air pressure that surrounds us all the time. Because it creates negative pressure between the surface and the suction lifters, the air presses them together from the outside.

If the lifter could create a vacuum, that is, evacuate all the air from the inside, 22046lb of suction lifters and window glass would be compressed on the outside per square foot. However, negative pressure is much less strong, but you can count on a third of that force with a good suction lifter.

Operations with the glass always require the utmost attention and extreme caution, especially if it has a large area. This complicates the work and the need to transport and lift the panel to a height many times over. If handled carelessly, injuries to the person working cannot be ruled out, so using a glass jack provides the necessary performance and also minimizes the risk of injury and destruction of the glass surface.

Glass jack features

The glass jack is designed to grasp and hold products with smooth and even surfaces for an extended period of time. Despite the fact that it is a very useful device, which is widely in demand in a variety of industries, not all users know what a glass jack is and what its structure is.

It should be noted that the tool itself is characterized by exceptional wear resistance and durability. Glass jack with plastic and aluminum housing is widespread – such products are able to maintain their appearance and performance for a long time, even in areas with high levels of humidity. In fact, such a device works by analogy with powerful suction cups – they are attached to the surface of the glass and thus hold it in an elevated position.

Glass jacks are available in different versions, each of which is designed for a certain weight, depending on which the device may have one or more cup-shaped suction cups. The device has a plastic handle for easy transportation. Note that it is difficult and even dangerous to lift such a jack by hand – very often the glass is damaged. To prevent this from happening, the design has special clamps that gently press the suction cups. Thus, when they are lowered, the bowls are securely fixed on the surface.

Some users are afraid that in the process of carrying the handle will come off and the glass will fall. To minimize such situations, it is best to use double or even triple jacks. In this case, even if one of the suction cups comes off, the others will act as a safety net.

The only condition for the safe movement of the panel with the jack is that the glass must be clean and dry. Otherwise, the device simply will not lock.

You can move not only glass panels but also some other materials with a smooth surface, such as artificial stone, plywood, tile and some other building materials. Often the following situation happens: the floor is lined with a waterproofing layer, and it is extremely undesirable to move on it. At the same time on top of fixed to each other elements of the future tiled floor. Of course, you can number them and move them to another room to later lubricate and put them back up one by one. However, it will be much easier to use a glass jack – use it to lift the fragments of the floor, apply a fixing compound and immediately put them back in place without disturbing the overall installation.

The glass jack can be used when transporting the furniture in the event that there is nothing to hold on to. The device is capable of lifting heavy porcelain stoneware countertops. In addition, the device can be used to lift materials to a height.

Types Suction Lifters

Depending on the level of complexity of the work performed and the size of the glass, a variety of types of jacks for glass can be used. The manual one is designed for transporting sheet glass and has a relatively low weight of between 2 and 25 feet. Manual units with a vacuum pump can carry sheets of glass weighing 40 to 80 feet. Mechanized glass jacks are mostly used in addition to cranes and are designed to handle glass plates weighing up to 500 lbs. Such devices are widely in demand for facade glazing.

In spite of all the structural differences between the different types of glass jacks, they are all based on the same working principle. A depressurized zone is artificially created on the functional plane.

As a result, the gripping elements of the unit are pressed firmly against the smooth glass surface, thereby providing the necessary forces to securely fix and hold the glass.

How to choose a Suction Lifter?

Choosing the optimal glass jack model depends directly on several important parameters.

Material of the Suction Lifters

The mechanism can be plastic or aluminum. When selecting a particular model, special attention should be paid not only to the material, but also to the shape of the housing. Be sure to hold the element in your hands and make sure it is good and well thought-out ergonomics. There is a perception that the metal case is heavier than the plastic one – this is far from always true, especially if aluminum is used for its manufacture. These days you can find plastic enclosures that are quite robust and easy to work with. Another their undoubted advantage is the presence of rubber pads on the handle.

And the quality of plastic parts is not necessarily inferior to metal ones, although in terms of price, of course, it is products made of metal will be much more expensive.

Number of suction cups

The more of them – the higher will be the total load capacity. It should be noted that in the professional environment single jacks with a single suction cup are almost never used – in a reliable tool there should be at least two, and even better if there will be as many handles. Such design allows you to lift a glass panel weighing up to one centner without any difficulty. Most often masters buy a glass jack with three suction cups arranged in a triangle shape. With such a design it is not only convenient to move large glass panes, but you can also easily flip them sideways if necessary.

If you plan to move slabs weighing up to 300 feet, you’re better off with a four suction cup glass jack. The same design allows you to transport glass to a higher height, but in this case, it is very important to make sure that the jack itself has enough capacity. It is better to choose such a model that has the necessary reserve of load capacity – only in this case, it is possible to ensure a sufficient level of reliability and safety of moving the glass. The total cost of the product may be affected by the design features of the body.

Some modern devices have small joints that allow narrowing the distance between individual suction cups or put them in an atypical position. Such a solution is in demand if you need to move a staggered glass structure.

Important characteristics of the glass hammer

The choice of a glass jack directly depends on several important characteristics:

  • The material of the device – plastic or aluminum.
  • A number of suction cups – the more suction cups, the better the capacity of the device.
  • Load capacity – one suction cup can lift 100-200 feet, two suction cups – 300 kilograms, 3 and 4 suction cups – up to 500 feet.

When choosing, you should also pay attention not only to the material but also to the shape of the body. The tool should definitely be taken into the hands and checked the ergonomics. Nowadays, lightweight plastic cases are very common, they are convenient to work with. Another advantage is the presence of rubber pads on the handles.

What glass jacks are preferred?

Any expert probably knows how to choose a glass jack and which models you should give preference to. And meanwhile, it should be noted that in the professional sphere almost never use devices with a single diaphragm. Vacuum suction cups at a reliable tool should be at least two, even better, if and handles will be as much. Such a glass jack without problems will be able to lift materials weighing up to 100-200 feet.

Very often masters buy glass jacks with three suction cups, which are arranged in a triangle. With such a device, it is not only convenient to transport large glasses but also easy to turn them in the desired direction.

The choice of glass jack can fall on the model with four diaphragms, which easily lifts up to 300 feet. Specialists trust these devices, and with their help transport large-sized glass to great heights. However, in this case, you need to take care about a sufficient reserve of capacity of the device itself.

It is best to choose a model with a load capacity reserve, then the safety and reliability will be several times higher.

In conclusion, let us give some recommendations that will greatly facilitate your use of the jack. When using such a tool, be sure to keep a soft cotton cloth handy – it will be convenient to wipe the glass surface of the carried materials to ensure a good grip. By the way, it can also be used from time to time to wipe the suction cups themselves. Periodically suction cups must be changed – it is advisable to do it every 2-3 years, you can always find a repair kit in any construction store.

Suction Lifters Price:

Suction Lifters Under $50

  • VICHUNHO Glass Lifting Suction Cups

Suction Lifters Under $100

  • IMT Heavy Duty Dual Vacuum Suction Cup
  • DAMO 10″ Vacuum Suction Cup
  • IMT 12″ Super Strong Glass Suction Cup


Suction lifters are small tools that are used when lifting loads. Using a mechanism that has been around for thousands of years, they create negative pressure. Which helps you lift the appropriate load and transport it safely.

Suction lifters will make your job easier, so they are indispensable in professional crafts and crafts. They have an inexpensive cost, but they are versatile devices. If you have the equipment, you will have more freedom of action, and you will always have a strong suction lifters partner by your side if the need arises. Choose sturdy and ergonomic products.

With a little creativity, suction lifters can be used for more than just lifting and carrying loads. Using masters with your own hands shows that suction cups help with joints if the joints are unevenly placed.

FAQs- Suction Lifters

✅ How do I lift heavy glass?

A Suitable suction lifter for carrying must be used. Glass cannot support its own weight. Therefore, always carry it upright on the edge, like drywall or plywood.

If the glass is heavy, use a suction cup for your lower hand, and use your upper hand without the suction lifter as a guide to keeping it balanced.

✅ How do I secure the suction lifter?

Make sure that both the inside of the suction lifter and your window are clean and dry before using it. To increase suction and help keep the seal tight, dab a little Vaseline or cooking oil and wipe the rim of the suction lifter, or lightly moisten the inside rim of the suction lifter.

✅ How do you make the old suction lifter stick again?

Rinse the inside of the suction lifter under warm water and then shake off any excess water. Then attach the suction lifter firmly in place, making sure there are no air bubbles between the suction lifter and the mounting surface.

Depending on the use of the suction lifter, you may want to attach the suction lifters to the shelf or hook that you use before installation.

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