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Garden waste shredder appeared on market relatively recently, but this unit is steadily gaining popularity among the owners of private houses, summer cottages, employees of utilities, as well as professionals in the field of gardening and landscaping. Today we propose to understand what justifies such popularity, and also tell about the main criteria for choosing such gardening equipment.

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A beautiful garden, homestead or territory around the house needs constant care and cleaning, which results in a large number of fallen leaves, cut weeds, trimmed limbs and branches, so every gardener wonders how to get rid of all this garden waste. Until recently, gardeners mainly used two solutions to this problem: taking the trash out or burning it.

However, both the first and the second method have a number of significant drawbacks – there is not always time and opportunity to drive a car or use the services of paid removal, and to burn garden waste means to harm yourself and the environment, especially since the city authorities have introduced a ban system of fines for this procedure in the last few years. This is where the garden shredder comes to the rescue. Thanks to this uncomplicated device, the gardener not only keeps the plot clean, but also quite rationally uses all the garden waste.

The garden shredder on the principle of operation resembles a giant meat grinder with a funnel for feeding waste and special knives for processing. Fallen fruits such as apples, leaves, twigs and leaves are all excellent materials for nature’s fertilizer. Recycled glass can be used for mulching, and if the recycled material is dominated by wood, it is great for filling in holes or small gullies. In addition, shredded wood can also be used as a decorative element of landscape design.

garden shreddersThe material obtained after the processing of waste by the shredder, the so-called mulch, performs a number of useful actions for the garden plot. Among the main benefits of using mulch several stand out: first, it prevents the overheating of the root system of plants, secondly, helps beneficial soil organisms to work more efficiently, thirdly, fertilizes and structures the land, and fourthly, the area covered with a layer of mulch better retains moisture, so health and well-kept appearance of plants is guaranteed.

It turns out that the garden shredder will not only help save time and effort to get rid of tons of trash but also save money because it eliminates the need for large purchases of mineral fertilizers.

Now that we are convinced of the exceptional usefulness and indispensability of the garden shredder, let us define the main parameters and criteria for choosing garden equipment, which should definitely be paid attention to during the purchase. First of all, it is necessary to choose the type of engine and the power of the unit. For small and medium-sized plots, a shredder with an electric motor will suit perfectly.

The power of such a device can range from 1500 to 3000 watts. This is the best option for home use, as the machine does not require much maintenance and has excellent noise indicators. The main use of an electric shredder is to have an uninterrupted source of electric power.

Shredder with a gasoline engine – it is a technique of professionals with a capacity of 3500 watts or more, such a machine is designed for heavy loads and is characterized by greater mobility. It is more reasonable to buy such a unit for a large garden or for constant intensive use.

At home, a large power is not justified by the fact that such a shredder will be more expensive than its electric counterpart: its work is noisier, and maintenance and care requires much more investment, including financial.

Another of the main characteristics of the choice is the knife system of the shredder. Depending on the design of the knives, there are 3 knife systems of garden shredders.

Principle of operation of shredders

  1. Disk knife system implies the use of two or more knives placed on a special disc. Garden shredders of this type are excellent for a young garden with a large number of soft and small branches. It is optimal to use it as a grass chopper.
  2. Garden shredders with a cutter blade construction in the form of a gear wheel effortlessly cope with thick branches, even with a diameter of more than 5 cm. But be sure to make sure that the wood is dry, because the remains of damp bark can get stuck in the cutter and block the entire mechanism.
  3. And the third type of garden chippers with a milling-turbine design of knives. Such equipment is characterized by high productivity and versatility, because it copes with waste of different diameters, and can also work with both wet and dry wood. Garden shredders with such knife system are more expensive professional units.

So, we have considered the main selection criteria and differences between the types of garden shredders. In order to choose the optimal model, it is better to determine at once what the maximum load you will assign to the device, as well as with what material you will work. During the purchase it is recommended to pay attention to a few more important nuances and details.

For example, the compartment for the waste feed – it is optimal to choose a shredder model with a cone-shaped funnel with a slope. This will greatly simplify the work and the loading process.

It is desirable that the set had a garbage pusher, it will provide not only a quick feed, but also safety for the operator. Adjusting the speed of the blades or selecting different modes of operation to shred a variety of material and obtain recycled waste of any fraction (sawdust or larger particles).

If you want to buy a model with an electric motor, make sure that the shredder is equipped with a self-start locking system. For example, if there is a sudden power failure, if it appears, the machine will not turn on by itself. This is very important for the safety of the operator.

It is desirable that the garden waste shredder is equipped with a reverse function. If a thick branch gets stuck or grass gets wrapped around the blade, the operator will cope with this problem without effort thanks to the reverse rotation of the blades.

In order that the work was as comfortable as possible for both the operator and for others, it is better to choose a low-noise shredder, preferably that the noise level does not exceed the mark of 84 dB. An excellent addition will be a special container or basket for collecting the obtained material. Some garden shredders are equipped with built-in containers, such as Makita, Gardena and AL-KO. When choosing a shredder of branches or grass, as well as, however, and any other garden equipment, give preference to well-known and trusted manufacturers with an excellent reputation. We wish you a good shopping experience!


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