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An electric chain sharpener is great for you if you use your chainsaw a lot. It will help you get your chainsaw chain sharpened accurately and quickly, and allow your chainsaw to run faster.

With an electric chain saw sharpener, you can get an accurate and even angle, providing more safety. Using a chain saw sharpener can save you a lot of time and money.

The Best Electric Sharpener for Chainsaw

Oregon 120V Bench/Wall Mounted Saw Chain Grinder

 4,9 Rating


  • Professional sharpener for chainsaw chains.
  • Quick check grinding template.
  • 17 lbs. weight and 16″ height.
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Bench or wall mounted grinder: Sharpens 1/4″, 3/8″ low profile, 0.325″, full profile 3/8″, and .404″ pitch chains from all manufacturers. Built-in light for better visibility. Safe sharpening: One-way motor rotation for greater operator safety. Wheel wear indicator. Top plate and down angle settings.

How To Work Oregon 120V Bench/Wall Mounted Saw Chain Grinder?

How To Choose Electric Chainsaw Sharpeners?

Buyer’s guide for the electric chainsaw sharpeners

This review and guide provide information on some best electric chainsaw sharpeners you can find.

There are quite a few manufacturers of electric chainsaw sharpeners on the market, and the prices vary greatly. From a pure price point of view, the type of electric chainsaw sharpeners can be priced from $45 to $509.

The Best Electric Chainsaw Sharpeners For The Money

Electric Chainsaw Sharpeners

All our reviews are based exclusively on expert judgments or practical experience with most of the electric chainsaw sharpeners we have tested. We strive to make our guide as independent and as detailed as possible.

Electric Chainsaw Sharpeners In Comparison

Oregon Saw Chain Sharpener with Hydraulic Clamping Assistance

  • Easy-to-use adjustments.
  • One-way motor operation.
  • Dressing brick.

 4,8 Rating

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High precision machining

The saw chain grinder comes with three wheels: 3.2 mm – radius profile disc for 1/4″, 3/8″ low profile and .325″ pitch saw chains, and 4.7 mm – radius profile disc for 3/8″ pro and .404″ pitch saw chain, plus a 6.0 mm – flat profile disc for depth gauge maintenance. Oregon’s high-quality grinding wheels resist the burning of the cutters and leave a precision finish.

Timber Tuff Benchtop / Wall Mount Electric Chain Saw Chain Sharpene

  • With 3 grinding wheels, 1/8”, 3/16”, and ¼”.
  • 110V/60 Hz motor.
  • Motor Speed: 3600 rpm.

 4,9 Rating

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Powerful electric sharpener

The powerful, 110V, 60 Hz motor has an input power of 230 watts and a motor speed of 3600 rpm to keep your chains working like new. Designed for easy and accurate sharpening, this sharpener will sharpen chains from ¼” to ¾”.

JIANGSUHUA Electric Power Chainsaw Sharpener

  • Grinding Speed: 4200 RPM.
  • Grinding Wheel: 1/4″ x 1/8″.
  • Large side safety guard.

 4,8 Rating

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Stationary electric sharpener

Electric chain saw sharpener mounts to a bench, wall, or vise for convenient sharpening of your chain saw. Featuring a 4200 RPM grinding speed, large side safety guard, and chain rotation rollers to advance links, this chain saw sharpener is quick, safe, and powerful.

What Is A Electric Chainsaw Sharpeners?

One of the most important criteria for a chainsaw’s performance is the sharpness of the saw chain. If it is blunt, it makes it very difficult to cut trees and logs. For this reason, you should regularly sharpen the chain on your chainsaw.

For this purpose, so-called chain sharpeners are suitable, with which you can sharpen your chainsaw completely automatically.
The chainsaw chain works according to the flat-tooth principle. For comparison with the principle of a hand planer, planer, or planing machine. Like a knife protruding flat, the saw chain’s teeth cut.

If the teeth hit the wood trunk, the well-sharpened cutter pushes through the wood. Only a small amount of force is required as the weight of the circular saw exerts sufficient pressure. If the saw no longer advances through the wood, the chain must be replaced.

What Are The Types Of Electric Chainsaw Sharpeners?

There are several types of electric sharpeners on the market today. In order for you to properly sharpen your upside-down chain, you need to be sure which tooth shape your saw chain has because both shapes require different sharpening angles. Regardless of your chain’s tooth shape, you can master both with experience sharpening saw chains.

There are several electric chainsaw sharpeners:

  • The half-tooth of electric chain saw sharpeners

The half tooth of electric sharpeners has the transition between the two sheaths rounded. It is less sensitive and easier to handle with a chain saw sharpener.

This type of electric sharpener has a curved chest and scabbard, you can see this if you look in the direction of travel from behind the tooth. This tooth shape is ideal for any hobby or non-professional use.

  • The full chisel tooth of electric sharpeners

With a full chisel tooth, the primary and secondary shells meet at the same point. Such a chain works very aggressively. At the same time, it is more difficult to repair. They are often found in the professional sector.

It is typified by a pointed roof and sheath arrangement. As a result, it has very good cutting characteristics and is ideal for very hard or frozen wood.


What should you look for when buying the electric chainsaw sharpeners?

To find the best device for sharpening your electric chainsaw or chain saw, there are several criteria. We would like to show you a few and help you find the perfect device for you.

When buying should pay attention to the following:

  • Power

As with the chainsaw itself, power is a very important characteristic. It largely determines how fast you can sharpen your chain. It is important to know how often you will be using the sharpener.

If you only want to sharpen a few chains in a row, and that’s rare, an 85-watt unit will probably suffice. However, if you are going to use the device more intensively, we recommend a wattage of about 230 watts, as this greatly increases your grinding comfort.

  • Chain tensioner

One of the most important functions of the saw chain sharpener is the chain tensioner. A good holder saves a lot of time and also improves the grinding result.

You can easily sharpen the chain with the device without having to tension it over and over again. At the same time, tensioning the chain ensures precise results because each tooth of the saw chain is sharpened at the same angle. The result is a sharper saw.

  • Lighting

Good visibility is also important for working on your machine – a very important safety factor when handling a sharpening machine. Some suppliers install their own lighting on their machines to increase visibility.

Built-in lighting can help you get better results. It also helps you work more accurately and thus gives your saw more sharpness again.

  • Swivel grinding head

The key to sharpening your chain is the correct sharpening angle. The swivel grinding head ensures a constant angle. A fixed angle allows you to optimize the result of your work. In addition, work is accelerated because you don’t have to readjust the grinder every time.

  • The diameter of the grinding wheel

With a good and durable grinding wheel, you save on the maintenance of your machine. The diameter of the disc also affects the operation. Even if the grinding result is virtually the same, the size of the disc affects its performance.

Grinding wheels used to sharpen saw chains are mostly standard sizes. Particularly commonly used are grinding wheels with a diameter of 5.7in and 4.3in. This will only be relevant to you when it is time to order a replacement. Make sure that the grinding wheels you buy are in the same size category and fit the unit. It is also worth keeping an eye on the size of the hole. You can find this information on the packaging of the grinding wheel or in the instruction manual.

Almost all manufacturers include at least one suitable grinding wheel so that you don’t have to reckon with extra costs immediately after purchase.

  • Rotation speed

Idle speed, of course, does not mean the speed of the chain saw, but the speed of the chain saw sharpener. Attached to the unit is a rotating grinding wheel that is lowered onto the stationary chain links. Grinding wheels of different devices rotate at different speeds.

A higher RPM promises more accurate grinding results when combined with a larger grinding wheel diameter, but heat and noise generation also increases at higher speeds, often resulting in damage to the alloy material. We recommend units with an idle speed of approx 3000 rpm and the largest possible outside diameter of the grinding wheel for optimum grinding results.

How to choose a chain saw chain sharpening machine?

The quality of chain sharpening on a chainsaw affects the speed and quality of the cut. You can sharpen the chain in several ways. Using a file and a holder (chain sharpener), the cheapest and most practical option, which is available even in places where there is no electricity. The second, to use a special manual sharpening machine, in which a file of the desired diameter is installed. And the last, the most expensive, to use an electric machine for sharpening chains. The types of machines, their advantages, rules of use, consumables and will be discussed in this article.

Types of machines for sharpening chainsaw chains

As mentioned earlier, two types of chain sharpening machines can be found on sale, these are manual and electric. In turn, electric sharpeners, can be automatic and semi-automatic.

Manual chain sharpening machine for chainsaws

A manual machine is a device that is fixed to the chain saw bar, a kind of bed with an installed file of the desired diameter. The bed has several adjustments, thanks to which you can set the sharpening angle.

The manual device allows you to accurately enough to maintain the angle of sharpening and to make reciprocating motion file has to the operator. An electric sharpener is an emery machine mounted on a special stand, which is used as a guide for the chain. Sharpening wheels are installed in the sharpener, their thickness is selected depending on the parameters of the headset to be sharpened. The frame has several adjustments, thanks to which you can adjust the optimal angle and depth of sharpening. To move the chain and set the backstop, the operator has to independently. On sale you can find semi-automatic sharpening machines, in which the chain in the process of sharpening moves a special mechanism. The operator needs to set the angle and depth correctly. The machine automatically moves the chain along the guide rail while lowering the sharpening stone, thus achieving maximum automation of the process.

Electric semi-automatic chain sharpening machine for chainsaws

Electrically powered sharpeners are popular because of their high performance and sharpening quality.

As a rule, such devices are used by specialized service centers that provide paid services for dressing and sharpening. With the advent of household models of sharpeners, which are notable for their affordable price, they have become popular among saw owners.

Advantages of an electric sharpener:

  • High sharpening speed. The possibility of alignment of the working tooth (when sharpening manually, the teeth of the chain do not grind evenly).
  • Ideal sharpening angle and possibility of its adjustment.
  • Full or partial automation of the process.
  • Both 220 volt and 12-volt power supply options, so you can use a car battery as a power source, which is quite convenient.

The disadvantages of an electric chain sharpening machine include the need to be connected to a power source, which is not always possible when sharpening headsets in a logging operation.

The use of the electric sharpener requires certain skills from the operator. For example, an incorrectly set depth of grinding can lead to the fact that the working teeth overheat during the sharpening process, and then lose their properties. The metal becomes soft, does not hold the edge, and the teeth are easily blunted when working.

A disadvantage is that in the course of work, the sharpening wheels gradually wear down and have to be replaced, which increases the cost of owning a machine. To avoid grinding wheels, you can use special diamond sharpening discs of the appropriate size. These discs are several times longer than conventional sharpening wheels.

Design and operating principle of the sharpening machine

A sharpening machine for saw chains consists of several elements. The base, this is the bed, which is used to mount the motor and the vise with a guide sled for the chain. The motor is usually asynchronous with high speed and direct transmission.

A sharpening disc is mounted on the motor shaft and secured by means of a guide washer and nut.

The place of attachment of the motor to the bed is movable, thanks to this scheme it is possible to adjust the position of the motor in space, which is necessary for setting the correct angle of sharpening.

The vise with a slide is designed to install the chain and hold it. A limiting plate with the possibility of adjusting the cutting depth is attached to the vise. By turning the adjusting screw clockwise, the plate extends and the sharpening depth increases.

The principle of operation of the sharpening machine is very simple:

  1. The chain is placed in the guide skids, the limiter is lowered and rests against the back of the tooth to be sharpened, preventing it from shifting.
  2. The motor with the disc mounted on it is then lowered. The disc touches the tooth and grinds its edge.
  3. Then, the operator moves the chain to the next tooth and installs the thrust bar, and then the process repeats.

In practice, the principle of operation is a little more complicated, because before you start sharpening, you need to set up the machine. Instructions for setting up can be found in the documentation of the sharpening machine.

Automatic saw sharpening machines

Automatic chain sharpening machine, a thing quite expensive. For this reason, they are mainly used by large service centers or enterprises specializing in industrial logging, with a large number of chain saws.

Even from the name of the machine it is clear that it works without operator’s help, i.e. it feeds the chain and grinds the tooth edge by itself.

There is no point in dwelling on the technical characteristics and the principle of operation of such a machine, because depending on the model, the principle of operation may differ.

Advantages of a manual machine

In places where there is no electricity, and therefore there is no possibility to sharpen the chain with an electric machine, it is advisable to use a manual chain dressing machine.

It also has its own advantages:

  • Low cost in comparison with electric models.
  • Universality (a file of any diameter can be installed in the device).
  • Г sizing and weight (the machine is small, its transportation is not a problem).
  • Full autonomy, its work does not require a power source, it is fully mechanical.
  • No risk of metal overheating during sharpening.
  • The possibility of dressing the chain with minimal grinding of the tooth edge, which greatly increases its resource.

The main disadvantage of using a manual machine is that the sharpening angle is not perfectly aligned.

As with the file and file holder, the operator needs to count the number of passes on the file when using a handheld machine. This is necessary for uniform sharpening. Otherwise, the teeth will have different sizes and the quality of the cut of such a chain will decrease.

What is better to choose, a manual or an automatic machine?

Owners of chain saws often ask the question about which machine to choose, manual or automatic. It is impossible to answer it unambiguously, because they are absolutely different, although they are designed to perform the same task.

As an option, you can have both machines. Install the electric one permanently in the garage and use it for sharpening chains with serious damage to the cutting edge, such as those that occur when a chain hits a nail. A handheld machine can be taken to the plots, giving you the opportunity to correct the chain in the field.

How to choose the right saw sharpening machine?

Choosing an electric chain sharpening machine should begin with familiarity with the tool, studying the rating of the machines. It is necessary to have an idea of how it works. It is also necessary to decide in advance on the planned amount of work. If the machine is planned to use from time to time, the domestic electric models will do, for frequent use – automatic professional.

For sharpening the chain once a month or less, the best option is a manual sharpening machine or just a file with a holder.

When choosing a particular model of electric sharpening machine, you should check it for backlash in the motor and guide rail mounting areas. If there is even a small backlash, it indicates that the machine is of poor quality. Such a tool is not able to perfectly maintain the chain sharpening angle. The video below shows how to eliminate excessive play on the chain sharpener on your own.

Another point to pay attention to when choosing a machine is the power voltage. As mentioned earlier, some machines can run on both 220 and 12 volts. Machines with this option cost a bit more and if this feature is not needed, you can discard it by choosing a tool that only runs on 220 volts.

An electric chain sharpening machine is a high-risk tool that can injure the operator if used improperly. For this reason, when choosing a particular model, make sure that it has a transparent protective cover over the disc that will protect the operator in case the sharpening stone breaks.

Also, some models have an automatic shutoff function that is triggered in certain situations.


In electric chain sharpeners, special circles are used to sharpen the chains, which gradually wear down.

Instructions for replacing the wheel are in the user manual, but we will talk about the characteristics that you need to consider when buying a new one.

The characteristics of a sharpening wheel are as follows:

  • grit (number of grains per centimeter square, the fewer the grains, the smoother the sharpening);
  • outer diameter;
  • diameter of the seating hole;
  • thickness.

Important: when buying a new wheel for the sharpening machine, make sure that the diameter of the seating hole and the maximum diameter of the wheel are the same as those of the machine, otherwise the wheel will not fit. The diameter of the grinding wheel’s bore must correspond exactly to the machine’s bushing, while the outside diameter may be slightly smaller, but this is not critical.

The choice of the thickness of the grinding wheel depends on the size of the chain to be sharpened. In general, grinding wheels with a thickness of 3,2 and 4,5 mm are used.

The consumable for handheld machines is a file.

How to sharpen a chainsaw chain with a machine tool?

The algorithm of work on the electric sharpener is as follows:

  • the chain is removed from the chainsaw and washed in clean gasoline (necessary to remove grease from the surface of the chain);
  • installed in the guide rail;
  • adjusts the sharpening angle (for semi-automatic models the angle is adjusted first for one side of the chain, then for the other);
  • using the backstop, the grinding depth is adjusted (the adjustment is made according to the maximum damaged tooth);
  • the motor is switched on and the first tooth is dressed;
  • The chain is moved clockwise, the limiter is set on the reverse side.

Detailed instructions on how to sharpen a chainsaw chain with a sharpening machine can be read in the user manual that comes with each sharpening machine.

How to make a machine for sharpening chainsaw chains with your own hands?

Some craftsmen make homemade machines for sharpening chainsaw chains.

This is also the way out when you need to sharpen the chain and do it with nothing. But before you start making a machine, we recommend thinking about how much time and effort will have to spend. It is much easier to buy a domestic model of the sharpener and install it in your garage or use a handheld device for dressing.

In conclusion, we would like to note that the use of any devices for sharpening is not necessary at all.

If you have enough experience, you can correct the headset with a round file of suitable diameter. Of course, the use of a sharpener is more convenient and for those who sharpen chains often, it is necessary, but if you sharpen two or three times a year, the purchase of a machine is not reasonable, because in this case, it is more profitable to correct the chain in the service center.

Electric Chainsaw Sharpeners Price:

Electric Chainsaw Sharpeners Under 50$

  • JIANGSUHUA Electric Power Chainsaw Sharpener

Electric Chainsaw Sharpeners Under 200$

  • Timber Tuff Benchtop / Wall Mount Electric Chain Saw Chain Sharpene
  • Oregon 120V Bench/Wall Mounted Saw Chain Grinder

Electric Chainsaw Sharpeners Under 600$

  • Oregon Saw Chain Sharpener with Hydraulic Clamping Assistance


A chain sharpener sharpens saw chains. Such chains can be found, for example, on chainsaws. A chainsaw is an extremely powerful and fast saw that is especially effective for rough cuts.

But, like any saw, the chainsaw will blunt at some point. Then it cuts slower and at some point actually just grinds. Then use is severely limited or nearly impossible. Therefore, the chainsaw or its chain needs to be sharpened from time to time. In this way, the individual teeth of the saw are sharpened again. A chain sharpener performs this function.

In fact, there are notable differences between chain sharpeners in a wide variety of price ranges. In particular, if you want to use the sharpener frequently and over a long period of time, you should prefer the more expensive product. The many extras such as rotary sander heads and automatic chain tensioning devices make work much easier and save a lot of time.

FAQs- Electric Chainsaw Sharpeners

✅ Does it take a long time to sharpen a saw chain for cleaning?

Chain saw sharpeners are very easy to maintain. It is sufficient to inspect the sharpening wheel from time to time and check for cracks or fractures. Even if the glass breaks, it won’t cost much.

Wipe the unit with a damp cloth and a small amount of mild soap to remove any dirt from the unit. A dry wipe is recommended in any case.

✅ Do I need a chain tensioner to sharpen the chain?

Many manufacturers offer an automatic chain tensioner. This will make the sharpening process much easier. First, the tensioner allows you to focus on sharpening faster.

Since the chain is already tensioned and secured in the tensioner, you can sharpen it faster. In addition, the tight fit of the chain ensures that the teeth are the same length. This makes the saw more efficient and the saw chain looks even sharper.

✅ How demanding is maintenance and cleaning?

The chain saw sharpener does not require much maintenance. From time to time, you should check the grinding wheel and make sure there are no cracks or fractures on it. They rarely break, however, and this does not result in high costs.

It takes a little longer to clean them. But that’s not a big problem either. In the end, just clean the unit of dirt with a damp cloth and, if necessary, a mild soap.

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