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With the right hammer, you can loosen tiles, stone, and even concrete and grind them into small pieces that can then be easily removed.

The demolition hammer is used for demolition work. It vibrates the chisel at its tip, which is then used for removing tiles, concrete.

The models used fit comfortably in the hand and are also powerful enough to crush even hard building materials.

The Best Professional Demolition Hammer

XtremepowerUS Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jackhammer Concrete Breaker

 4,9 Rating


  • Voltage: 110V/60Hz.
  • Motor Power: 2200 Watts.
  • Speed: 1800 Impacts Per Minute.
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This 2200 Watt electric jackhammer delivers 1800 impacts per minute at 55 ft/lbs which can break up the hardest of surfaces. The Adjustable 360° handle provides extra control and comfort during extended use. It is perfect for demolition, trenching, chipping, breaking holes in concrete, block, brick, tile stucco, housing foundation removal, concrete slab, oil chimney, and much more.

Overview Of Heavy-Duty Electric Demolition Jack Hammer

Buyer’s guide for demolition hammer

This review and guide provide information on some best demolition hammer you can find.

There are quite a few manufacturers of demolition hammer in the home improvement market today, and prices vary greatly depending on the model and design. From a pure price standpoint, there is a demolition hammer in models that can be had for just under $125 each. At the other end of the scale, however, there is a demolition hammer that can cost interested hobbyists nearly $1549.

The best demolition hammer for home & outdoor use

Demolition Hammer

All our reviews are based exclusively on expert judgments or practical experience with most of the demolition hammers we have tested. We strive to make our guide as independent and as detailed as possible.

Reviews of the demolition hammer

Makita 70 Lb. AVT Breaker Hammer

  • The lowest noise level in its class at only 107dB.
  • Powerful 15 AMP motor.
  • Accepts 1-1/8″ Hex Shank bits.

 4,8 Rating

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The lowest noise level

The most efficient demolition hammer In its class with a 15 AMP motor that provides 1,110 BPM and 63 joules of impact energy with less vibration. In addition, it has an automatic brush cut-off system that protects the commutator, and a warning indicator lamp for longer tool life.

Makita 11-Pound Demolition Hammer

  • Powerful 10.0 AMP Motor.
  • Ideal for horizontal work.
  • L. E. D. power light indicates switch failure or cord damage.

 4,9 Rating

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The powerful motor of a demolition hammer

Makita’s small demolition hammer is designed to hit hard for tough jobs. It is small but very powerful for the quick removal of material. Includes 11 lb. Demolition Hammer has more power with 8. 4 ft. lb.

Bosch Demolition Hammer

  • Voltage: 120V.
  • Cord Length: 8 Ft.
  • Power: Featuring a 14.0 Amp Motor.

 4,8 Rating

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Large impact power

The Bosch SDS-Max Demolition Hammer provides maximum chipping and chiseling muscle in a 14.0-amp hammer that weighs only 22.5 Lbs. It delivers 12.4 Ft.-Lbs  of impact energy for professional power and a terrific performance-to-weight ratio. This hammer provides Constant Response circuitry for constant load under pressure as well as smooth starts.

What are the types of demolition hammer?

A demolition hammer is a very loud power tool. Manufacturers make them large and heavy. Medium-sized demolition hammers range in weight from 10 pounds to 75 pounds. This is a very effective electric demolition tool with strong impact power for breaking concrete, demolishing sidewalks.

There are several types of demolition hammer:

  • Plunge hammer.

The term plunge hammer or chisel hammer generally refers to a fairly handy device that usually does not exceed the weight limit of six kilograms. In most cases, it has an impact force of about 12 joules – accordingly, it can exert less force in a single blow than the more powerful plunge hammer. This circumstance is usually compensated for by a greater frequency – some devices manage over 3,000 blows per minute. Do not confuse caulking hammers and percussion drills.

  • Demolition hammer.

This term has a certain ambivalence because it refers to both the heavier equipment for manual operation and extensions for excavators. These devices have a stronger impact force, so can also hard materials, for example, concrete or screed. When a good demolition hammer measures 39lb, it is generally referred to as a demolition hammer.

  • Hammer and plunge hammer.

Hammer- plunge hammer: the difference is in the drilling. These devices have a rotary function in addition to the percussion function, which makes them suitable for making holes in a hard material such as concrete or screed. A hammer drill can apply a stronger force to the drill head than a percussion drill.

What should you look for when buying the demolition hammer?

Some devices are also a combination of drill and piercing drill. Demolition work can be performed in the same way as drilling.

When buying should pay attention to the following:

  • Impact.
    An important factor in evaluating a demolition hammer is the impact force. This indicates how strong a single blow is with a demolition hammer. Power, engine output, and weight are directly related – the greater one of the three factors, the greater the increase in the other values.
  • Frequency of shocks.
    Most low-powered demolition hammers have a higher strike frequency. This allows them to compensate for the lower impact force. The units are also lighter than, say, a 39lb hammer. Therefore, they can be used in a horizontal position.
  • Material consumption.
    Material consumption is an important factor. This refers to the system used to attach the bits to the demolition hammer.

Make sure that the accessories you buy for the demolition hammer test winner are compatible with the material consumption of your device.

  • Weight.
    A heavy demolition hammer can only be used for vertical work. The weight class also shows the proportionality between the different features of the demolition hammer. Models with low impact, but high frequency are lighter. Models with high impact and low frequency can become a 39-lb demolition hammer. The heavier the tool, the more unwieldy it is. It is difficult to remove tile from the wall with a 39-lb mass demolition hammer.

What safety rules must be observed when handling the demolition hammer?

Even though there are no mandatory standards for non-commercial tool use, you must protect yourself properly so that you do not injure yourself or suffer irreparable damage when working with a demolition hammer.

Here are a few rules for use:

  • Hearing protectors.

Always wear hearing protection when working. Commercial demolition hammer often produces high sound pressure levels. In most cases, the decibel level is over 100 dB and can cause permanent hearing damage.

The dB numbers are not absolute values. The sound pressure always depends on the distance from which it is perceived. The manufacturer’s specifications usually refer to a distance of one meter.

  • Protective glasses.

When working with a demolition hammer, protective goggles are recommended. There is a risk of eye injury from flying debris, which is an unavoidable side effect of hard material wear. Your eyesight will certainly thank you if you use the appropriate eye protection.

Demolition Hammer Price:


Under 200$

  • XtremepowerUS Heavy Duty Electric Demolition Jackhammer Concrete Breaker

Under 500$

  • Makita 11-Pound Demolition Hammer

Under 700$

  • Bosch Demolition Hammer

Under 2000$

  • Makita 70 Lb. AVT Breaker Hammer

How does a demolition hammer work?

An important feature for a demolition hammer is the stroke frequency and impact force of a demolition hammer. It is up to you to decide what kind of work you can do with the tool. If you use very heavy equipment, the task of tearing the tile from the wall can become almost impossible. The weight, in turn, is usually directly proportional to the force that a good demolition hammer can exert.

The impact force is expressed in joules. This unit indicates the energy required to lift 3.5 oz per yard. In this respect, it is equivalent to the Newton-meter (Nm) unit of measure. Manufacturers of demolition hammer use a slightly lower impact force combined with a higher impact frequency for lighter equipment.

Even the best demolition hammer is only as good as its chisel: it is important that you choose the right chisel for the job you are doing. For example, when removing tile, you should use a chisel with a wide flat head, while removing a concrete foundation requires a sharpened chisel.


Before starting a renovation or new construction, very often the exhausting and important demolition works are necessary. The use of a demolition hammer speeds up the demolition work and makes it efficient and safe.

A demolition hammer combines the precision of drilling with brute force. When properly aimed at a suitable surface, a demolition hammer can easily handle brick, concrete, asphalt, rock, and many other tough materials.

The choice of the appropriate demolition hammer depends on the amount of work to be done. When demolishing walls, a large and heavy demolition hammer can be very unwieldy for precise horizontal use. A smaller demolition hammer, on the other hand, provides accuracy that compensates for the lower impact force. Smaller demolition hammers reduce worker fatigue, so you can use them longer.

FAQs- Best Demolition Hammer

✅ Demolition hammer: How many joules are required?

Vertical drilling without a drill stand can sometimes be difficult. But when buying a high-quality mobile drill stand, the question inevitably arises whether the old machine is suitable for it. Basically, you can clamp any drill bit that has a normal diameter of 1.7 inches. This diameter fits all standard models from the hardware store.

✅ What oil is suitable for demolition hammer?

In most cases in our caulking hammer comparison, the right oil for the tool is included. So you don’t have to worry about which oil is most suitable. If the supplied oil is not enough for you, because you have your caulking hammer test winner in continuous use, please consult the user manual to find out the suitable oil. In most cases, however, ordinary motor oil should at least do no harm.

✅ Which demolition hammer to use for screed demolition?

For hard screed, you should go for a demolition hammer, which means going for a bit more punch than you would for tile renovations. The heavy equipment is excellent for crushing screed. The optimal demolition hammer accessory for this task is a chisel with a wide head.

✅ How does a demolition hammer work?

A demolition hammer is a tool that uses a back-and-forth chisel to loosen plaster or tile from walls, as well as to pry cable shafts or break up concrete foundations. The stronger the motor, the greater the force exerted in a single blow.

✅ The demolition hammer no longer vibrates - now what?

First, check to see if your demolition hammer is without power. If it is not, it may be within the realm of possibility that your device is defective. If so, you have several options: You can buy a demolition hammer used, or you can rent a demolition hammer.

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