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Enough sockets in every room, but too short cables of the end devices – almost everyone knows this problem.

If you are looking for a way to connect your devices at home or even outdoors without any problems, an extension cord can be the solution. Extension cords, as the name suggests, can extend power cables, giving you a much wider reach power distributor.

If you want to buy an extension cord, our extension cord comparison can help you find the best extension cord.

How to choose extension cord

You should definitely pay attention to the following criteria and characteristics. We have compiled these clearly for you:


Pay attention to the intended use before you decide on a particular extension cable.


When buying an extension cord, you should pay attention to the shape and color of the cord in addition to the length. Flat cables offer some advantages over round models. For example, they fit more easily in longitudinal joints and can be conveniently laid under carpets. The disadvantage here, however, is that if the extension cord is flat, they are often less long than round cords.


You should also consider the color of the extension cord. White and black extension cords are primarily represented on the market, but especially for outdoor areas, such as the garden, you should opt for flashier models – for example, in orange or red – to prevent tripping. There, the cable can be plugged into a garden socket.

Intended use

Cables suitable for outdoor use can be identified by their IP protection class. This consists of two code numbers and provides information about how well a device is protected against external influences and moisture. A cable with IP class 20, for example, is protected against foreign bodies and falling drops of water. However, since the cable is also exposed to spray water or rain outdoors, this protection would not be sufficient. Here you need a cable where the second code number is at least three. Better suited here, however, would be an extension cable with IP44.

Load capacity

Each extension cable has its own load capacity limit. If this is exceeded, uncontrolled heat development and short circuits or damage to the end device will occur. In principle, all available extension cords are suitable for operation with a mains voltage of 230 V. Models approved for up to 10 amps are suitable for household appliances. The current strength here is usually between 0.1 and 10 A. However, please note that this also depends on the device.


The equipment of an extension cable can include both a protective contact plug and a protective contact coupling. An additional protective contact (also called Schuko), can be defined as a kind of grounding, as it dissipates the electrical voltage in addition to the two contact pins when plugging in electrical consumers. We recommend using such a plug especially if you want to connect devices with a current of more than 2 amps to your extension cord. For household appliances, such as a blender or stove, a Euro plug, or Euro coupler, is usually sufficient. If the extension cord is to be used outside, we suggest you purchase a cord with a locking cap. As soon as the end-user is unplugged, this covers the cable coupling. So neither water nor dirt can get into the coupling housing

Cold weather extension cord - The Best Choice

US Wire and Cable Extension Cord

 4,9 Rating

US Wire and Cable 74100 Extension Cord


  • Voltage: 110 Volts.
  • Input Current 15 Amps.
  • Plug Format: Type B.
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A red glow that is easily seen day or night indicates power to the cord and lets you know when power is running. Resistant to abrasion and deterioration from moisture and sunlight for safe operation with power tools, appliances, and electric motors. Specifically formulated SJTW vinyl outer jacket won’t crack or break, even at temperatures as low as -35 °F.

Flexzilla Pro Extension Cords – Video

Buyer’s guide for the extension cord

This review and guide provide information on the best cold weather extension cord you can find.

There are quite a few manufacturers of a cold-weather extension cord on the market, and the prices vary greatly. From a pure price point of view, the type of extension cord can be priced from $40 to $100.

Cold weather extension cord

cold weather extension cord review

All our reviews are based exclusively on expert judgments or practical experience with most of the cold weather extension cord we have tested. We strive to make our guide as independent and as detailed as possible.

Cold weather extension cords in comparison

US Wire and Cable Extension Cord One Size

US Wire and Cable 99100 Extension Cord One Size
  • Stays flexible in extreme temperatures! ( 221 °F to -94 °F).
  • Lighted plug.
  • Plug Format: Type B.

 4,8 Rating

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Tested in some of the harshest weather conditions in Alaska

The EXTREME All-Weather Extension Cord is constructed of 100% TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) compound which s maximum flexibility as well as abrasion and oil resistance. Furthermore, the TPE compound provides a lightweight, tangle-free construction to the EXTREME cord, not commonly found on most standard PVC cords. A lighted plug ensures power is connected. Won’t mar floors or walls

Flexzilla Pro Extension Cord

Flexzilla Pro Extension Cord
  • Extreme all-weather flexibility (-58°F to 140°F).
  • Abrasion and corrosion-resistant.
  • Water-resistant and flame retardant.

 4,9 Rating

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Engineered to hold up to the toughest jobs

Flexzilla Pro Extension Cords are ideal for outdoor industrial-grade applications. They are easy to coil and remain flexible in temperatures as low as -58 °F and up to 140 °F. Plus, the grounded plug includes a lighted power indicator which lets you know power is running through the cord. 3 prong grounded plugs – 15A, 125V, 1875W.

Clear Power Heavy Duty Outdoor Extension Cord

  • Stays flexible in temperatures from -40 °F up to +140 °F.
  • 12 gauge heavy-duty wire.
  • 15 amp load.

 4,8 Rating

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Grounded plug and connector

This Clear Power outdoor extension cord is water, weather and abrasion-resistant and flame retardant. Clear Power bright yellow extension cord is made for work on job sites and handles up to a 15 amp load. Ideal for use with heavy-duty power tools and applicator, weather, and abrasion resistant, flame retardants.

Heavy-Duty Lighted Outdoor Extension Cable

  • Oil & water-resistant.
  • It can handle temperatures as low as -58 °F and as high as +221 °F.
  • Lighted socket.

 4,8 Rating

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Built for extreme weather

This cold weather extension cord can handle temperatures as low as -58°F and as high as +221°F, all while remaining flexible and working without interruption. Designed for rugged outdoor use, this extreme weather extension cord is oil, water, and flame resistant. Reinforced blades protect prongs from bending or breaking.

The types of extension cord

First, you should know the different types of extension cords in order to be able to better use the results from the extension cord test for yourself afterward. The following table gives you an overview of the types of extension cords.

Extension cable type Description
Simple extension cable
The basic function of the simple extension cord is to extend the range of an electrical outlet. It is available in different lengths (for example, extension cable 25m variant) and is divided into round and flat extension cables. Especially when the extension cords are flat, they are convenient because they have thinner insulation, which makes them more convenient to install.
Extension cord with power strip This extension cord consists of a plug for sockets and a strip with slots for multiple devices. This multiple socket usually provides from three to ten additional slots. In addition, this model is usually an extension cord with a switch. This toggle switch allows you to turn off the power strip when not in use, thus saving power.
Extension cord with cable reel This model consists of a plug for the socket and a cable reel (eg a cable reel or cable reel 50 m model) on which the cable can be rolled up. This large and robustly built extension cable is perfect for outdoor use.

Advantages and disadvantages of extension cables

In order for you to get an even more comprehensive picture of a good extension and thus find your personal extension cord test winner, we have compiled the respective advantages and disadvantages of the extension cord types for you in the following table.

Extension cord type Advantages Disadvantages
Simple extension cord
  • compact
  • waterproof
  • usually relatively long
  • only one slot available
Extension cord with power strip
  • versatile usable
  • multiple slots
  • power saving due to switch
  • not waterproof
  • mostly relatively short
Extension cord with cable reel
  • robust
  • several slots
  • mostly very long connection
  • waterproof
  • bulky
best cold weather extension cord test

Cold Weather Extension Cord Price:

Under $50

  • Clear Power Heavy Duty Outdoor Extension Cord
  • Flexzilla Pro Extension Cord

Under $100

  • Heavy-Duty Lighted Outdoor Extension Cable
  • US Wire and Cable Extension Cord One Size
  • US Wire and Cable Extension Cord


If you want to enjoy more safety, you should definitely pay attention to the IP protection class and additional features, such as a grounding plug, when buying an extension cord. You should also factor the color of the cord into your decision, as more visibility can prevent tripping hazards. An extension cord with a power strip is a good solution if you want to connect multiple end devices indoors. However, only sufficiently protected cables are suitable for outdoor use.

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